God is the Vertical Parent and Perfected Adam & Eve Are the Horizontal Parents

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Cheon Seong Gyeong 1506

The cosmos-centered ideology is for the sake of achieving mind-body unity. It is to establish the family as the embodiment of God’s love, and to implement these ideas in the spiritual and physical worlds. The Chinese character for ju (宙) in cheon-ju (cosmos) means “house.” That’s why the term “cosmos-centered ideology” is being used. The cosmos is the combination of the incorporeal and corporeal worlds. How does this relate to us? We need a family. If you cannot achieve oneness on the family level, the cosmos-centered ideology will have nothing to do with you. The God-centered family is the ultimate standard to complete the ideal about which such a cosmos-centered ideology teaches. If you cannot sing the song of peace and praise happiness in the family on earth, you will be unhappy in the spirit world. (26-190, 1969.10.25)

Cheon Seong Gyeong 1315

The year 1970 saw the beginning of a great mobilization. The Blessed Families from ten nations around the world were called to Korea, in order to restore Canaan. They were called to Korea and became completely united while over here. You must know that this was after the Blessing of the 777 Couples. Wasn’t that Blessing held in 1970? In making such a foundation, the Unification tribe from across the world representing ten nations came to participate. Going beyond the number nine, which signifies formation, growth and completion, the number ten is the number of God, and it also corresponds to the number twelve. That is why the ten nations must be connected providentially. (69-237, 1974.1.1)

Family Pledge

Rev. Sun Myung Moon

Pledge Number Two:

The Big Idea:
True Parents set the model of the ideal family.  We have to become true parents ourselves in our family.  We have to be filial sons and daughters, patriots, saints, and divine sons and daughters.

Picture:  family with national flag(s) in background, or image of globe in background


1.  Why is Adam’s position important?
2. Why are True Parents important?
3. What kind of person is a filial son or daughter, a patriot or a saint?


Core concept 43:  True Parents set the model for our family.  We have to become true parents ourselves.


Pledge Number Two

Our family, the owner of Cheon Il Guk, pledges to represent and become central to heaven and earth by attending God and True Parents; we pledge to perfect the dutiful family way of filial sons and daughters in our family, patriots in our nation, saints in the world, and divine sons and daughters in heaven and earth, by centering on true love.

2.1. Our family pledges to represent and become central to heaven and earth
2.1.1. Adam’s family is the representative and central family

“Our family…attending God and True Parents…by centering on true love.” You must attend God and True Parents. However, because Eve fell, God and True Parents were driven out of Adam’s family. You must attend God and True Parents. God is the vertical Parent and perfected Adam and Eve are the horizontal parents. On the foundation of these two parents having become one, you achieve unity and are connected to God and to heaven. For this reason, nothing can be accomplished unless you attend God and True Parents. So, through becoming one with God and True Parents, you can create a family representing heaven and earth. That family holds a higher position than that held by Adam and Eve before the Fall. (260-189, 1994.5.8)

Adam’s position is the pinnacle position, representing the past and the present of all humankind. He is at the zenith of all the human ancestors going back millions of years. In the beginning, there was only one. Adam and Eve should have married at that zenith, settling as the central family on earth, a family that was to expand out into the world. In that position, they should have become filial sons and daughters, patriots and saints in the heavenly nation, and fulfilled the way of divine sons and daughters in that nation. But Adam could not accomplish this. (264-187, 1994.10.9) p 2418

2.1.2. Blessed families have the same value as the original family

Adam’s family stands in a representative and central position. For that reason, you must have the concept that your couple is the representative family of all of the world’s people, and the central family of the world. That is the way the sons and daughters of God should be, isn’t it? Because you are families that will enter the heavenly kingdom, you must be like that. Therefore, Blessed Families must know the Family Pledge in order to enter Adam’s family. (265-253, 1994.11.23) The blessing is the criterion that connects people to God’s love that is original and untainted by the Fall. Therefore, Blessed Families must have the same value as Adam and Eve’s family that has not fallen. They have to achieve this in order to become the same seed. When a couple has three children, God would treat each one of them equally. No matter how families expand, each one has the same value as Adam’s family. They should all have the value of the same seed. (263-196, 1994.10.4) p. 2420

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