God’s Gracious Love Can Be Found in the Midst of Hardships

Cheon Seong Gyeong 2188

    If the son advises and teaches his parents to love their country so that they become patriots, and makes them a mother and father whom heaven remembers, is he a filial or unfilial son?
    So, rather than a son who says to his parents, “Mom, Dad, don’t go out! Just rest at home.” he should say, “Mom, Dad, what are you doing? Please, let’s try together to find even one more per-son who can be a patriot, who can work for the unification of North and South Korea, who can work to save North Korea.” Then he makes them shed tears, blood and sweat. Then what would you think if the people in the neighborhood were to praise this achievement?
    Would the parents say, “You scoundrel, you really made your mother and father’s life difficult, so at first we thought you were a bad boy. Yet we became successful and are praised by everyone. My! You really are a filial son.” Do you think the parents would say this, or would they say, “You are an unfilial son”? What do you think? (209-266, 1990.11.30)

Cheon Seong Gyeong 1594

Because everything which arose from the false parents comes under the number nine, the numbers one to nine are loathed by Heaven. You persevered in providential history to clear up Satan’s number, the number nine, through the practice of tithing, in the Old Testament Age.

The Refining Fire

God’s gracious love can be found in the midst of hardships and suffering. The person whose mind is fixed on God takes life’s trials and challenges as a means to purify his or her faith, correct flaws and refine character. could it be that such trials are not accidental, but actually expressions of God’s love to discipline and educate his children? (see also chapter 15: Testing.)
Moreover, God’s word presents us with the challenge to live by it. scripture therefore likens the word of God to a fire, which burns away everything that is false. Father Moon explains that the judgment that many Christians fear is actually an opportunity to purify ourselves in the truth and reach the point where we are one hundred percent united with the word of Christ. thus, the purpose of judgment is to save, not to condemn.

  1. Judgment by Fire

I will put this third into the fire,and refine them as one refines silver,and test them as gold is tested.
    Zechariah 13.9

Just as a great conflagration
Can burn up all things,
So does Buddha’s field of blessings
Burn up all fabrication.
    Garland Sutra 10 (Buddhism)

As the heat of a fire reduces wood to ashes, the fire of knowledge burns to ashes all karma. Nothing in this world purifies like spiritual wisdom.
    Bhagavad-Gita 4.37 (Hinduism)

Just as a fire quickly reduces decayed wood to ashes, so does an aspirant who is totally absorbed in the inner self and completely unattached to all external objects shake to the roots, attenuate, and wither away his karma-body.
    Samantabadhra, Aptamimamsa 24-27 (Jainism)

Make chastity your furnace, patience your smithy,
The Master’s word your anvil, and true knowledge your hammer.
Make awe of God your bellows, and with it kindle the fire of austerity.
And in the crucible of love, melt the nectar Divine.
Only in such a mint, can man be cast into the Word.
    Adi Granth, Japuji 38, M.1, p. 8 (Sikhism)

“From His right hand went forth a fiery law for them” (Deuteronomy 33.2). The words of Torah are compared to fire, for both were given from heaven, both are eternal. If a man draws near the fire, he derives benefit; if he keeps afar, he is frozen, so with the words of the Torah: if a man toils in them, they are life to him; if he separates from him, they kill him.
    Sifre Deuteronomy (Judaism)

For no other foundation can any one lay than that which is laid, which is Jesus Christ. Now if any one builds on the foundation with gold, silver, precious stones, wood, hay, straw—each man’s work will become manifest; for the Day will disclose it, because it will be revealed with fire, and the fire will test what sort of work each one has done. If the work which any man has built on the foundation survives, he will receive a reward. If any man’s work is burned up, he will suffer loss, though he himself will be saved, but only as through fire.
    1 Corinthians 3.11-15

Is not my word like fire, says the lord, and like a hammer which breaks the rock in pieces?
    Jeremiah 23.29

With fire we test the gold, and with gold We test Our servants.
    Hidden Words of Bahá’u’lláh, Arabic 54 (Baha’i Faith)

Love Between a Man and a Woman Is the Microcosm of the Solar System

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Cheon Seong Gyeong 1112

God loves all people and desires that
the whole universe submit to His love.
In giving human beings authority, He
desires that the entire universe follow
them and bow down before them. With
this great love and highest authority in
mind, God gave human beings their
portion of responsibility. (20-209, 1968.6.9)

Why did God give human beings a
portion of responsibility? As He is omni-
scient and omnipotent, He endowed
humanity with those same qualities of
creativity. Moreover, as He is also the
Subject of eternal and unchanging love,
He could not help but vest in human
beings a portion of responsibility so as
to allow them to rise to a position repre-
senting that Subject of love, God Himself.
This became the prerequisite for God’s
blessings,comparable to a key that can
lead us into the dominion of love over
everything, He had no course other than
to bequeath this key to us. However, we
must understand that problems arose
over the fulfillment of human responsi-
bility and that human beings fell. (20-209,

Cheon Seong Gyeong 2179

People of filial piety will think of
their parents first when something good
happens in their lives. In the fallen world
people think of their spouse first when
they see something good. However,
unless you buy something precious for
your parents first, you cannot buy some-
thing for your spouse.

