Pyung Hwa Shin Gyeong Transcends the UN Charter

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Cheon Seong Gyeong 1474

God created humankind for the sake of love. Why were human beings created? They were created because of love. The reason human beings are different from other forms of creation is that they were created as God’s sons and daughters. They were created as object partners who can receive love directly from Him. Such is the privilege of humankind. (132-245, 1984.6.20)

Cheon Seong Gyeong 787

If God is absolute love, we can logically conclude that if we become an absolute partner in relation to that love, and thereby become a unified being, we will live forever – as long as God exists eternally. Humankind has not known this. People have not been aware that we human beings are created as the object partner God absolutely needs. Were this not the case, it would be logical that God would live alone. (262-137, 1994.7.23)

Owner of Peace, Owner of Lineage

Rev. Sun Myung Moon
July 7, 2009

Do you know why I established something like the Ssang-hap Shib-seung Il? [Audience response: “Father established it in 2004, when you were in Yeosu.” “The Cheon Seong Gyeong is here. This book, titled True Families: Gateway to Heaven has been published in English.”] Well, it was published in English, but you should show the same version that Parents use. You will be in violation of law if you publish a book that is based on your own thinking in this area, because it is so fundamental. This decree is absolute.

You could sell this book in your own country and become rich. Once you understand the logic of this, you will become rich. If the United States and Soviet Union do this more than Korea, then the U.S. and Soviet Union will be rich. If the two do it, then the one that does better than the other will be in the Abel position and the two countries will unite as Cain and Abel and rule the world again. This is in the original text but was not written here! I have said that Pyung Hwa Shin Gyeong is a text for Hoon Dok Hae. It is a text for family Hoon Dok Hae.

Once you own this text, you will be able to accomplish such things according to your purposes. It’s all here. It’s all recorded centering on the Christian cultural sphere but it’s principles correlate just as well with Buddhism. The essence of the book describing this nation was excerpted and gathered here.

It is the Pyung Hwa Shin Gyeong. It is an original text; it transcends the U.N. Charter. It is the first text. Can you ignore it? Everything is unified here. It encompasses the number 16. It contains all the denominations, the communist realm and the democratic world. It is Cain and Abel. If you ask what is Abel, the answer is that this number 16 is Abel. Cain can become Abel.

From 16, it goes to 17,18,19, 20, 21, 22, 23 and 24. Whatever you mean by “eight years” is included in 24 years. It is possible to go beyond the family standard. There isn’t a point of origin from which you can criticize this, is there? It can only be explained the way that Rev. Moon explains it. How can you explain it if you are not in the position of an owner who has accomplished it? I am the only one who can explain it. Isn’t that right? That is why the book is so expensive. It was published in Korea. In the area of publishing books, Korea is capable of doing at least as well as Japan in Asia and also of doing at least as well as the United States. There is no need to publish in Japan or in the United States.

The original text of Father’s autobiography has been published in Korea. Now we need to publish that original text in the United States and Japan. If it is provided to 43 countries in three languages — English, Japanese and Korean — before the end of the upcoming tournament, there will not be any country that is not aware of it. If we go to that extent, they will be able to become citizens of the Kingdom of Heaven. Cheon Seong Gyeong is already in 43 countries. It can be found in libraries, so people can study it anytime they want.

It is possible for the mother and father in every home in every neighborhood to teach this content, so mothers and fathers have no choice but to obtain this book. In addition, elementary schools, middle schools and high schools will have no choice but to teach this. Mothers need to see to it that things that have been taught erroneously are taught correctly. Fathers and mothers must do this. Isn’t this what Father himself is doing now? There is no one else. Father will do it all the way to the end.

Have you become sons and daughters of God? Because you haven’t, you need to obtain educational materials. If you don’t have a textbook, how will you know what to do when it comes time to go to spirit world? Without a textbook consisting of Father’s words that can represent the constitution of the Heavenly Kingdom and laws governing daily life there, you will not be able to become a citizen of the Kingdom of Heaven, will you? I came as the True Parent, so I need to accomplish the responsibility of the True Parent and inspire the U.N. to balance the democratic world and communist world so as to establish a base for the settlement of peace and for the eternal Kingdom.

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