God’s Will Is for America to Have a Global Consciousness

Cheon Seong Gyeong 899

You cannot properly understand the spirit world without seeing the overall picture of how it develops, acts, and makes a relationship with the world on earth. The spirit world can be divided into good and evil – into two worlds. This is a world that really exists, although people on earth do not realize it. (134-9, 1985.1.1)

Cheon Seong Gyeong 970

In this age, how will the domain of the adopted children and that of the children of the direct lineage exchange places? Heung-jin has an important responsibility with respect to this. He must bring order to the spirit world before the coming of that time. Until now, Jesus and all those who passed on to the spirit world have had no relationship with True Parents by lineage. They have not been related to the flesh and blood of True Parents. Neither could they establish a relationship with True Parents’ love. Thus, all those who have passed away to the other world are like single, unmarried men and women. Jesus himself is like that. They must come down to earth and make that relationship with True Parents’ love. (225-85, 1992.1.2)
Richard: If you don’t have a Blessed marriage relationship with your spouse on earth, you will not be able to have the relationship of a married couple in the spirit world. True Father Moon is saying that the relationship with True Parents needs to be created lineally. A lineal relationship is a blood relationship, which is a relationship of love, with is a marriage relationship that connects you to God’s true lineage through True Parents.

Cheon Seong Gyeong

Selections from the Speeches of Rev. Sun Myung Moon

True God
Chapter 4 

True Father’s Insights on God

Section 5. Let Us Liberate God

5.1. God is like a prisoner

    God has been giving world-level blessings to America for two hundred years, but Americans think these are just for them, for their Christian churches, and for their country. They have forgotten their responsibility to liberate all humankind and promote human well-being by sacrificing America and Christianity. Instead, Americans believe in their superiority and think unilaterally, centering on their national interests. God’s will is for America to have a global consciousness and build a worldwide foundation, even by sacrificing itself and Christianity. But because America is going against this and taking a contrary position, it is taking a nosedive. Families are breaking down, churches are collapsing, the nation is being dismantled and everything is in a total mess. Everything is diseased. (143-189, 1986.3.18)

    We must penetrate hell in order to liberate God and True Parents and save the world. After passing through the bottom of hell, we will reach the Kingdom of Heaven. The shortest path is to plunge through the bottom of hell. This is why we focus on sacrifice and service, isn’t it? If you say, “I believe in the Unification Church in order to gain my salvation,” you get a zero. You will never be able to reach the worldwide level. You should rather say, “I will go this way in order to liberate God, set True Parents free, and save the world.” Do you understand? That is what is different. (148-163, 1986.10.8)

    You cannot continue without straightening your path, in life or death. Because I know this, I’ve been doing this all my life. I carry this burden even though I was persecuted and sent to prison. Did I go to prison because I enjoy it? I did so for the sake of God and God’s liberation. I went for the sake of liberating humankind and the satanic world. I have walked the path of restoration through indemnity, because without going this way liberation does not come and because we cannot separate from Satan amid peace and comfort. (148-168, 1986.10.8)

    One’s portion of responsibility for liberation is to liberate the realm of heart. God must be liberated, and so must the Parents. How painful it must be for God to be in the position of having to relate to evil parents ever since they emerged! So we must liberate True Parents and God. You must be such children of filial piety. True Parents are still going through hardships… Are you trying to live the good life, leaving the Heavenly Parent to suffer in misery? Are you thinking how to have your children live the good life? How can you seek a comfortable life? Can you think of doing that? (148-222, 1986.10.9)

    In your daily life for the sake of God’s liberation, you should know that you cannot call upon God without a heart steeped in tears. This is why John the Baptist cried out in the wilderness, “Repent, for the Kingdom of Heaven is at hand.” Even Jesus said, “Repent, for the Kingdom of Heaven is at hand.” You need to repent. You should understand how insolent, undignified, and shameless your approach to the providence has been.
    Even if you fail to liberate the world, you have to release God from His agony. (161-113, 1987.1.11)

    How can the world be unified and how can liberation be achieved? The spiritual and physical worlds will be unified and liberated only when someone emerges whom God has empowered to unify the satanic realm. Only when someone who can dominate Satan appears will the spiritual and physical worlds be liberated.
    Does God need liberation? God is of course already a liberated being internally. God needs liberation because people need liberation. God Himself could already be liberated. God cannot meet the condition to be liberated only because people, who need to be liberated, are not. It is not that God cannot be liberated. It depends on people. (161-243, 1987.2.22)

Christian thought focuses on the Second Advent. What will Jesus do when he returns? There are many Christians today who have lost touch with reality. Do they want to rise into the air on the clouds and have a millennium party? This belief is irrational. What will Jesus do when he comes? What will he be proud of when he comes? Satan resists God by demanding that He establish justice, and unless Jesus eradicates Satan, God can never avoid his unceasing opposition. What is the returning Lord supposed to do on earth? He does not come to bring a comfortable life to a few hundred million Christians. He must liberate God. The returning Lord should follow the way of righteousness and fulfill the responsibility to liberate God. (162-186, 1987.4.12)

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