World Scripture and the Teachings of
Sun Myung Moon

Chapter 4

God’s Creation and Human Creativity

Microcosm and Macrocosm

Teachings of Rev. Sun Myung Moon

A human being is a small universe, the microcosm of the great universe of God’s creation. God, the Source of the great universe, is also the source of our energy. As small individual universes, each of us stands in the presence of the great universe and receives its energy into our heart. Thus, we are connected to a source of unending power, and as its counterpart we are endowed with cosmic value. (121:193, October 27, 1982)

As human beings are a microcosm of the universe, the body represents the earth while the mind and spirit represent heaven. (8:78, November 8, 1959)

Up and down, front and rear, right and left: everything is related to me. Furthermore, these relation-ships are not temporary, but are linked to the entire course of my life. I stem from a line of ancestors stretching back to the beginning of time, and I am linked to descendants a thousand generations into the future. We have to think that we stand on the altar of all these connections. If one day I am shattered into pieces, all those heavenly relationships will also be shattered into pieces. All relationships in the family, the tribe and the world will likewise be shattered. Such is the significance of being a microcosm, representing heaven and earth.9 (8:10-11, October 25, 1959)

Look at our hands. Each finger has three knuckles [symbolizing the three stages of growth]. Each arm has three sections: upper arm, forearm and hand. The whole body is composed of three parts: head, torso and legs. Make a fist like an infant does, with the thumb inside. The thumb symbolizes God, the center of the universe. The four fingers symbolize the four compass directions and four seasons. The twelve knuckles, three on each of the four fingers, symbolize the twelve months.
To strongly make a point, you make a fist and shake it in the air. It is like shaking the whole universe. To strike something with your fist means that you are striking it as a representative of the universe.
From this, we can see that human beings are the counterparts of the Lord who created the universe.
These are just a few of the reasons each human being is a microcosm. Although a human body is very small, it contains everything in the universe. The circulatory system is like the trunk of a tree; the heart is like its root and lungs are like leaves. Our body is indeed a microcosm, representing all things of the universe. (54:96, March 20, 1972)

We are born to resonate with the beat of the universe in all its rotations and revolutions. Ocean waves strike the shore, and my heart beats in time. The wind sighs serenely, and my heart feels serene. A flower releases a pleasing fragrance; it stirs a fragrance in my heart and I feel enraptured. (104:123, April 22, 1979)

You are the planet Earth in miniature, a universe in miniature. Your body is composed of all the Earth’s elements. Who, then, created you? The universe loaned you all the elements that make up your body. The universe gave you birth and made you; hence you should regard the universe as your first parent.

It is amazing! You contain all the elements of the universe. Furthermore, you are mobile, a universe that can move about, whereas the cosmic universe is stationary. Because you move and act, you can govern the universe. (105:106-07, September 30, 1979)

If you could see the entire spirit world, it would look like a gigantic Person. As this huge person unites with God, its Subject Partner, then the spirit world and physical world will intermingle with each other. Then, when God runs, the earth will also run. When God laughs, the earth will also laugh.
Each of us can become a center of the universe. What does this mean? Consider the tiny cells in your finger. Each one of those cells communicates with your entire body. Although your body is huge in comparison to those cells, their functioning is vital for the body; in that sense they are equal to the whole body. Do you understand? I am talking about what it means to the center of the universe. Each of us relates to the universal body as one cell, yet we can be qualified to be its center.
Blood circulates throughout your whole body, from the head down to the soles of your feet. When that blood that went to the feet comes to the head, can the head say, “Don’t come near me”? In the same way, as we circulate through the entire universe, there cannot be any discrimination between black, white and yellow people. The parts of the body are variously colored. Are brown eyes prejudiced against black hair? Do white nails say to yellow skin, “You are of a different kind”?10Just so, if you could go to the spirit world, you would see that all people constitute the body of one Person. Saints and holy men may perform the role of the eyes or the ears, but even though they have important roles, they are still only components of that one macrocosmic Person.
Hell in the spirit world is like an infected wound in the body. Do you think God wants hell to exist for eternity? If you had a wound, what would you do? You would draw out the pus and clean it up. In the same way God wants to clean up and eliminate hell. (91:280, February 27, 1977)

