The Family Is the Basis for Determining Our Happiness in Life

Cheon Seong Gyeong 610

    Why must you have sons and daughters? There surely has to be love. God has to exist, man and woman have to exist, and husband and wife have to exist. Next, the blood has to be mixed. The descendants are born with God’s blood and love blood, vertical blood and horizontal blood, mixed together. Therefore, unless you have descendants, you cannot have a place to play and rest in the other world.
    If husband and wife – just the two of them – live face to face till they turn eighty or ninety, will they be happy? They cannot live an interesting life. There has to be a daughter-in-law and grandchildren. For grandfathers and grandmothers, there is no greater happiness than holding their grandchildren.
    Those who could not have grandchildren cannot achieve harmony with heaven and earth and keep in step with north, south, east and west in the spirit world. (197-32, 1990.1.7)

Cheon Seong Gyeong 1374

    August 25, 1992 was the day I conducted the 30,000 Couples Blessing. Thereby, the fallen parents were liberated and elevated to the same level as their children, and so all fallen descendants could also attain that level of faith and came to stand on an equal footing. This Blessing represented the formation, growth, and completion periods.
    At the 30,000 Couples Blessing, I blessed everyone who attended the week-long workshop and took the vow. The meaning of this is that, since their parents were liberated, the children were also liberated along with them, and so they have been enabled to hold a position of equal value and status. Since this standard can only be practiced and established logically, this is how the True Parents can stand as the sovereign of all families in the world. (249-137, 1993.10.8)

True Family Gateway to Heaven
Rev. Sun Myung Moon

Chapter Two

The Family Is the Model for the
Kingdom of Heaven

Section 6. The Family is the Training Ground of
the Heart

We cannot live separate from the heart. Even if you are the president
of a country or possess global authority, you would not be able to live
if you had no place to express your heartfelt joy. You would not be
able to feel the deepest satisfaction from the people who are under
your command, your officers or the people who follow you. You must
feel it in your family. You should be able to return home and feel joy
through your wife and children. In such a way you should be proud of
this joy in front of others. This joy is a primal joy; not a secondary joy.
It is the same with God. Even if He was to restore the whole world,
without a family He would not feel joy. So we need our families after
all. (25-85, 1969.9.30)

Parents should be the head of the family and teachers should be
the head of the educational institutions which represent society.
Parents raise you by giving you milk thereby assisting your
physical development as well as helping you emotionally. Then
what is school for? It trains you for your future life in society. If
the family is the training ground of the emotions, then school is
the experimental training ground of society.

But society is not where training ends. Where does it end? It ends
with the nation. The nation has a president. Why is it that people
miss the president and want to be near him? When they have
experienced everything, from the family to the society, they go on
to the next level. The president is the fruit of the third stage after
the formation and growth stages. A seed divides, sends roots
down and a shoot up, and then, through circulatory action,
growth begins. After such division comes a synthesis when flowers
and fruit are produced.

Schools raise the people needed by the nation by educating the
qualified elite to serve the nation. They are training and
experimentation sites. Training is not real life but a preparation
stage. You should not make the wrong preparations. What is the
family? It is a training ground for the heart. It is a place where you
train your heart to love. This is why you should live affectionately
like brothers and sisters at school and also live affectionately like
brothers and sisters in the nation. Parental education is needed at
school, in society and also by the nation. Parents should pass
everything in the realm of heart on to their children. They should
create a foundation of heart for their children by teaching them to
follow their parents’ footsteps in living in certain ways in the
family, the society, and in the nation. (180-130, 1988.8.22)

When you look at a family, it is not necessarily a good one just
because it has a good house and a good environment. Conversely,
no matter how bad a family’s environment may be or how shabby
its house may be, if it offers you peace and you are able to connect
all things in your life to it, then it is a good family. It has a
foundation of heart upon which the parents and children live for
the sake of each other. This is the original homeland for our
memories and the source of motivation for all living. Therefore it
becomes the basis for determining our happiness in life. (29-16,

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