You, too, Can Work on God’s Behalf

Cheon Seong Gyeong 1191

What is the secret method to restore the right of the eldest son? Satan claims, “God is a perfect God and the Adam and Eve He is seeking must also be perfect. Had they not fallen, it would have been the Principled standard that Adam and Eve have to love me as the original archangel. Thus, even though I have fallen and I found myself in the position of a bad one, if you all are in a position to be called good and true, you must set up the condition of having loved me. Without this, You, God, cannot be in the position of God in front of me.” This is the problem. Satan stops everything dead, saying, “If there is a secret method of uniting with you, what is it? The person You send must love me. Unless he stands together with You in the position of loving me, and makes the condition enabling him to say that he loved me, he will not be able to regain the birthright of the firstborn son that I have been holding on to.” That is why Jesus exhorted us to love our enemies. (131-182, 1984.5.1)

Cheon Seong Gyeong 965

You will be warmly welcomed into the kingdom within the realm of heart of the royal family; there are no steep paths or walls there. It is like an open plain. Everyone will welcome you. It connects with the world of perpetual love. You will stand as the owner of that place. Your clan will become like that. You will be registered and enter the Kingdom of Heaven by carrying the value of the spiritual realm where all your restored tribe is gathered. Aren’t you going to register? As the Tribal Leader of completed liberation, as the Messiah, and as the Parent, I am dragging you in, so that you can be registered anew and enter the Kingdom of Heaven. (218-358, 1991.8.22)

Owner of Peace, Owner of Lineage

Rev. Sun Myung Moon
July 7, 2009

For some time now, the Soviet Union and China have been uprooted and they have been floating in air, but now they are trying to return to communism. If that happens, the Bering Strait will be taken. I initiated the Bering Strait Project eight years ago, ten years ago. What has become of it? Japan is blocking the Korea-Japan Tunnel project. So the religious sphere took responsibility and publicly announced the Korea-Japan Tunnel and Bering Strait projects.

Make the preparations and dig the Korea-Japan Tunnel. What will happen if Japan decides not to build this tunnel? Tsushima will be the replacement island. A tunnel can be built to Tsushima anytime. Tsushima is a part of Japan’s Nagasaki prefecture. Once this tunnel is there, Japan will automatically open its doors. From that point, the door will be opened to Hiroshima, Osaka, Nagoya and Kyoto. Once Kyoto has been opened, Tokyo will follow and the doorway to the government of Japan will be opened.

Even if the price is all that you own, or even all the land in Japan, to have this tunnel built will be well worth the cost. Once the Korea-Japan Tunnel is built, it will connect Korea to the Pacific Ocean. I have become king centering on the Pacific, so once the tunnel has been built it will be possible to go freely from mainland China to Hawaii, as if traveling on land.

Hawaii forms a border in the oceanic sphere, because it is just south of 23 degrees north latitude. I have connected North and South so that we can go anywhere by way of Hawaii. This means that the way is open to go to any country in the world. We will be able to travel to any country by way of the Bering Strait or Hawaii. Centering on a golf course there, North Korea and South Korea will not be a problem and even the Soviet Union will become the king of golf courses.

Centering on Mt. Paekdu, there is Cheonji Lake. Then there is Mt. Kumgang. Mt. Kumgang can be compared to any of the world’s most beautiful scenery, and it is called Diamond Mountain. The greatest of all women must be born in Korea. Three thousand court women of China will visit Mt. Kumgang. They will have to pass through Mt. Kumgang. Mt. Paektu is male, and Mt. Halla is female.

All this history will be resolved, centering on the land of Korea. So if the homeland of Korea is liberated, can the Korean people refuse this? Everyone should agree that Rev. Moon’s teachings are correct. There cannot be anyone saying “No.” Once people come to know what Rev. Moon teaches, no one will be able to deny it.

Everything is included, centering on an anti-communist reasoning capable of connecting communism and democracy, so once it starts moving, it will go very quickly. Once we are able to stand up straight, what will happen? Korea will become a helicopter kingdom.

We will work to save America and save the world. All of human history lives within the context of the 4,300- year history of Korea.

Right now, China is saying, “Get rid of Koguryo!” When I go in and unite the world, I will do it by putting China and the Soviet Union in the forefront — that is if things do not work out in the United States. China and Soviet Union will say, “Oh, that religious realm! Religion will eventually disappear. Don’t keep holding on to countries that are bound to disappear once religion loses its power. Your only choice is the ideologically-based dictatorship of communism. So let us unite the world by moving it to the left. Rev. Moon has an individual leftist partner, a family leftist partner, and a world leftist partner, so we will receive you and bring you here. Come to our world, and you will be able to do even more than you could in the democratic world. So we will go to receive you and bring you here.”

Eskimos live in the midst of ice in the Arctic region. These Eskimos represent the letter “M,” standing for the mother country, God’s hometown country! God’s hometown country cannot be any place other than Korea. Only Korea can serve as the absolute mother country and hometown. Korea has only one God. The only nation that will remain will be the nation that has always believed in and served one master.

Rev. Moon, acting on God’s behalf, has built a single Kingdom and arranged things in order, and has come this far. The lineage of unification that he is building and the Kingdom that he upholds are the desire of the Kingdom of God. God is free to work anywhere on earth or in heaven. There is nothing He cannot subdue, nothing He cannot do. So this becomes the liberated Kingdom of Heaven on Earth and in Heaven. You, too, can work on God’s behalf.

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