When heaven and earth are in harmony, there is mutual affection among all subject and object part-ners throughout the cosmos. All are linked to the human family, which is the nucleus of cosmos.
Men are larger and stronger, but women have love. The sun is large, but it cannot neglect the earth. There is mutual give and take everywhere, from which arises joy and all the perfections of heaven and earth. Thus we can see the larger significance of love between a man and a woman: it is a microcosm of the solar system and an encapsulation of the animal and plant kingdoms. It is the epitome of the pair system by which all things exist. The animal, plant and mineral kingdoms are all based on the pair system. God set up all male-female pairs to be represented by this one nucleus—human conjugal love. What, then, would happen if this center were in conflict?

You would like to be the center of the cosmos, right? Do animals have this desire? Does the solar system? No; it is evident that humans are the only beings who have this aspiration. (216:157, March 10, 1991)

Go the Way of Filial Sons and Daughters

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Cheon Seong Gyeong 2426

No matter how difficult, you should
think it is proper and natural to smooth
out the path and go the way of filial sons
and daughters, of patriots, of saints, and
divine sons and daughters. You need the
conviction to do so. You must have the
mind to go the way of filial piety even
if you sacrifice yourself for your parents
and, in the family, even if you sacrifice
not only yourself but your wife as well.
When filial sons and daughters and par-
ents together resolve to sacrifice even the
parents to save the nation, they stand as
patriots. Furthermore, if those patriots
resolve to save the world and so sacri-
fice even their nation, they complete the
path of a saint. That is the ideal of cre-
ation Adam was to have fulfilled. You
must become filial sons and daughters,
patriots, and saints, and willingly deter-
mine to fulfill the way of divine sons
and daughters even if it means sacrific-
ing all the members of your family. (266-
105, 1994.12.18)

Cheon Seong Gyeong 913

When you leave behind a love greater
than that of your great-grandparents in
the house where you and your ancestors
were born and have lived, heaven will
see the luster of love shining forth. Hun-
dreds, thousands, and millions of volts
of light will shine forth. This light goes
up to your ancestors. It goes to the spirit
world, the Kingdom of Heaven and God.
This Kingdom is our original homeland.
Isn’t God our original Father? (213-190,

Sun Myung Moon
May 17, 1959

John 14:1-24


Heavenly Father, You have worked through the providence to receive the desired and awaited day of hope. You could not desert unfaithful humankind, but have given the blessing called “Israel” and have led history up to now to embrace the lonely multitudes. The day the promised one was sent was when Your glory should have filled heaven and all humankind’s ecstatic hearts should have filled heaven and earth with joy. However, Father, we know that the historic indignation of four thousand years of sorrow came about due to what happened to Jesus.

From the time of his birth in a barn, Jesus’ thirty years of life was ever so miserable and lonely, with no one to depend upon. We know that Jesus had no one to trust on this earth. He bared his soul and had to pass away as the embodiment of deep sorrow without being able to share his desperate heart.

Please forgive humankind, which does not know the sorrow of Jesus. Two thousand years ago, people should have received the heavenly words he was to utter. Yet they did not have faith in the one. We have heard the words and prayers of advice and pleading spoken to the disciples who followed the will of Heaven. Heaven’s joy should have been realized and the new nation established on the earth the moment when the fate of Heaven merged with that of earth. We know the reality of the historic indignation over the fact that the moment the two collided, lamentation and sorrow began that opened the way of the vindictive cross.

Father, although our ancestors were indebted to Heaven and we are also greatly indebted, please accept us, even if we have become people who do not indemnify our debts and struggle only for our individual concerns. A lonely multitude has gathered in front of You. Please give us words of guidance. I have given them many words up to now. As I was sharing, we realize now how much of Your sorrow shows and that we have not united centering on Your concerns. We realize that Heavenly Father’s sorrow is manifested in history, course after course, century after century, and period after period, as He worked through humankind. Continue reading “Go the Way of Filial Sons and Daughters”

