Building the Kingdom of Heaven Is the Mission of Blessed Families

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Cheon Seong Gyeong 1263

Why are true parents needed? You need them because it is necessary for you to take root centering on the realm of heart. At the present time, your roots are different. Because of the Fall, the trunk and the branches are also different. A new root must begin from true parents, and new trunk and branches must also grow from them, which can then be used for engrafting. You must cut off the old trunk and branches and engraft the new shoot. By engrafting them like this on to the old root, that tree will then become part of the great mainstream of the universe. Everything in the satanic world must be cut down. It must be cut off at the roots. (164-155, 1987.5.10)

Cheon Seong Gyeong 704

    For this reason, we must overcome our circumstances. Not only that, we must also inherit all the conditions that can bear fruit, thereby possessing the inherent strength that generates that fruition. Only then can we complete the process of fruition, becoming a fruit needed for the progress of a new social and historical course.
    After birth, people must overcome their circumstances on their own. They must undergo a process through which they can inherit new life and bear fruit in the future. Finally, they must occupy a place where they can manifest the proper effects and results. For example, after grain is sown, it germinates, matures, bears fruit, and is then harvested and stored by the owner. We too must undergo a process whereby we can be harvested for a certain purpose.
    You must understand that you are responsible to equip yourselves with the inner conditions which will permit you to inherit such hopes and to use those conditions to embrace the external environment. This must be accomplished not from a position of self-defense, but by taking the initiative.

Family Pledge

Rev. Sun Myung Moon

Pledge Number One:

Our family, the owner of Cheon Il Guk, pledges to seek our original homeland and build the Kingdom of God on earth and in heaven, the original ideal of creation, by centering on true love.

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Core Concept 41: We have to create our original homeland by helping our parents, siblings, relatives and neighbors to understand God’s ideal and to become Blessed families
1.3. Seeking our original homeland
1.3.1. The true meaning of our original homeland
The original garden is the ideal garden. It is a world where everyone ministers to each other’s needs; a world where a feeling of brotherhood and sisterhood penetrates all parts of the universe. It is not a world of ideals and ideologies like today where people discuss the differences between the feelings held by peoples or the differences between the sovereignties of nations. It is not a world where the differences between people based on economic circumstances or culture are discussed. It is a world where discussion reaches beyond the distinctions between peoples or national sovereignties. It is a world where people discuss matters of the heart. (7-37, 1959.7.5)

If the ancestors of humankind had not fallen at the outset, where would the original homeland have been? There is no doubt that it would have been the Garden of Eden – that village, those mountains and rivers – where Adam and Eve lived. Today, when the people born into the lineage received from the fallen parents say “original homeland,” they think of their place of birth. The ideal homeland that all humankind have been seeking and longing for seems to be so unbelievable. Where is the highest calling our Unification Church is seeking to fulfill today? We must go out and seek our lost original hometown. Our parents, our siblings, and our relatives will be there in that original hometown. They will be able to welcome us not in sadness, but in eternal joy and happiness, and their joy will not be short-lived but will endure forever. That is the original place that we must seek. (23-74, 1969.5.11) pp. 2396-2397

1.4. The original ideal of creation
What is God’s will? It is true love. It means to accomplish the ideal of creation. What does it mean to achieve the ideal of God’s creation? It means to complete the four-position foundation. If God and humankind had become one through the marriage of Adam and Eve, all things could have united together on that foundation of love, and humankind could have had God to themselves as well as all things of creation, thereby becoming the second owners. God is the invisible owner, and we are the visible owners. God is the inner God, and we are the outer God. Everyone has the desire to become God. (276-253, 1996.2.24)

The perfection of the four-position foundation, which is God’s ideal of creation, comes when Adam and Eve are one with God. God is then present above and below, to the left and to the right, and in the front and in the back. Then what has to be accomplished? First, God’s love and human love are to be perfected. This is the perfection of the love between God and humankind. They become one body. When they become one through love, ownership is decided. In eternal love, the ownership of love is decided. In relation to her husband, a woman belongs eternally to her husband. In relation to a woman, the man belongs to his wife in eternal love. You should know this. (276-253, 1996.2.24)

p. 2403
It is God’s ideal of creation to perfect a model within the family as the substantial core that can assimilate the world. This ideal will be realized through married couples. That is why if something goes wrong in a couple, it creates disorder in the four realms of heart. Perfected families are to enter the heavenly kingdom; however, the couples that have gone wrong will go to hell rather than heaven. You must know how precious first love is. Through knowing this, how great can the families of the Unification Church become? (257-216, 1994.3.15) p. 2407

Core Concept 42: Building the Kingdom of Heaven is the mission of Blessed Families

1.5.2. Building the Kingdom of Heaven is the mission of Blessed Families
Because Adam and Eve lost the Kingdom of God on earth and in heaven, if we do not restore it, God will not be able to, either. The devil has a strong desire to destroy it. We must restore the Kingdom of God on earth and in heaven. The Family Pledge says, “seek our original homeland.” In the religious world, people were all commanded to leave their homes and lead celibate lives. However, the Unification Church is the opposite: it says to return to one’s hometown; to go back to one’s hometown. The message of returning to one’s hometown is the best news of all good news that has never been heard in the history of religion. This is the one-time only, joyful news of all joyful news. (264-187, 1994.10.9)

How happy God, True Parents, and Blessed Families will be with the proclamation of the Family Pledge! “Seek our original homeland!” This earth is the original homeland. It means completing the Kingdom of God on earth and in heaven, the original ideal of creation, in our original homeland. Through what? Through love. All have followed the path of love that can return to the original homeland. We are to re-create that by seeking and restoring the original love within fallen people. (297-209, 1998.11.20) p. 2412

Be: Understanding of Family Pledge number one.
Do: Inherit the true love of God.
Have: An ideal family, centered on true love.

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