The Only Way to Return to God Is Through True Love

Happy Birthday True Father Moon and True Mother Moon! (1920 and 1943)

Cheon Seong Gyeong 1356

We should be ready to unite globally, transcending nationality and race. Race or skin color is not an issue for us. Having declared that I must promote a movement to form a family structure transcending our nation and race, I conducted the unprecedented joint wedding of the 777 Couples. (53-190, 1972.2.20)

Cheon Seong Gyeong 1516

The only way to return to God is through true love, and nothing else. A true family represents the trained and perfected Adam’s family based on the heavenly standard. Once it extends across the world, it will bring about the unity of East and West, as well as man and woman. The object partner needs to unite as one with the subject partner, the man. Also front and rear, and above and below need to unite. In so doing, one unified world will undoubtedly result and everything in it will become perfected based on true love and the content of the Principle! Amen! (222-321, 1991.11.6.)

Cheon Seong Gyeong

Selections from the Speeches of Rev. Sun Myung Moon

True God
Chapter 4 

True Father’s Insights on God

Section 5. Let Us Liberate God

5.2. God’s liberation is a task for humankind

    If a person or an organization claims to represent a people and its culture, who or what kind of organization would it be? It must embody the historical tradition of that people, represent that age, and reach the worldwide level, connecting the mission of this age to the mission of the future. You should know that this person is Rev. Moon and this organization is the Unification Church. The truth of the Unification Church is not invasive. Rather, it seeks to save people and raise them to a higher level. We must accomplish their liberation. We must liberate all people. We are the standard-bearers for liberation. Through the joint efforts of the spiritual and physical worlds we are trying to liberate God. (168-55, 1987.9.1)

    I do not even dream of receiving praise or a welcome for myself. The philosophy of the Unification Church is to sacrifice itself to save a people, and after saving a people, to save humankind, and after saving all the people of the world, to liberate heaven, earth and finally God. God will reinvest everything He regains, hoping for a special world of a higher dimension free from the Fall and for a great migration toward heaven. (227- 272, 1992.2.14)

    I am nothing. It is said that human history began one and a half million years ago. When the Parent has lost all His dignity and authority through our long history, to whom will He appeal about His miserable situation as a Parent in the struggle to find His lost children? Before the children come forward and resolve this, God can neither alleviate the bitter sorrow in His own heart nor remove the nail that pierces it. Who will take out that nail and liberate God’s bitter heart, which must be released with flesh and blood through the healing tears of love? We should know that God’s liberation precedes our own liberation. We should know that this is the path to the ultimate liberation sought by people of faith. (187-273, 1989.2.11)

    We should know where the seeds of happiness are. We must find them because we lost them through the Fall. This is why we find the true God centered on the Unification Church.
    So far, God has been the God of restoration, not the original God. He is filled with sorrow and is to be pitied. He is not the God of joy, but of despair. In order to return to the original state, therefore, we must liberate the God of restoration – not with money, not with power, not with any person, but with true love. (174-248, 1988.3.1)

    We began with suffering, and so we want to head for the final destination through suffering. I am determined that Rev. Moon will be recognized as one who experienced misery. I do not need money or honor. The hope to find the new homeland lies only in liberating God, liberating humankind, and liberating even Satan, thereby building an eternal base of peace and love. With such an understanding, you should struggle hard to follow this path, forgetting breakfast, lunch and dinner, ignoring day and night, and persevering no matter how steep and rugged the mountains are that stand in the way. The heavenly principle is that the longer you lead such a life, the more God’s ideal love will be with you, your family, your clan, and your nation. I would like to ask you to understand this and live accordingly. (174-53, 1988.2.23)

    Achieving greatness does not mean having a wonderful face or a handsome body, but, rather, great thinking. Greatness of spirit enables one to say, “Even God will have to move and follow me. I am asserting that, with love, I will liberate God who could not fulfill the purpose of love.” It is logical to say that our sorrowful God, with His goal of love unfulfilled, is liberated by meeting Rev. Moon. It is not a daydream. I am asserting this based upon actual proof that comes from a systematic theory and precise data. (165-185, 1987.5.20)

    Our work is to liberate God. If this is done, everything is concluded, is it not? God will be free to do as He wills. You need to know that when the all-knowing and almighty God can exercise His full authority and full power, the kingdom of peace and tranquility will surely be realized. Only then will we say “Amen.” (221-25, 1991.10.20)

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