I Did Not Pray to God Asking Him to Save Me

Cheon Seong Gyeong 1529

What is pledge number four about? What should you do, centering on God’s true love? “To build the universal family encompassing heaven and earth, which is God’s ideal of creation, and perfect the world of freedom, peace, unity and happiness…” God’s ideal of creation is to create one extended family on such a foundation, as He desires. The Cain and Abel worlds are meant to be a single extended family. At the place where the original ideal, that is, the Four Great Realms of Heart and the Three Great Kingships, has been established, the ideal of the one global family would be perfected. We pledge to perfect a world of freedom, peace and happiness by standing in such a position. Everything should be fulfilled in a particular order. (261-89, 1994.5.22)

Cheon Seong Gyeong 1067

Parents’ love toward their children does not just come from their everyday relationships with each other. It is a love that springs up from the very marrow of their bones. Parents have a loving mind for their children that can never be forgotten or cut off. Therefore, parents love their children as long as their life endures. When parents experience that their life is connected with their children, a loving heart toward their children naturally springs up. Parents cannot help loving their children, not just because of a conscious intention to love them because they are their own, but because of the life force that connects them to their children more deeply than that kind of awareness. We vividly feel this reality in our daily family life. (32-15, 1970.6.14

Cheon Seong Gyeong

Selections from the Speeches of Rev. Sun Myung Moon

True God
Chapter 4 

True Father’s Insights on God

Section 6. The Liberation of God and the Way of the Filial Child

6.1. The path of restoration True Father has walked

    I fully understand what it is like to determine to fulfill God’s will. I know what God’s love is like, and I know that I must both kneel in gratitude and walk the path to offer forgiveness. No one has known that God is filled with bitter grief that compels Him to walk the path of liberation even though His blood might be shed.
    I did not pray to God asking Him to save me even when I collapsed under torture; and though I was pursued, I did not pray to God asking Him to protect me on my path or to save me. As a man of character, I have my own reserve of strength. I have the spirit and the inner strength to fight. I say to myself, “God will probably save me if I collapse unconscious due to lack of strength. But before that, with my own power…” I know that God is waiting, preparing things in advance before I go. (138-358, 1986.1.24)

    God is with the Unification Church. If I were to lose my temper, thinking “that good-for-nothing!” and think to myself, “You wait and see; just wait a couple of months,” in the end that per- 157 son would be broken in pieces. Wouldn’t it be strange to see such a thing? That is why I bite my tongue and control myself. I cannot curse others with my mouth. As the True Parent, I cannot use my mouth to curse others. Even as I hold back my words, Heaven releases me completely from my bitter feelings. When you see this, don’t you think God loves me? (162- 205, 1987.4.12)

    Nobody ever became a congressman or president of this nation while its sovereign rights were intact, with the authority of a homogeneous people clothed in white, proud of its five-thousand-year culture in Asia. After the liberation of Korea, I was thinking of the possibility of seeing such a congressman and president. You must understand that this was not just my wish but God’s wish as well. When this happens, Asia will be in the palm of God’s hand. Please have faith in the fact that the world should head towards the place God is also heading. (171-190, 1988.1.1)

    Harboring bitter grief in my heart, how can I take a rest? My path is a busy one, since I must walk this path to resolve everything from a thousand years of history. For forty years of my life, I could not avoid taking the path of tears. This continues even now. North Korea should have welcomed the new garden of God’s love where young people who can praise God can spring up. Yet seeing them tainted by those who betrayed God, He had to turn away His face. We have to make it so that God can turn His face back.
    Since I entered North Korea with God and with this system of thought that restores things to their original state, the communist world should thank me, and the democratic world should be even more grateful to me. Let us march forward to this place! (173-116, 1988.2.7)

    At Seodaemun prison, a lady evangelist who had persevered for a time in the Unification Church but who then left after things did not turn out the way she wanted, said to me, “Oh, this has turned out well for you. Would this happen to the son of God?” I answered “Yes, I am not someone who will disappear in prison. I will make great leaps toward a liberated world.” I will never forget her face. I heard that she recently died in miserable circumstances, and I felt pity for her. This is how I live. I know everything about how the five presidents of Korea treated me. Yet I do not show this. I do not seek revenge. They did not know. I have to meet them and teach them. After saying what I need to say, I have to resolve everything. (204-118, 1990.7.1)

    When I came to this earth what position was I in? As the son, sibling, couple and parent in whom God’s heart of bitter pain remains, I stood in a position to indemnify and release God’s anguish at its pinnacle by giving the perfected love that could not be given before. (234-140, 1992.8.10)

    Everything exists for the sake of others. Based on God’s ideal of creation to live for the sake of others, God had to invest, invest, and invest Himself to multiply true love. As He did, we have to spread it throughout the universe and return to the original homeland. When we return, we should not kick others away as our enemies. We have to bring them to naturally submit to us through love. Without this natural submission, God cannot find His position. If I were to use trickery, I would not be defeated by anyone. However, knowing that we must bring them to submit, I have been restraining myself. Can you imagine how difficult it has been for me to suppress my fiery character for forty years?! How much more difficult would it be for God, Who is more intense than I am! (219-93, 1991.8.25)

    Once I turned to look back, and God, who was following me, embraced me in tears. When I turned to say, “You are the center of my love; I submit to You; I will absolutely follow You,” God embraced me again. How great it is to be in such a position! Just as God gave me His position, I must also give God’s position to all of you. (215-341, 1991.3.1)

    Looking back in history, forty years ago I was hunted by the nation and hunted by the established churches. My position was that of an orphan expelled into the wilderness. From such an awful position, I had to fulfill God’s requirement to restore the historical standard and create a global foundation! I had lost the victorious Christian cultural sphere that had been established on Heaven’s side after World War II, and the foundation of America, the nation that governs the free world. In the position of the owner, I could not help thinking about the intense grief of losing this foundation and about having to accomplish the task of restoration through indemnity again, over a forty-year period. Can you imagine how aghast I was, knowing clearly that I could have brought history to its conclusion – something even God could not do for hundreds of thousands or millions of years! (135-187, 1985.11.13)

    I have accomplished these tasks oblivious to rain and snow. Nightfall was like dawn, and I would even forget to eat. I could not take this lightly because I knew God and felt the serious responsibility that comes with knowing God. More than anybody else, I knew how sorrowful God was. Thus, even if my body were torn apart, crumbled into dust and blown away, all those scattered cells could still cry out as God’s cells. I grappled with this path of death, accepting it as a worthy death for a man. As I grappled with this, people thought I would perish and disappear, but things have turned out like this. (137-178, 1986.1.1)

    Since I knew the great and bitter pain that was entrenched in heaven and earth, I had to comfort God even when I was vomiting blood. Who could ever understand the bitter reality of my position as the True Parent, in which I could not pray, “I am about to die. God, please save me”? Nobody knew of this. Only God. Only He understood my heart.

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