You Should Understand How Valuable the Blessing Is

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Cheon Seong Gyeong 659

What God desires is not the individual Kingdom of Heaven. He does not rejoice over seeing its realization. Can we say that the Kingdom of Heaven is established just by seeing one person’s joy? God sent Jesus Christ – the one person over whom He could rejoice – to the earth, to be the center for all nations to connect horizontally in seeking the Kingdom in its entirety. He thus sent the Messiah to the earth and sacrificed him. (46-74, 1971.7.25)

Cheon Seong Gyeong 1050

Among the Unification members, if you mock someone who is working hard and exhibiting great devotion for the sake of the church, saying, “Why does he act so special?” then you become Cain. You must understand this. This is how Cain and Abel set themselves apart from each other. The one who is being criticized and being harmed without having committed any sin is always Abel, while the one who criticizes and strikes others always becomes Cain. (56-85, 1972.5.14)

Owner of Peace, Owner of Lineage

Rev. Sun Myung Moon
July 7, 2009

Who is Cain? The democratic world, which was the first to research and build a foundation, is Cain. Now, by Abel switching places with Cain, a grandfather can become a grandson, a father can become a son, and an elder brother can become a younger brother. Thus we can practice absolute faith, absolute love and absolute obedience. Then, what should we do with the Cain realm of this world? A person who is able to exalt God and Parents, exalt them more than his own tribe, belongs to the Heavenly Kingdom. We need to donate our national treasuries and all taxes to the Kingdom of Heaven and then receive passports. That’s when God’s fatherland and hometown appear.

Should we return to such place or not? I’m telling you these things, but if you want to go away, you can go ahead and do it, saying, “From this day I don’t need True Parents.” However, the only center that remains are True Parents, King of Kings. The unique God secured a place for Himself only just now. You can’t complain, can you? We can now take off the signposts of religion and state. A textbook (True Families; Gateway to Heaven) has appeared according to which our sons and daughters can receive a new education. Do you understand how precious this book (True Families; Gateway to Heaven) is? It contains everything. I put the essence of 1,200 volumes into this book, so how precious it is!

This book can be used as study material in middle and high schools, in universities and postgraduate schools, and furthermore in the nation (“Beyond this, I have given you middle school-level textbooks, high school-level textbooks, university-level textbooks, graduate school-level textbooks, and textbooks to guide you in fulfilling your responsibilities for the nation”)*. The heavenly world and earthly word differ from each other. We are not in Satan’s palace but in the original heavenly palace, which existed before the Fall. So what should we do to follow God and True Parents? The lineages of elder and younger siblings were split, so Father and Mother should unite and solve this problem. Otherwise not even God can solve it.

Satan instead of God became flesh and body. However, the True Parents became one body with God, so they have become body and flesh. So True God can become a bone. That seed will not disappear and die. It was hidden in God’s bosom, inside his bones, but when Adam and Eve, who were waiting for marriage reach 17 years of age, their sexual organs meet and the heat goes up, what is going to happen? Once the temperature goes over 40,43, and 53 degrees, no viruses or bacteria can multiply.
*Alternate text from the book Owners of Peace, Owners of Lineage published by HSA-UWC in 2013

Parents must prepare by any means. They can even sell their property and their land, but they must prepare this textbook. To go through all stages — kindergarten, elementary, middle and high school, then university and a doctorate course — may take 10 or 20 years. Until this period finishes, parents should provide the money for textbooks. They should provide the textbooks, so that all teachers in postgraduate courses, universities, high, middle and elementary schools, as well as kindergartens can use them. They should become representatives of true parents, true teachers and true kings.

If the 6.5 billion people on earth are educated through this textbook, they can go to God’s kingdom without needing any other textbook in the spirit world. If you still need such a textbook, you can’t enter the Heavenly Kingdom. To raise people who can enter the Heavenly Kingdom without any additional textbooks, people in the position of parents should prepare textbooks for kindergarten, elementary, middle, and high school, as well as for universities and postgraduate courses. If you have money you should buy these text books; you should read them even while eating or working. In this way, finally, this textbook will not be needed in the world.

All relatives of such a family, seven generations of their ancestors will unite, creating on the earth an environment of a nation populated only by families that God cannot help but like. This will be the Kingdom of Heaven, where peace shall reign for millennia, where God can be liberated and shout Eog Mansei, where all things are liberated. This Kingdom, God’s fatherland and hometown, our fatherland and hometown, will inevitably be bound together with one blood lineage. We can’t deny that the blood lineage is essential.

That’s why people must receive the Blessing. From now, you should understand how valuable the Blessing is. This textbook represents the True Parents and the Unification Church. The Unification Church will also disappear. If three generations in your family representing God, ancestors, and descendants, possess this textbook, this is going to become a realm of Heavenly Kingdom — the nation, the world and the universe ruled by God. Isn’t it so? Let lawyers, prosecutors and judges of the satanic world come and try to argue about it. In an hour they’ll all look like blind people.

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