Who Will End the Battle Between the Good God and the Evil god?

Cheon Seong Gyeong 878

The way to heaven is opened by loving your brothers as God does. You are trying to follow me, but while keeping such a heart you should strive to reach out and bring your brothers with you. We can conclude that the one who teaches the highest, quickest and best way to go to heaven is neither God nor me, but your brothers. (66-125, 1973.4.18)

Cheon Seong Gyeong 1405

We have walked the path of persecution in the process of our work until now, but through carrying out these things under Your guidance and protection, we have been able to overcome all the situations and people who have opposed us – from individuals to families, tribes, people, nations, the world, and cosmos, even up to the realm of Satan and hell. As we have inherited Your lineage through Your true love, You protected us just as parents protect their children so that the Unification Church was able to overcome during its difficult course all the hardships and persecution coming from the fallen world and was able to surmount individual, family tribal, racial, national, global, and cosmic peaks. Now we are able to hold, in the name of the True Parents, the Blessing Ceremony of 360 million Couples representing all humankind, and are graced to celebrate with heaven and earth the liberation that transcends religion, race, culture, and nationality. For this great occasion of the Blessing, we are truly, truly, truly grateful.

Cheon Seong Gyeong

Selections from the Speeches of Rev. Sun Myung Moon

True God
Chapter 4 

True Father’s Insights on God

Section 5. Let Us Liberate God

5.1. God is like a prisoner

    Who will be able to end the battle between the good God and the evil god? Neither God nor Satan can do that. Then who can? Without a master of love who initiates and leads with true love and whom all humanity can follow, the battle between God and Satan cannot end. Unless we are freed from this conflict, peace will remain an impossible dream in this world and in history.
    The word “ideal” is just an abstract and sentimental term, so God sends someone who substantiates true love. Our main belief is in the coming of the Messiah or Savior. The Savior does not just save people but also liberates God. He is the one who punishes evil. The Savior is overall in charge of setting God free and terminating evil. (136-219, 1985.12.29)

    The mission of the Savior is to liberate God and punish Satan. Who will get rid of this despicable ringleader who has continuously accused humanity? God cannot do it; only the Messiah, the Savior can. (136-219, 1985.12.29)

    What kind of Unification Church do we want? We want to find the parent-centered religion. We are not seeking the sweet life, nor are we pursuing relationships based only on moral principles. Centering on the True Parents, we want to find the way of true love, and in so doing we want to liberate God. There is no liberation that does not correspond to the principles of love. (136-222, 1985.12.29)

    Have you thought about the nation that Father loves and is going to find? When one is willing to go to prison, some path will be found on that way. No one knows that pioneering this path of life and death means finding a path of hope that leads people beyond the abyss of darkness. No one knows the circumstances under which I have toiled in order to dig a tunnel to liberate the people of the world. In walking the path of loyalty to God, I have attended God as the center, served Him with great care, and treasured His love. I live in faith that this is the only path that never changes, even though time and tide may change. (163-304, 1987.5.1)

    We must liberate God. Each of us must save God. Instead of trying to be saved, we must make God free. This is the consummation of the providence of salvation. (136-263, 1985.12.29)

    The Unification Church is a force for the liberation for God. We are not just liberating the world. Bringing liberation to the world is easy. The world will be liberated when people unite, but God’s liberation requires the unity of the realm of heart. We must have the Principle and a system of thought that can unify the realm of love, mobilize the spirit world, and build bridges of heart on earth. This is the most fearsome and difficult revolution. Liberating humanity is easy, but liberating God is difficult. It is an amazing fact that Rev. Moon has emerged as the standard-bearer to tackle this difficult and unprecedented task, with the goal of settling all matters of providential history. (136-285, 1985.12.29)

    Religious leaders today fall on their knees and pray for their own blessings. But I have never prayed to receive blessings. Instead I prayed, “Let me be a sacrificial offering for the sake of Your liberation.” The Old Testament Age was an age for restoring God’s people by sacrificing the things of creation; the New Testament Age was an age for restoring parents by sacrificing children; and the Completed Testament Age is an age for liberating God by sacrificing the Parents’ family.
    We should attend the original parents on earth and live with them forever. There is a Korean folk song that goes like this, “Moon, Moon, you bright Moon, the Moon poet Lee Tae-baek loved…” It goes on singing about a great laurel tree in the Moon. But it also sings of living with one’s parents for tens of thousands of years. That is something of a revelation about the Korean people – living with the heavenly parents for thousands and tens of thousands of years. Whenever I think about that song, I can never forget that surge of emotion in my heart. (137-185, 1986.1.1)

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