Let the Original Mind and Original Nature Appear at this Time

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Cheon Seong Gyeong 2179

People of filial piety will think of
their parents first when something good
happens in their lives. In the fallen world
people think of their spouse first when
they see something good. However,
unless you buy something precious for
your parents first, you cannot buy some-
thing for your spouse.
In the same way, a man should first
buy clothes for his parents, and then
for his wife and children, before buying
clothes for himself. He should attend and
serve his parents when they eat. Even in
the satanic world, it was the custom in
Korea for people to attend their parents
for a three-year period of mourning
after their death. In the old days, was it
not Korean etiquette for a devoted son
to be in mourning for his deceased par-
ents by building a mud hut next to their
grave and living there for three years in
order to fulfill his filial duty? Therefore,
in Korea, if people did not attend their
parents with devotion for at least three
years, then when they went to the spirit
world, they would not be able to say that
they are descendants of Korea.
We must surpass this standard. Our
Blessed Families must enlarge them-
selves with good points from each other,
and live their lives serving and caring
for their parents. (26-299, 1969.11.10)

Cheon Seong Gyeong 995

The motto for my life has been “God’s
spokesman.” From today, I ask that all
of you become heavenly spokesper-
sons. Become God’s representative and
His substitute, and furthermore, I hope
that you can become one who can die in
place of God. (9-7, 1960.3.13)

The Path of Faith Which Should be Examined Carefully

Sun Myung Moon
April 12, 1959

Matthew 11: 1-30


We know that we should become oil and fire to burn away the evil world and that we should be meek and humble before goodness. Since You restore us through such laws, Jesus taught that those who seek to be exalted will be debased, and those who seek to become debased will become exalted, upholding the heavenly way with sacrifice, service, meekness and humility.

Let the heart arise in each of us through which we can be deeply moved by the center. Let us realize our shortcomings, become infinitely humble before You, and offer all that we have as a sacrifice. Let this heart extend and reach the heavenly heart. Father, we eagerly hope and desire this.

Countless people are wandering, not knowing the time. Please guide the course of their fate. Please have pity on the thirty million people who boast of a five-thousand-year history but who are in misery. We know that the course of this people has been a blood-stained one, and they are a pitiful people who have been fighting against those who hinder the march of goodness. Continue reading “Let the Original Mind and Original Nature Appear at this Time”

Remain Filial to the Father

CSG 440

Section 1. The Family is the
Central Model for All Beings

When you stand in the world of
space, you need top and bottom, left and
right, and front and back. Only then is
the status of your position stable. Your
shape will vary depending on the posi-
tion in which you stand: top and bottom,
left and right, front and back. When
dealing with matters that concern the
relationships of top and bottom, left and
right, front and back, and also problems
in the family, nation and world, there is
only one solution. Just as there has to
be top and bottom, left and right, and
front and back with the individual at the
center, there also have to be parents and
children, husband and wife, and broth-
ers and sisters.

CSG 1898

I have had so many difficult chal-
lenges in my life. A person cannot buy
these kinds of experiences, even with
a tremendous amount of money. Since
the weather was so bad, there weren’t
any boats out. When I threw out the
fishing line into the water, a number of
fish bit the hook as soon as the line was
dropped. Wouldn’t you expect this to
happen? Usually, a number of them bite
onto the bait from many different boats,
but since our boat was the only one at sea
that morning, all these starved fish, who
are capable of searching for food up to
distances of about four kilometers, were
all rushing to bite onto my bait. So when
I threw the fish hooks into the water, they
all bit onto them right away. I did not
pay attention whether the typhoon was
blowing or not. I continued to pour out
my sweat. It took four hours to get there,
and four hours to fish. From there, we
dragged the fish, with the engine run-
ning, for twenty miles. (233-306, 1992.8.2)

Let Us Be Persons of Forbearance

Sun Myung Moon
May 18, 1958

Matthew 24: 1-14

Why did God have to put Jesus in such an environment where he had to endure with patience as he tried to establish a new providential ideology? That was because human history began with the fall. Jesus had no choice but to conclude fallen history. There is a remarkable difference between Jesus in the Bible, the written history, and Jesus at that time. If the religious people then had believed in Jesus as much as the Christians today believe in him, Jesus would not have died on the cross.

The people who felt remorse after having killed Jesus and sought him were fallen people. Those who rejected Jesus have gone to hell. Although their followers have stepped forth, boasting that they were the chosen ones who represented the truth, history has revealed that Jesus, who did not look like a truthful man, represented the truth and that those who rejected him were in a non-truthful position. The actions of Heaven have flowed down in the course of history in a seemingly contradictory fashion. Although the chosen people knew the ideological truth centered on Jesus, they were distanced from the substantial truth. Continue reading “Remain Filial to the Father”