Angels Appeared as God in the Old Testament Age

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Cheon Seong Gyeong 1812

    Had Adam and Eve not fallen, they would have established an ideal family and tribe, and their descendants would have formed a race and nation within the realm of God’s love, and these would have expanded and accomplished an ideal world in which Adam’s ideals would also be realized. Just as the root, trunk, and leaves of a tree are connected as one living body, human beings centering on love, attending God as their Father above, and attending each other as siblings below, making them into one living body, turn themselves into beings of love and establish an eternal and ideal God-centered world. This was indeed the worldview of God’s will.
    People living in such a world do not require salvation or the Messiah because they are God’s good sons and daughters. (110-213, 1980.11.18)

Cheon Seong Gyeong 972

With Shin-choon’s birth into my family there are now forty members in my family. There are exactly forty people. The number forty has been fulfilled. That is why the name is Shinchoon. What does Shin-choon mean? In his name, the Chinese character for shin means “faith” rather than “new.” In terms of faith, spring has come to the Unification Church. This is the case when we look at the number of indemnity and everything else.

Cheon Seong Gyeong

Selections from the Speeches of Rev. Sun Myung Moon

True God
Chapter 3

The History of the Providence of Restoration and Changes in Humankind’s View of God

Section 1. The God of the Old Testament Age
1.2. In the Old Testament Age, angels worked on behalf of God

    In order to restore the defiled land, God has been leading the providence of salvation by building a relationship with humankind through the angels. God is carrying out the providence of salvation in order to once again deal with human beings, who betrayed God through the Fall, and fell so miserably lower than all things. To govern humankind, dominated and accused by Satan, God has been working to build a bridge. This work has lasted throughout the Old Testament and New Testament Ages until now. (1-282, 1956.12.16)

    Originally, in the Old Testament Age, God was supposed to work directly with people and relate to them in His glory, but the providence could not be completed because of the Fall. Therefore, in sorrow, God pioneered an alternative way of relating to people through angels, and this was the Old Testament Age. God established a standard whereby He could work through the angels. Since angels are also divine beings, they appeared to people like God and served temporarily as mediators until the coming of Jesus. (1-283, 1956.12.16)

    If we look at the Old Testament Age, we see that God has used angels as messengers for the sake of building God’s garden of freedom and the heavenly kingdom of liberation. If you want to enter the realm of grace where you can be liberated from the servant’s position as God’s son, you should be able to feel joyful even while losing your life. Only those who have such a free heart can go beyond the servant’s position and enter the son’s position. (4-321, 1958.10.12)

    Look at the Bible. God has been working through the archangels in the spirit world, through His son, and through the Holy Spirit. God could not directly connect to this work in His heart. In the Old Testament Age He worked through the angels, and in the New Testament Age He worked through His son. From the heavenly viewpoint, the Old Testament Age was the age to regain the people, and the New Testament Age was the age to regain the children. (10-170, 1960.9.25)

    Consider this: to restore the people of Israel, the angels in the heavenly world came and worked, the servants came and worked, and then the son came and worked. Now, the father is coming. The coming Lord is coming as a father. He will come as the True Parent, raise true children and give love. What will happen then? You could stay up all night with one beloved person.
    God loved one man, Abraham, more than the people of the fallen world. He loved Moses, one person, more than all humankind, and He loved Jesus more than all humankind. Thus, you should know how precious each beloved son and daughter is to God. (10-354, 1960.11.27)

    The God Jehovah, who appeared to Abraham, was also an angel. Originally, God, being without form, is invisible, but in Genesis three beings appeared as God, two going to judge Sodom and Gomorrah and the remaining one talking to Abraham as God (Genesis 18:1- 18). Yet, they were angels sent by God, who commissioned them to work on His behalf. The people did not know this.
   After twenty-one years of spiritual training, Jacob went back toward his hometown in Seir, where his elder brother lived, in order to satisfy his longing. Although Jacob had waited for twenty-one years, instead of giving him a joyful send-off and saying, “Have a safe journey,” God sent an angel and had him wrestle with Jacob at the Ford of Jabbok with much shouting. If Jacob had lost to the angel, the hardships of his past twenty-one years would have been in vain. So, Jacob tenaciously held on to the angel, saying that he would not let go until his hands were pulled off or even if his arms broke. He was deadly serious! (51-344, 1971.12.5)

    God had blessed him through Isaac and advised him to abandon everything and return to his hometown; then, why did God not guide Jacob and make his path smooth? When Jacob was pleading with God by the Ford of Jabbok all night with an anxious heart, why did God deal with him so heartlessly by sending an angel to strike him, instead of giving him encouragement and advice? (3-334, 1958.2.9)

    What kind of people were our ancestors of faith who lived in the Old Testament Age? Since God is invisible, even if He were to appear no one would know Him. The ancestors of faith are thus the ones God sent to reproduce His work on His behalf in a way appropriate for the age and to help the people forge a connection with Him.
    For this reason, in order for us to rise to the position of God’s adopted son, we must connect with the historical deeds and retribution of many people. We must go through many stages, including becoming representatives of the world’s people on the level of the individual, family, tribe, a people, and nation – and bind all of them together as one, representing the final destination. (77-132, 1975.4.6)

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