I Have Been Telling You in America to Study Korean

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Cheon Seong Gyeong 713

Do you have a gift to bring along when you go to heaven? When you go to the spirit world, religious martyrs will line up in front of you. Can you unwrap the bundle you brought with you in front of them? Do you think that you can unfold something that is like a beggar’s rag which he uses for wrapping his feet? What suffering have you and the Unification Church undergone? How can you say you lived for the nation and the world without having withstood such hardships? I have suffered, but I do not think of it as suffering. Naturally, we still have a long way to go. Upon your arrival in the spirit world, you have to be able to unwrap your bundle and say, “Here is the gift I prepared all throughout my life; please receive it.” If a woman must bring a dowry when moving in with her in-laws, how can you go to heaven empty-handed?

Cheon Seong Gyeong 1804

    Thus, Satan destroyed the family completely. There is no way for Satan or God to solve the problems of juvenile delinquency and family breakdown. If God could, He would have done so at the time of Adam’s family in the Garden of Eden.
    Can God, who was not able to interfere in the Garden of Eden, do anything about this perishing world? Who must bear the responsibility for this? As the false parents, who were made to fall in ignorance ruined things in this way, the True Parents must completely understand everything, God’s secrets and Satan’s secrets, and expose Satan’s secrets before God, saying, “You thug, you turned out to be a murderer!” Wouldn’t even a murderer in hiding slip away from the human world forever, when the proof of his crime is revealed, his crimes declared for what they are, and he is pronounced guilty? It is the same; the reality today is exactly the same as this situation. (302-224, 1999.6.14)

Owner of Peace, Owner of Lineage

Rev. Sun Myung Moon
July 7, 2009

This was June 1st. It was on June 1st that Noah’s ark came to rest on land. It was at the “Coex.” “Co” brings to mind “convenient.” Then what is “ex”? “Ex” is the opposite of “oh.” The English world for “bul-pyeon” is “inconvenient,” isn’t it? This means inconvenient for the family. That is why a group appears to bring correction. It is “in” “convenient.” Attaching the “in” creates the negative, and this is true. “Convenient” “Co” is in “convenient,” so it is all there.

What is the English word for “bul-pyeon”? What is the word for “pyul-li”? [A voice from the audience responds: “The word for ‘pyul-li’ is ‘convenient'”] So it’s “inconvenient.” [Voice from the audience: ‘Yes, the word for ‘bul-pyeon’ is ‘inconvenient.'”] So “inconvenient” and “convenient” are one. It should be “ex-convenient.” Why was it decided to say “inconvenient”? Isn’t this a reference to inner and outer? Isn’t this Cain-Abel? Even the English letters themselves cannot be denied. It is the principle of Cain and Abel.

When I was studying English, I said to myself, “Wow! This language is really for the most uncouth of servants.” A person addresses his mother as “you.” A woman will refer to her mother as “she” and her husband as “he.” It’s “he” and “she.” A king is “he” and his subjects are also “he.” There is no place for Cain and Abel. There is nothing else. There is no ideal of peace in America. What is there? Can you answer that? Studying English convinced me. I said to myself, “This is really fake.”

Ka, na, da, ra, ma, ba, sa, a, ja, cha, ka, ta, pa ha! This alphabet does everything. It can describe any text, any word, any action. This alphabet can be used to pronounce any language. It is the ancestor of a world of incredible culture. Look at Koreans. When Americans, Japanese, and other nationalities go out witnessing, the Koreans are the ones who get the best results. Why is that? If a Korean goes to a Spanish-speaking area, he speaks in Spanish. A Korean can speak referring to a book, and he will pronounce the words correctly. He hears a word during the morning, and he can use it in a conversation that evening. That is how convenient it is.

So even if there are five adverbs and adjectives — even if there are more than twelve — a Korean is smart enough to distinguish among them and use them. No one can compete with Koreans in intelligence. That is why Koreans understand the spirit world. Koreans found out about the spirit world just by sitting still. Their language began in the spirit world. Who was the first owner who could hear the language that began in this way? It could only have been God.

It would not do if God were in a position where it is possible for Him not to act through the objects He created. We would have no need for such a God. He would be putting Himself in an unreasonable position even in terms of logic. No matter what language human beings use, God understands every word, so there are no words that cannot be expressed in written form using the Korean language. The country of Korea possesses such a language.

In Korea, God is referred to as “hana nim” (meaning “the one”). It has no other concept. You refer to Him as “God.” Some say, “God,” others say “Allah” and so on. With regard to the savior as well, there can only be one concept. Not two. There may be hundreds of concepts in existence, but that is because people take the one savior and complicate things by creating fakes.

Since long ago, I have been telling you in America to study Korean, so why haven’t you done so? We have come all this way, and do you expect me to speak in English? I could speak in broken English, and you would understand me and we would have good communication. But I am not going to do that. I must not. If I were to speak English, my tongue would become stiff. Even when I know what to say, I keep myself from speaking by closing my mouth and biting my tongue. If I were to speak in English, we would both be destroyed. We would both be kicked out. A citizen who does not speak his country’s language cannot be a citizen.

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