God and People Become One through Love

Cheon Seong Gyeong 1845

    Think about what would happen if all the edible products were produced in Alaska. Alaska is many times the size of Korea. It is several times bigger than California. California is one of the largest states in America; so Alaska is that vast! An unlimited supply of raw materials can be found there. The owner of that place is neither the Soviet Union nor America.
    Both countries show little interest in Alaska. They have created a mess with their own economic problems, political problems, and administrative problems, so they do not even think about the consumption of raw materials. In the future, the issue will be about who has a commanding position in relation to the raw materials. I am preparing for that day. (236-22, 1992.11.2)

Cheon Seong Gyeong

Where did heaven and hell begin? Where did they begin? In midair? Where? At the sexual organs. This must be serious. They have turned heaven and earth upside down. Can anyone deny that? There is no way to deny the logic of The Fall in Rev. Moon’s Divine Principle. Ask God. Examine everything. Not having received any answers from that, you would not be able to oppose what I have arranged in systematic order including theories and contents that you could never imagine even in your dreams. (279- 118, 1996.8.1)

Cheon Seong Gyeong

Selections from the Speeches of Rev. Sun Myung Moon
True God
Chapter 2

God and the Work of Creation

Section 1. God’s Motivation for Creating Is Love
1.2. Realizing the ideal of creation through love

    Do you think someone who has tied himself to and tasted God’s original love will want to be separated from it? When a bee is sucking nectar from a flower and you pull on its abdomen, it will not stop sucking the nectar even if its abdomen is pulled off. What if you experienced the taste of such love? You might leave, but you would turn around and come back, trying to cling to it. (137-57, 1985.12.18)

The Principle of the Unification Church concludes that God’s love requires fulfilling the four-position foundation. Then, what does fulfilling the four-position foundation mean? Parental love should be expressed to and felt by the children. Centered on parental love, which lies at the center of the four-position foundation, the parents become one with the children, the man and woman become one in love, and finally they become one with God’s love. This is the four-position foundation. (Blessed Family – 302)

    Adam must be one with God, and what unites them is love. Human beings are the two-dimensional representatives of the world of existence, and its three-dimensional representative is God. Love is the central point, the rope that binds them together eternally. When human beings, who have a body, attain oneness with God, their heart and feelings will be immersed in a boundless state of deep experience and happiness. (35-156, 1970.10.13)

    Ultimately, God and people become one through love. Human beings and the world become one through love, and the realization of the ideal world of God’s purpose of creation starts here. The realization of God’s ideal finally emerges in the place where new love centered on God, or love according to the law of creation, is settled. (Blessed Family – 302)

    What is it that we human beings want after waking up in the morning? Eating breakfast, going out to work and worrying about the whole world are not most important for us. What we want is to have an unchanging heart of love day and night, through all four seasons and throughout our life. God created heaven and earth for the sake of the ideal realm of love, where such men and women form a completely horizontal line and become connected to God at a perfect ninety-degree angle. This is a place of love where human emotion and heavenly emotion become one. (213-157, 1991.1.20)

    God began His creation from His own essence, giving and giving for the sake of love and forgetting about it. Therefore, if God’s partner is to receive, he likewise must pour himself out. This is like investment coming from above and also from below. In this way, heaven and earth join together harmoniously and become one. They become one centering on the love that can embrace and move heaven and earth. This generates great power. (237-130, 1992.11.13)

    To occupy love, you must give and forget what you have given and give again and forget again. Why do you have to have such love? Because the more love moves, the more it expands, rather than diminishes. According to the laws of dynamics in nature, the more things move and operate, the less you have, right? In nature, things diminish the more they move, but in the world of true love, things expand the more they move. Because God knew this, He began the Creation with true love. (237-127, 1992.11.13)

Section 2. God’s Purpose for Creating Human Beings
2.1. God created human beings as His object partners in love

    God created human beings because of love. Why were we created? We were created because of love. We differ from other things in creation because we were created as God’s sons and daughters. In other words, we were created as God’s object partners who can receive God’s direct love. This is the privilege of human beings. (132-244, 1984.6.20)

    God, who is a perfect plus, was bound to create a perfect minus. Then, who is God’s object partner who stands as the subject partner of the universe? This is the issue. Why did God create us? We are beings with a physical body who are the partners of the invisible and internal God. (129-138, 1983.10.9)

    Having created people, God’s intention was to nurture them and elevate them – as individuals who possess love on behalf of God, the Lord of the cosmos – to a place higher than Him, and to make them owners. (204-221, 1990.7.11)

     Who is the center of all creation? Human beings. What kind of beings are we? We are beings who have appeared before the all-knowing, all-powerful God having the value of being His partners. This is how I see it. A human being is a symbol of the love of all creation, a being who has appeared as a central point and who can beam light like a lighthouse. That is the kind of beings we are. (115-182, 1981.11.15)

    What are human beings? We are God’s love object partners. God is a subject partner who has dual characteristics of positivity and negativity. Therefore, to be object partners before this subject partner, we need to have a form consisting of positive and negative dual characteristics. This form is not contradictory to the characteristics of the subject partner; rather, it is a form that relates with all His characteristics – a form that fits exactly into the essence of love. It is a corresponding existence that harmonizes with other things only in love.
    God has no need for the likes of knowledge or other things; He needs love. The reason we say that human beings are the center of this universe is that the world was created to manifest the ideal of love. The saying “Human beings are the lords of all creation” makes sense then because human beings, as the representatives of the loving God, have the privilege to receive love first in the central place before the Lord. (132-244, 1984.6.20)

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