The Heart of the Invisible God Manifests Itself in the Heart of a Visible Human Being.

Cheon Seong Gyeong 1317

    Satan destroyed family relationships, and so we are establishing a transnational movement that binds the family to God’s realm of direct dominion with the 777 Couples, followed by the 1800 Couples. The 1800 Couples will be the last in creating this movement. The number 18 comes from the satanic number six multiplied by three representing formation, growth and completion.
    The fact that I have restored 1800 couples from the satanic world signifies that I have gone beyond the realm of the tribe. The victory I achieved on the national level is the starting point of the path leading to the world level. The 1800 Couples are three times the number 600, which represents the realm of Satan’s dominion. Therefore, by establishing the families on this basis, the 1800 Couples have become the standard of indemnification for the families in Satan’s realm.
    The 6000 Couples connect the Christians who are in the vertical position with the non-Christian people worldwide; in other words, they connect the vertical Christians with the horizontal Cain world. The fact that I have connected them through the 6000 Couples shows that the era of the satanic world attacking the Blessed Families has passed. That is how the situation is developing. My course, which was leading to the world level, began from there.
    The spiritual standard of the growth stage has been established on the national level. In establishing the worldwide standard, since the spiritual foundation of Christianity works as the worldwide foundation, the worldwide substantial standard had to be connected to the realm of Christianity. Therefore, in order to achieve this, I went to the United States and carried out nationwide revival activities. Wherever I went, I was welcomed. In this manner, I connected all this foundation in America to Korea as the representative of the national standard. That was how I returned to Korea victorious. (190-275, 1989.6.19)

Cheon Seong Gyeong 807

    Don’t you think that your mind – even your fallen mind – knows what you have done in your life? Do you or do you not know what kind of person you are? You cannot deceive yourself. Each of you knows what you are really like. You should not think too highly of yourself. Everything will be totally revealed in the spirit world. Your misdeeds will be revealed first. You have to first clear up your misdeeds before entering the spirit world. Without doing so, you cannot enter the heavenly spirit world. Even if you close your eyes, your misdeeds will be revealed and punishment demanded. Consequently, you must be educated until you rid yourself of that misbehavior. You have to receive training. You have to undergo intense training. The spirit world as a whole is now being trained and is creating an education system guided by Heung-jin. (287-203, 1997.10.30)
Richard:  Heung-jin is the second son of Rev. and Mrs. Moon, who died after an automobile accident, on January 2nd, 1984.  A Unificationist Holiday, Day of Victory of Love, is celebrated on this day (it is celebrated on the Heavenly, or lunar calendar, which will be February 11, 2024, solar).

Cheon Seong Gyeong

Selections from the Speeches of Rev. Sun Myung Moon
True God
Chapter 2

God and the Work of Creation

Section 1. God’s Motivation for Creating Is Love
1.1. The Work of Creation Required Complete Investment

    How did the universe begin? It started with God serving and pouring Himself out for the sake of the other. It started with God expending Himself. Then, what is the purpose in devoting oneself to creating one’s partner? After both have given all they have, what we gain is love. As long as we have love, we are happy, no matter how much we have invested. Since this is the love principle, God started the creation based on love. God would not invest in anything that would not produce a benefit. Giving all one has creates a minus, so why do you think He did it? Because love has the power to more than fill up any void, after expending and investing Himself, God gained love in return. True love does not become smaller as it is invested, but grows bigger and bigger the more it moves. Conversely, if the principle were that true love would grow smaller, God would be depleted through His investment. But the opposite is the case. True love grows bigger and bigger the more it is invested. (237-124, 1992.11.13)

    Since love has the capacity to create, it never grows tired. With a heart of love, you never get tired, because you have the power of love. The energy spent is always replenished by more energy than is used up, no matter how much is invested. This is why you don’t mind making that effort, although to do so is hard and painful. How could you continue if you did not like it? On the path of true love, you cannot have an eternally unwilling heart. God’s essence does not include the concept of an enemy or the concept of evil. This is because His essence dwells within true love. (237-130, 1992.11.13)

    So invest, invest and invest based on God’s ideal of creation. When you invest, circular motion occurs. Take air, for example. If there is a very low-pressure mass of air and a very high-pressure mass of air and they mix, a midlevel pressure mass of air results. God comes down, although no one calls Him. So those who want to invest more than a hundred percent are always filled by God. The principle of the universe is like this. Completely giving yourself out and forgetting what you have given is connected to eternal motion; at that level the underlying principle of eternal life emerges. Eternal life. Otherwise, from where will you derive the principle of unification? When living for the sake of others, circular motion occurs, doesn’t it? What happens with something moving in a spiral motion? It becomes smaller and smaller and rises. As the base of something moving with cyclonic rotation broadens out, its height decreases. But eternal life rises up more and more, and therefore automatically God will stand on Adam and Eve’s shoulders and go up as they go up. (205-95, 1990.7.7)

    Why did God create heaven and earth? Acts of creation consume energy. They require an investment of energy. Investing energy means expending oneself. However omniscient and omnipotent God may be, if His abundant endowment of energy did not produce a return, it inevitably would be exhausted. (65-20, 1972.11.13)

    God put all His energy into creating all things and human beings. He invested everything and then gave still more. Other things are depleted when they are poured out, but with true love, the more you give, the more your creation prospers and the more it gives back. If you invest 100 units of true love, 120 will come back. Therefore, although those who practice true love seem like they are going to perish, they will not perish; rather, they will prosper eternally and live forever. (219-118, 1991.8.28)

    Why does God exist? For what does He want to exist? He wants to exist for the sake of love. This is why He needs a love partner. This is why the omniscient and omnipotent God had to create a love partner. Until now we have not known that God began the creation based on love as His essential ideal. The entire universe was created for the sake of love. (208-235, 1990.11.20)

    God wants to have a global platform for true giving. God wants to see a free, peaceful and happy place where giving has no accusers and receiving has no conditions attached. God’s goal is to expand that place worldwide and have all humankind settle down to live there. (13-249, 1964.4.12)

1.2. Realizing the ideal of creation through love

God created the world in order to realize love. He created the universe so that He could rejoice over people and all things as they become one centering on His love and making a harmonious world of love. In so doing, He could rejoice over people as they become true husbands and wives centering on God’s love, creating families, tribes, races and a world of true love. He would be able to taste the joy of love by becoming one in love with such people. This was God’s ideal of creation. (Blessed Family – 302)

    Heart is the foundation of the original mind. Through heart God can pour out His infinite love centering on His purpose. Its value never changes. To discuss the value of God’s existence, we must discuss it by holding on to this love. Value is determined when the conditions are established for a reciprocal relationship. Joy starts from God’s heart, and its purpose is realized in human beings. The heart of the invisible God manifests itself in the heart of a visible human being. When people with such a heart multiply horizontally and form families, these families become the center of the world. God blessed Adam and Eve to be fruitful and multiply so that they could have such a family. The ideal of the cosmos is established on the basis of being fruitful, multiplying and having dominion over all things. (27-28, 1969.11.15)

    Why do you think God created the universe? God wanted to experience joy through it. Although God is the Absolute Being, He cannot feel joy alone, because joy arises only when you have someone to relate to. God does not need knowledge, money or power, because He is himself absolute, omniscient and omnipotent. No matter how advanced science may be, it cannot catch up with or go beyond what God has made. The immense universe operates in an orderly way according to laws. Considering that God has created and governs this immense universe, which is beyond the reach of human thought and science, God is absolutely scientific as well. (Blessed Family – 302)

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