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Cheon Seong Gyeong 944

    In order to become the Lord at his Second Advent, I had to go to the spirit world and return with God’s seal of approval. By my going to the spirit world, a battle took place there for forty-three days. Everyone, from the bottom of hell to the top of heaven, said, “Rev. Moon is a heretic!” I had to deal with this, beginning from the lowest place, right through to the saints at the very end. I had to argue with them in God’s presence and go through a decisive battle that decided who was the Lord of righteousness. What was the issue at that time? It was concerning the stained lineage of all the people in the spirit world and whether they knew that they had to change that.
    What was the second consideration? It concerned transferring the rights of ownership of all material things. I stated that, “Those who had rights of ownership during their life on earth are traitors to the Kingdom of Heaven!” No matter how great the founders of the religions were, they had to face this judgment. That is why, when I fought in the spirit world, I stood my ground in battle and challenged them confidently, asking, “Who’s the heretic?”
    Since great chaos would come to the spirit world after this, God had to make a decision as the Judge. But even He stood against me. God said, “Rev. Moon is a heretic, as you all say.” Why? Since Adam had betrayed God, in accordance with the laws of restoration through indemnity, the person representing perfected Adam had to face a situation of betrayal, even by God Himself. Only then could the walls that were raised in God’s heart be brought down. In this way, everyone was against me, and even God was standing on the other side, leaving me totally alone. Still, the spirit world could not be left as it was, in a whirlpool of chaos. God had to make the final decision. He proclaimed, “The transition of the lineage, transition of the rights of ownership and transition of the realm of heart that Rev. Moon speaks of, are true.” I then had to return here, to this world, after receiving God’s seal as a victorious champion. (264-50, 1994.10.9)

Cheon Seong Gyeong 973

When Adam finally enters the Kingdom of Heaven, do you think he would be at ease if he heard the weeping of couples in the middle realm of spirit world and the weeping of people in hell? They should not be there, should they? It does not follow the Principle. That is why I am liberating them. I proclaimed 4.4. Jeol in Kodiak, Alaska and I declared the cosmic 4.4. Jeol on January 8 at Punta del Este. (300-96, 1999.3.1)
Richard:  Also in yesterday’s Rheamas, there was reference to the 4.4 Jeol.  God and True Father are saying that the victory is already won.  It is up to us to claim and act upon this victory.  As you can see in the first Rheama, even True Father, Rev. Moon had to have self-awareness about his role as the True Parent, and he even went so far to challenge God.  How many of us are that confident in our faith?

Cheon Seong Gyeong

Selections from the Speeches of Rev. Sun Myung Moon

True God
Chapter 3

The History of the Providence of Restoration and Changes in Humankind’s View of God

Section 4. The Completed Testament Age Is the Age of the Oneness of God and Humankind

4.1. True children should go through the change of lineage and rebirth

    On the path of restoration, we should go up from the age of the servant of servants, through the age of the servant, through the age of the adopted child, to the age of the direct lineage. However, can we complete the course from the age of the servant of servants, through the age of the servant, and the age of the adopted child, and be connected to the age of direct lineage? Connecting to the age of direct lineage cannot be done just like that.
    According to the Principle, we are required to go through the foundation of faith and foundation of substance in order to welcome the Messiah. The Messiah is the true son of God. The lineage of an adopted son and that of a true son are different. This is why we need a change of lineage. (55-192, 1972.5.9)

    Since the Fall was an improper marriage in the Garden of Eden, this is now being rectified as the True Parents create proper marriages. True Parents are clearing away the evil deeds of the false parents, thereby abolishing hell, and giving the Blessing even to hundreds of billions of ancestors in the spirit world. Through the foundation of their descendants’ families on earth, centered on true love, the ancestors in the spirit world and their descendants on earth unite vertically. Furthermore, based on the foundation of such families, the East and the West become connected to each other.
    Since humankind has received satanic blood, people cannot return to God on their own. So the Messiah must accomplish absolute restoration of the lineage, renewing the blood line that was defiled by Satan. This transition must be made. This is why the Messiah must surely come. Without his coming, there will be no restoration of lineage. We must restore lineage. (172-53, 1988.1.7)

    What do True Parents have to do? They must rectify the wrong lineage that forms the root of the satanic world, turn around the deviated life, and correct the misdirected course of love. The Bible says that those who seek to die will live, and those who seek to live will die. Why is this paradox necessary? It is because the satanic world must die. (169- 37, 1987.10.4)

    The ideal of loving oneness between God and humankind is their unity in a loving relationship based on the true and great love that God desired as His ideal at the time of creation. If God had fulfilled that ideal, today we would all enter the Kingdom of Heaven just as we are, without having to worry about heaven or hell. (275-54, 1995.10.31)

    There were three ages in history: the Old Testament Age, the New Testament Age, and the Completed Testament Age. Among these, what kind of an age was the Old Testament Age? It was the age of redemption of children through sacrificial offerings. It was a time of preparation for the coming of God’s son. In the New Testament Age, Jesus became the offering for us to receive the parents. This is why, in the age of the Second Coming, we have been preparing to receive the parents by establishing the bride and bridegroom. The reason that I, having the name of the True Parent, have been suffering for forty years as the center of the Completed Testament Age, is to receive God on earth. This will lead to the oneness of God and humankind in love. (227-94, 1992.2.10)

    The original relationship between God and humankind is one of parent and child. In the New Testament Age, human beings were God’s adopted children. But now, since we are in a parent-child relationship, what the son does is what the Father does, and what the Father does is what the son does. They are acting together. What belongs to the Father belongs to the son, and what belongs to the son belongs to the Father. The reason the Unification Church is fearsome is because it teaches this destined parent-child relationship. (31-324, 1970.6.7)

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