Satan Treats Human Beings as Enemies

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Cheon Seong Gyeong 1366

    The 6000 Couples connected Christians in the vertical position with non-Christian peoples worldwide – in other words, the vertical Christians with the horizontal Cain world. That meant that the era of the satanic world attacking the Blessed Families had passed.
    The spiritual standard of the growth stage has been established on the national level. In establishing the global standard, since the spiritual foundation of Christianity works as the global foundation, the substantial global standard had to be connected to the Christian cultural sphere. To do this, I went to the United States and carried out revival activities nationwide. Wherever I went, I was welcomed. In this manner, I connected all this foundation in America to Korea as the representative of the national standard. That was how I returned to Korea victorious. (190-275, 1989.6.19)
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Cheon Seong Gyeong 1513

What is the starting point? It is the right of the true parents, true king and true firstborn son. These are the foundations which Adam and Eve should have built and stood upon. These three make up the principal palace of God. At that place would be His palace and His love. When human beings and the Creator are connected as one, the foundation of true love would be laid. The starting point of this union is the center of God. It is the original foundation for the perfected family of Adam and the palace where God can dwell forever. (218-189, 1991.7.28)
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Cheon Seong Gyeong

Selections from the Speeches of Rev. Sun Myung Moon

True God
Chapter 3

The History of the Providence of Restoration and Changes in Humankind’s View of God

Section 1. The God of the Old Testament Age
1.1. The Old Testament Age was the age of the servant

    Comprehensively examining the historical course of restoration, we can see that God has, until now, been leading the providence through the three stages of formation, growth, and completion. The course of restoration passes through the age of the servant, which is the Old Testament Age, the age of the adopted son, which is the New Testament Age, and the age of true children, which is the Completed Testament Age, and enters the age of True Parents. The providence of salvation in the Old Testament Age offered salvation to humankind in the position of servant. Hence, in that age, without establishing a central figure who could endure from beginning to end and achieve victory, the foundation for restoration to the position of servant could not be laid. Hence, God made many sacrifices while leading the four-thousand year history through central figures such as Noah and Abraham. (15-49, 1965.12.7)

What did God do in the Old Testament Age? Since the world became satanic, He took on the task of seeking His servants by sacrificing all things and establishing people on the heavenly side. God was not even looking for adopted sons. He was looking for servants of servants. The people of the satanic world have all become Satan’s sons and daughters. God cannot take them away. Hence, God has been gathering those who have lost hope in the satanic world. It is a sad reality, but God has been collecting useless material. He has been dealing with junk. This process does not finish there. Sacrifice is required, and people go through the process of being a sacrificial offering. (136-222, 1985.12.29)

God tried to bring people who were not even good enough to become servants in the satanic world and made them servants of servants in God’s world. This is Old Testament history. This is why God made Jacob and Esau fight. This is why He called Noah. God took a servant of servants in the satanic world to a distant country. There, He isolated and exhausted him in order to make him God’s servant. (154-334, 1964.10.5)

Satan treats human beings as enemies. They cannot even become Satan’s servants. In the Old Testament Age God worked to turn such people into God’s servants. Then, God wanted to make servants into adopted children, adopted children into children of direct lineage, children of direct lineage into brothers and sisters, and brothers and sisters into true parents by blessing them as bride and bridegroom. Since the God-centered true family was lost, restoration is the work of regaining it. The marriage feast of the Lamb was to be the occasion heralding Jesus as the true parent. (12-29, 1962.7.15)

God commissioned His servants and taught them, “I am your Father.” He taught people through His servants and angels. Such was the Old Testament Age. Next, He worked through His son. This was the New Testament Age. Next, He worked through the Holy Spirit. (10-197, 1960.10.2)

God has been longing for people to be in relationship with all things of creation and with Him. Hence, God has been working to pull fallen people up from the servant’s position, through the adopted son’s position and children’s position to the parents’ position. This was in order to sever the painful connection with the Fall and enable all things, people, and God to form unifying relationships so that God’s joy becomes humankind’s joy and humankind’s joy becomes the joy of all things. God wanted to take pride in His sons and daughters and present and dedicate them to the natural world and even to the world of angels. (11-279, 1962.1.3)

If we think about it, the Old Testament Age lasted four thousand years until the coming of Jesus. Was there a word like “Blessing”? Was it possible to bless a family in God’s name? Since it was the servant’s era, people were in the domain of the archangel, a servant. The archangel cannot be married; he must live a single life. In that era, God could not have a family, and God’s sons and daughters could not marry. Can a servant be married? He cannot. (90-97, 1976.12.19)

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