Learn God’s Absolute Sexuality and Love

Cheon Seong Gyeong 685

Why do people in the spirit world seek to make contact with the earth? Why is that so? Until now no one really understood. Without resolving the issues on earth, the path to perfection cannot be attained. Whether you are rich or poor, the same rule applies

Cheon Seong Gyeon 1107

    What do the words “Principle of the Unification Church” mean? Why is it called the Principle? The purpose of the Principle is to show clearly the borderline between the realm of dominion based upon accomplishments through the Principle and the realm of direct dominion.
    Adam and Eve, as firstborn children, had to grow through the stages of formation, growth and completion. This is the way of the Principle. Even within the realm of indirect dominion, human beings must fulfill their portion of responsibility if they are to perfect themselves. It means that until you reach maturity you should never have a love relationship. Before reaching adulthood, Adam and Eve should not have committed themselves in this kind of relationship. That is why a boundary line was set and God told them, “Wait; do not take and eat!” (137-252, 1986.1.3)

Owner of Peace, Owner of Lineage

Rev. Sun Myung Moon
July 7, 2009

Seventy members of the second generation here, do you understand? [Yes] We have the faces of all races here. I see shriveled faces, faces that look like people in the Mafia, faces that look like Yakuza, and faces that look like hoodlums.

Women abducted and sold to the Mafia, Yakuza, and gangs opened their triangular area and offered themselves, letting those men have sex with them freely. Even if the men were old enough to be their grandfathers or fathers, they didn’t mind. How can human beings do that? It doesn’t even happen in the animal world. Not even among insects. If anyone thinks otherwise, speak up. These people have no reason to come before me and level all sorts of criticisms against the Unification Church.

This has been treated with such contempt. Up until now, we did not sell this as a textbook. For that reason, we did not teach this until now. The Principle was taught by exposition based on the text Divine Principle, but more recently we have taught what God is like in actuality. This is God’s absolute sexuality, absolute love, and absolute motherhood. What is life, love and the absolute royal palace? Concave and convex, the palace of parents, the palace of the king — on this foundation absolute ancestors will appear.

This must not commit the fall. God is hotter than 53 degrees. You are between 36 and 37 degrees. You don’t know when you became 37 degrees, but God made all the adjustments for you. 53 degrees, 73 degrees, even 81 degrees don’t exist. It is nine times nine, eighty-one. This is how hot it is with convex and concave. A woman who refuses to live with her rightful husband, even if he happens to be physically handicapped, will not even be able to mimic being a citizen of the Heavenly Kingdom. Even if a king should take her as his wife, she will lose her way and not be able to enter the Kingdom of Heaven. She will have to disappear. A person who dies without a partner disappears.

If a man and woman both have deformed arms, heaven will provide for their livelihood when they marry each other and live together. Heaven would want them to have fun together. In the neighborhood where I lived, there was a husband and wife who both had physical deformities. The wife could not use her legs or straighten her back, although she had a beautiful face with well-formed eyes, ears and nose. The husband had a speech handicap, and did not have full use of his hands or feet. It was difficult for him even to sit.

This couple, which had been led by the wife, died together as they were coming to visit my family’s home. I tried to find a good burial place for them and to bury their bodies. It was in November, before the first snow. As they were making their way to our home, they sat down to eat their lunch under a pine tree, where the setting sun would provide some warmth in the evening. They shared the meal with each other, and embraced each other. Then they fell asleep and passed on to the next world just like that.

I make up for all these things in history — everything that the ancestors did wrong — and come this far in order to give you this blessing. I am giving you this textbook. Can you set out to create a textbook without knowing the subject matter? I gained victory in every respect and received Satan’s formal acknowledgment, and God taught me. I became the son formally recognized by God, and the son and God became one. Even Satan said, “That’s correct,” so the satanic world will disappear and God will become the center.

I came to know everything, including how Adam and Eve could become one in attendance to God, and how Adam could reach perfection, restore life to the world and then join with Lucifer. So what did I do? I created a textbook. Lucifer said, “This is correct.” God said, “This is correct.” Adam and Eve, who fell, said, “This is correct.” That is how it became a textbook.

Would you like to have this textbook, or not? Even if you were to sell all the property accumulated through seven generations of your ancestors, and make an offering by burning your belongings, that would still not be sufficient for you to receive this single volume. Even if all the tribes that make up the myriad of nations around the world were to offer their lives, that would still not be enough. By means of this book (True Families; Gateway to Heaven, people become representatives of heaven and receive the right to inherit from True Parents. If they consider this book less even than an elementary school book, or a song that children dance to in kindergarten, can they gain these benefits? They cannot. They absolutely cannot.

Because they absolutely cannot, Parents need only to leave this one volume after living here on earth. Using this book, then, a news media can come into being, banks can come into being. What will happen when these come into being centering on the highest standard of value that has ever appeared in history? The media and banks are like the bones and flesh of the Cain-type world of politics. The banks are the bone, and the flesh is the media. There is nothing that cannot be embraced and taught using the philosophy of the Unification Church.

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