You Get Married Only Once

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Cheon Seong Gyeong 248

    Then, is it enough just to attend True Parents? It is not. After attending True Parents, you need to restore a true family, a tribe, a people, a nation, and the world. The people of Israel was prepared for this. To stand before True Parents as true children, the children’s course of individual-level restoration, course of family-level restoration, course of tribal-level restoration, course of ethnic-level restoration and course of national-level restoration are to be accomplished. Through the completion of the parents’ course of restoration for the individual, family, tribe, people and nation and the children’s course of restoration for the individual, family, tribe, people and nation, the standard of parents and children having become one and victorious is established. Only after this can we finally conclude national-level restoration and make a fresh start toward the global level.
    Then, what is the mission of the Unification Church and in what kind of position are you who have joined the church? You have been called into the Unification Church, of which I am the central figure. You are in the position of having to horizontally and physically develop what has been a sorrowful six thousand years of vertical history. What kind of resolution do we have to make? What is the goal we must aim for? We must establish the nation of True Parents on a worldwide foundation. We must establish the world-level nation of True Parents.

Cheon Seong Gyeong 705

While the fruit is growing, its essential elements should never be severed. It should be left undisturbed to grow continuously. From the day its life began until the time it is harvested by the owner and kept in storage, the essential elements should never be disconnected, not even once. Whether it is windy – or worse still, stormy, they must not be disconnected no matter what hardships may come. These essential elements must be retained without interruption, from beginning to end.

Owner of Peace, Owner of Lineage

Rev. Sun Myung Moon
July 7, 2009

So it all leads naturally to a single conclusion. If you welcome this, raise both hands in Mansei twelve times. No matter what you do — what did I say about this? Die if you are told to die; live if you are told to live. You need to become free and liberated people who are free to go, if you are so directed, to sell everything and relocate anywhere. Where are the members of God’s family who, as the inheritors of total release, become God’s princes and princesses and go with Him to the Heavenly Kingdom that is His original homeland? You must keep this law. The new Kingdom of Heaven will begin only if there is a starting point where this law is upheld as the eternal heavenly constitution.

Raise your hand if you say you will not have a copy of this book (True Families; Gateway to Heaven). Buy a copy today, and keep it in your coat pocket. By the time autumn comes, you should become a person who reflects completely the content of this book. You must not become any other type of person. Once you reflect this book, you must not change; you must maintain the same ideology.

Parents should raise their children using this textbook so that they can also attend God as His sons and daughters. Those who were blessed but fell again, those who committed adultery, drank alcohol, or engaged in illicit sex cannot stand on this foundation. This is absolute. You should indicate that you absolutely understand this by raising your hands and clapping twelve times. Clap with your hands and feet — three times, three times, three times, and three times. You have gone up and down and laid a foundation by pledging twelve times that you welcome this, so how will you ever deny this?

If a person can see East, West, North, and South, can see the Big Dipper and the Southern Cross constellations, and is able to feel these, how would such a person engage in a hodgepodge of divorces? You get married only once. This is a revolution. America, too, needs to have a revolution. Give people this book (True Families; Gateway to Heaven). You must create a revolution. People need to read this book and live in accordance with what it says. If they do, they will certainly go to heaven.

This is a standard of testimony that is guaranteed by the person who liberated True Parents, True Teacher, True King, and even God Himself. It is an absolute constitution among all constitutions that can be used by the lawyers of heaven, the prosecutors of heaven, the judges of heaven. So please understand that there can be no excuse for going against this, and live your lives in total accordance with it.

I am grateful that you say you will live this way, and I will return to Korea. Two or three years from now, I will be able to do anything I want in Korea. If the Korea-Japan Tunnel is not built, then Korea will build the Bering Strait Tunnel. I can easily do this alone. If I take charge, it will easily be done. Am I able to gather the plutocrats with a day’s notice or not? Just wait and see.

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