The World Will Dissapear

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Cheon Seong Gyeong 1359

The 777 Couples were blessed on October 21, 1970. They came from ten nations and must therefore relate to the world. They are the ‘three-seven’ couples. There is no racial discrimination among them – whether they are Japanese or Americans. Everyone must create unity; only then can all nations in the world follow Korea into heaven. (281-42, 1997.1.2)

Cheon Seong Gyeong 893

Unification Church members are not without value. We are not a simple group that believes we can go to heaven just by going to a Sunday service with the Bible under our arm or by giving a few pennies in donations. That is for simple folk. That is not for people as intense as us. Once we believe in something, we do it till the end. Placing our life on the line, even if our spouse grabs us to prevent us from following, we are so intense. We follow the path of faith, even if there at the risk of it leading to divorce. (121-70, 1982.10.24)

Owner of Peace, Owner of Lineage

Rev. Sun Myung Moon
July 7, 2009

Your arm, my arm! Your hands are placed the other way around. You are alone. You have no lifeline, so there is no way for you to connect to the world. Individualism won’t lead anywhere else except to ruin. So, the doctrines that insist only on husband’s rights, or only on wife’s rights, or only on the son’s rights or the daughter’s rights will disappear. What’s going to happen if your arm and my arm disappear? There should be your arm and my arm, your ocean and my ocean — based on the notion of Cain and Abel. The world will not go back to the realm of continental culture or that of oceanic culture, solving everything on the basis of the ocean. It should place islands in that triangular area uniting these four and go in all four directions — North, South, East, and West — matching everything in the end.

Say “Nepal”! When I went to Nepal, the land of the Himalayan peaks, seven parties united in welcoming me. In Hawaii, your ocean and my ocean, that is where the oceanic realm welcomed me. What’s going to happen when the two become one after being welcomed in the mountainous era?

A long time ago my name was Moon Yong Myung. At that time I was dealing with the world of clouds, but then I came to the land on the peninsula and my name changed to Moon Sun Myung.

The man called Moon Yong Myung fought so hard among the clouds with golden, white, and colored dragons to unify the spirit world. I did it Did you know that gold dissolves in nitro-hydrochloric acid? However, alloys don’t dissolve. What metal is more solid than alloys or stainless steel? There is a metal called cobalt. There are some 600 million tons of this metal hidden in the area of Ulleungdo Island, Dokdo Island, and Japan.

Japan received the UN’s approval to be in charge of licensing of mineral extraction in this area. The area of economic activities was determined to be 200 nautical miles. So, now Japan opened registration saying it will be in charge of these mineral deposits, which can be used for a long time. Did you know this? Japan has become the representative Asian empire. In the West, it was Britain; but in the Asia it was Japan, the nation representing the mother’s body.

Japan was made in the image of a woman. Japanese belonging to the Buddhist realm revere their ancestors rather than God, but if they don’t help me, they will perish. Japan together with Britain should have helped provide funds for missionary activities and cover their living expenses, but both Britain and Japan tumbled down. Japan is ahead of Britain, France, and Italy in missile technology, but this is a military secret. Japan has enough military strength to fire a missile from the ocean that can destroy any object on the land.

What about Korea? In America there is the State Department and the Department of Defense. The State Department is in charge of politics, and the Department of Defense is proud of its power. Financial circles and the media can move the realm of life and death in the democratic world. We advocate division of five branches of power rather than three. Based on this notion, we held a rally for peaceful settlement of True Parents’ UN last June 1. At the time of Noah, all things were judged by the flood and then had to resurrect from death. So now, we are unfolding the movement for the unification of all nations centered on Hawaii, the world of fish [who survived the flood]. We need to complete the reverse way of restoration through indemnity. The UN should listen to me. If not, things will begin to change in from one to three years.

If we fail to reach the original position in terms of politics and economy in four years, the world will disappear. That’s why, before it disappears, I instituted Ssang Hab Sib Seung Day. Eight multiplied by nine is seventy-two? Then nine multiplied by nine is eighty-one. Ten times ten is one hundred. So there should be Number 101, but this number doesn’t come about. This is because the world is satanic. Seven times eight is fifty-six! When a person reaches the age of 50 to 60, he starts moving towards death. Before, 40 used to be considered an old age at which people could die. How come the life span increased so much recently? We have entered the time when I can restore the original age, so this is a preparation for that.

Does it look like I’m going to live to be 100 years of age? I’m already 90, so living 10 more years is not a big deal. I do think this way. I suffered the helicopter accident; so what? I know how to fix it. People who reach the age of 90 or 100 can learn from me. I’ve created the textbook. If they study it, they can even live to be 120. Let’s wait and see whether it happens this way or not

Richard: Here, Father Moon predicts about what will happen to society, saying that if the world does not follow God’s way, that he is explaining, then radical change will happen in about 2013 (four years from 2009, when this speech was given), saying thatt the world (as we know it) will disappear. In my view, there was a seven year delay in this happening, and this dissolution of the world began on January 13, 2020. See The Richard Urban Show here,here, and here.

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