Second Generation Must Do Hoon Dok Hae

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Cheon Seong Gyeong 1200

    The reason I created a newspaper company was to call together minorities. The countries where Native American peoples live are the countries of Rev. Moon’s cousins. Asia is the elder brother. The younger brother separated from there and came onto the American continent. This has to be indemnified. Unlike the ways of the Anglo-Saxon people in America, Rev. Moon must restore this through indemnity, without shedding blood. Both the CIA and FBI say, “Rev. Moon, that’s causing us trouble!” No matter how alarming it may be, it is God’s will. God makes things happen that way. I make relationships with people through the will of God. People of all races are brothers and sisters. God doesn’t see colors. He is color blind.
    Focusing on this mission, I cannot help but follow this way. While I was in Korea, I created every conceivable organization. Even if I were to live at the summit of the Alps, it would be no problem for me. The world is my stage. It is my stage for my activities. (134-206, 1985.7.20)

Cheon Seong Gyeong 978

God and humankind had to separate in tears. So, after God has cried aloud, He embraces his weeping son and says, “Isn’t this what you have desired?” I know that only through the bequeathing and receiving of the words of blessing can the eternal victorious supremacy of the True Parents be bequeathed. It is a serious matter. I am offering my entire life for that day. (288-153, 1997.11.27)

Owner of Peace, Owner of Lineage

Rev. Sun Myung Moon
July 7, 2009

When you live in absolute faith, absolute love and absolute obedience, there is no room for your own glory or your own excuses. This is even truer for countries. God doesn’t have a relationship with countries that enables Him to recreate them, does He? It is from this viewpoint that parents should give their blessed children the collection of Father’s sermons, World Scripture, and the encyclopedia.

All the material that can stop the fighting between the communist world and democratic world has been put into this textbook. In both day and night, it forms a foundation to live forever. So God does not die but lives forever; our descendants will never die but will live together with their ancestors. We will enter the eternal Kingdom of Heaven together. It is the Principle that everyone will go to the eternal world of the Kingdom of Heaven. It is a basic rule that we will become citizens of the Kingdom of Heaven. Since that is the conclusion, raise your hand if you will receive a copy of this book (True Families; Gateway to Heaven) and make a determination to live in accordance with the content.

This book is not cheap. If I were to give instruction that you not be given this book, then you would still need to obtain it, even if this meant selling your blood and flesh, and even the sweat of your mother and father, or that you would have to do ten 40-day fasts. A Japanese member fasted 40-days ten times. Even if it meant you would not have money to feed your children, you would still need to buy this book. Did you know that the Unification Church could become the richest group in the world just by the price of its books? Parents will have so much money then that there will be no where to put it, and we will create homes for refugees and others who are mistreated and are forced to work as servants. We will make them rich. We will create homes for them that are better than where the UN Secretary General lives in the United States.

Women are Eve; they cannot decide on their own paths to follow. You want to keep my photograph and live day and night before me. You don’t want to go somewhere else and get married. Even after 100 years, when you are in the spirit world, you can call out “Father” and we can meet and discuss things and understand each other fully in the same way that I am able to communicate with heaven. Do you think you will not be able to communicate this way? I am trying to liberate you. In true love, any disease can be cured, even cancer.

I have never been to a hospital on my own. Mother will bring medicine to me and tell me to take it, but I don’t take medicine very often. This morning, too, because it would make Mother happy, because I need to swallow anything that she gives me, I took some medicine. I don’t think it will have any effect, though. I think that I can live beyond 100, even without taking medicine. I have come this far already, so there is that possibility.

You Second Generation, if your parents don’t buy this book (True Families; Gateway to Heaven) for you immediately, you can take your family’s property and sell it in order to buy it. You have been given authority as heirs to the Heavenly Kingdom. You have the right of ownership in the place of your mothers and fathers. God your Father has given you the right of inheritance, so you can do what to the new heaven and new earth? In this time, when property has no power and politics has no power, I am telling you to stand in the place of your parents in Hoon Dok Hae. Once you stand in the position representing the teacher, the position representing the king, everything will become possible.

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