Hometown Is Where You Are Tied Up by Love

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Cheon Seong Gyeong 399

The family is an encapsulation of history. It is connected to history, with its origin in God. You inherit the family vertically. However, inheritance must take place in a perfectly vertical manner, at a ninety degree angle. The grandfather and grandmother, representing God, have already inherited this. (216-262, 1991.4.7)

Cheon Seong Gyeong 1680

How complicated do you all think the sexual organs are? In terms of their structural development and shape, the sexual organs for sparrows, buntings and wagtails are identical. Well then, what would come from the mating of a sparrow and a wagtail? Is that even possible? The rascals, they are talking about things they have no knowledge of. If I were to argue with them, after exchanging a few words they would be struggling to give answers. Those scoundrels! Females and males! If we were to say that everything developed from the amoeba, how can we explain the existence of females and males, convex and concave? Why is it that all things are made in such a way that they can only reproduce by giving and receiving through these organs? Who determined that? Was it the evolutionists? They do not realize that formation of the origin of life, the internal energy, takes place through the unified foundation of male and female life forms, and is so great that it goes beyond the universal view. There are forty-seven differences between monkeys and human beings, or so I have heard. If the two were to mate, could they have offspring? When I posed this question to the communists in my schooldays, none of them could give me an answer! I could go on telling you hundreds of such stories, but there is not enough time. Such nonsense is unacceptable. (198-24, 1990.1.25)

True Family Gateway to Heaven
Rev. Sun Myung Moon

Chapter Two

The Family Is the Model for the
Kingdom of Heaven

Section 7. The Family is Our Eternal Original

Family, the family is a good place. Why is it good? It is a good
place because my mother and father are there. It is a good place
because my elder sister and elder brother are there. It is a good
place because my younger brother and younger sister are there,
and it is a good place because my relatives are there. Thus, human
beings feel nostalgia for their hometown and the land of their
original hometown. They feel more deeply about their hometown
than they do for the nation. The place you long for even when you
live in the Republic of Korea is your hometown.

What place do you long for even though you like Korea, even
though you want to live in Korea, and even while you are living in
Korea? It is your hometown. Hometown, what kind of place is
your hometown? It is a place where your heart is lifted up in four
directions and three dimensions. What is that heart? It is a place
where you are tied up by love. Upward, your mother and father
are tying you up; left and right, the bond between husband and
wife is tying you up; downward, your sons and daughters and
relatives are tying you up tight with three dimensional love. This
is the original hometown.

People cannot help but long for their original hometown because
they look upon this starting point of happiness based on love as
the best. Then, what kind of place do you think God’s original
hometown is? What do you think God’s land of original
hometown is on this earth? We should think about these
questions. If God is the God of love, He must surely have prepared
a starting point for living on this earth, and where is this starting
point? To know this, we must understand how God has prepared
that starting point. What kind of place can become the starting
point of the original hometown where God’s family can be
created? It is none other than a place where a son dwells who
understands God as his real father. In other words, it is a place
where the son, the only-begotten son who can monopolize God’s
love, exists. Also it is a place where such a daughter dwells. It is a
place where such a son and a daughter marry and form a complete
family. (23-151, 1969.5.18)

Then who should be in the original hometown? Those who you
miss should be there. Your parents should be there and your
brothers and sisters should be there. And those who you long to
meet should be there. When you want to live with them there,
would you be satisfied if you just saw them for a moment? Would
you be satisfied if you met and just saw them for a short time?
When meeting and living with them, you should not be tired even
if you live with them for eternity. You should go and find such a
place. This is the Kingdom of Heaven that today’s religions
pursue. (23-80, 1969.5.11)

Today, the reason we long for the land of our original hometown
is that in that hometown there are parents, brothers and sisters,
and relatives, who are closer to us than anyone else. They always
guide us; they welcome us as they did in the past whenever we
visit them, and they sympathize with us, console us and receive us
with joy when we are having difficulties. Without this welcome
though, even if you longed for your original hometown and
returned there, your desperate longing heart would vanish, and
you would go back with feelings of deep regret. You should know
this. In the original hometown there have to be people who will
welcome you. (23-80, 1969.5.11)

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