The Idea of True Parents’ Day Was the Central Idea in God’s Concept

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Cheon Seong Gyeong 257

    Originally, the idea of True Parents’ Day was the central idea in God’s concept of the creation. After creating all things, God created human beings to rule over them. The purpose for which God blessed human beings to take dominion over all things was none other than to establish True Parents.
    Originally, Adam and Eve would have become True Parents by uniting with each other centered on God; then, Parents’ Day would have been established and the entire universe would have sung praises in the name of the Universal Parents. Thus, True Parents’ Day should have been a day of joy with the entire universe singing praises together in the name of the Parents. It was God’s deepest desire that this day be celebrated. Due to the Fall of the first human ancestors, however, heaven and earth never saw this True Parents’ Day. Thus, God has never ceased working to realize His original plan for True Parents’ Day. Before we can celebrate True Parents’ Day, however, we must first receive True Parents. The True Parents are the central beings. They must judge history, rule over the present and pioneer the future. The desire of people throughout history has also been to receive such True Parents.
    Why are we trying to restore a people? We are creating a people to attend the victorious True Parents and to attend them truly by realizing a free heaven and earth as sons and daughters of filial piety. The True Parents will appear before the entire cosmos on a national foundation that can stand on behalf of heaven, earth and all humankind without accusation from the satanic world. Until now we have attended True Parents only in sorrow and pain, but from now on we should attend them in joy and in freedom. When God can dwell within our hearts, only then, when we are joyful, will God be able to say, “Yes, your joy is my joy!” We should also establish a standard by which all people can say, “What you are grateful for, we are grateful for!” Today is True Parents’ Day. Only when you truly establish True Parents’ Day as your own True Parents’ Day, your own family’s True Parents’ Day, society’s True Parents’ Day, and the nation’s True Parents’ Day will it be established as the global True Parents’ Day. Only when you establish it as the global True Parents’ Day and then the cosmic True Parents’ Day will God’s original ideal of creation to establish True Parents be completed; only then will there be relief from the sorrow that came from being unable to establish True Parents’ Day due to the Fall.

Cheon Seong Gyeong 1210

    Creating a foundation for the Messiah, by restoring the foundation of faith and the foundation of substance, is necessary in order to remove original sin. Once we remove the original sin, we are able to newly enter the realm of God’s life and love. To do so, we must receive a graft.
    In order to make a wild olive tree into a true olive tree, we must cut off the wild tree and graft onto it the scion of the true tree. Similarly, in order for people who are like wild olive trees to become true olive trees, they must go through the process where they first deny themselves and then totally affirm something new. By doing so, a person changes his intrinsic nature from that of a wild olive tree to that of a true olive tree, so that he can emerge as a person led only by goodness. Then such people form a family, a tribe, an ethnic people, a nation, and the world. That is what the Unification Church intends to do. You must understand that this is what the Unification Church members presently hope to achieve. (41-62, 1971.2.13)
Richard:  Both of the readings above refer to the necessity for True Parents to appear.

Cheon Seong Gyeong

Selections from the Speeches of Rev. Sun Myung Moon

True God
Chapter 4 

Section 6. The Liberation of God and the Way of the Filial Child

6.1. The path of restoration True Father has walked

    Something went wrong at the starting point. It was as dreadful as saying, “Something went wrong at my birth! Oh dear, now that I have grown up, I see that I am a son adopted from beggars; I was the child of a beggar, brought from an orphanage.” This is even worse than being the child of a beggar. When you were young, you thought your parents were your real parents, but later on you realized that you were the son of a beggar. What happens to your household when people find out that you are of such lowly birth? Your household would surely be turned upside down, and people would weep bitterly. How shocked you would be to find out that you were raised in an orphanage when you thought that the mother and father who raised you were your real parents! This is shocking even in the secular world. It would be an even greater shock for God to see His crown princes who were to inherit His kingship and the heavenly palace walking around together with such people and becoming kings of hell. (216-107, 1991.3.9)

    Rev. Moon’s concept and the Unification Church’s concept of husband and wife means attending the eternal Parent for a thousand or ten thousand years as a son and daughter born from God’s lineage and attaining the qualification as a son and daughter whom God can eternally praise as His own. Only by going through this position can you heal the wounds that resulted from the Fall and that remain in God’s heart.
    When you grasp God and say, “Father, how much You have toiled!” He will weep upon hearing your words. He will explode into tears saying, “Thank you; I’ve been doing this through the thousands of years of history.” Tens of tens of millions of years have passed since the creation of humankind. It is not just six thousand years as the Bible indicates based on the history of cultures recorded in its pages. Actually it has been tens of millions of years since God decided to begin the providence of salvation. (232- 138, 1992.7.3)

    In the past, I saw right through those people who came to the Unification Church with the motivation to use it for their own purposes; those people did all sorts of things. I knew who they were, yet I let them deceive me. Why did I do so? It is because God has been doing so to this day. When people betrayed me and turned their backs, I could have exploded in indignation and resentment saying, “Those reprobates should be struck by lightning.” Yet when I thought about the heart of God who longs for their return, I could not do that. Each time I grasped that suffering heart of God, and had the heart to forgive, a new segment, like that of a bamboo shoot, was created. Do you understand? A segment of the Unification Church was made. That is how we are making family segments, tribal segments and national segments. (197-312, 1990.1.20)

    You should not let this historic teacher’s anguish and God’s historical pain flow by unnoticed. You should gently retain love in the deepest part of your heart. When you meet God in the other world, you should embrace Him and shed tears, saying, “I knew of Your grief and I tried to align myself accordingly, but I could not. Please forgive me.” If that kind of heart leads you, even if you weep while grasping God, He will weep together with you and embrace you. I believe that liberation is not possible without that kind of day. However great a wife’s love may be, it cannot reach such a level; and however great a parent’s love may be, it cannot reach that level. Since I know these things, in order to bring about liberation I had no time to take my eyes off that task or to go off on a tangent. (184-246, 1989.1.1)

    Until we meet again, you must think of me day and night; think of me when you get hungry. Even if you do not eat, do the things I do for God’s will. When you get drowsy, persevere for God’s will, thinking about me as I go on without sleep. You have to think about your teacher who endures without vindicating himself in the face of slander. Being even more upright in your heart, you should be thirsty for tomorrow’s victory and go forth with the intention of gaining results and seeing your enemies surrender to you naturally. Only through these efforts can you and this people find the path of life. (82-48, 1975.12.30)

    Once I received word that a member had been sentenced to death. How could I, the founder of the Unification Church, spend the night without tears after hearing this? How much pity I felt! If he had not known me, this would surely not have happened. As he walked the final path while facing east toward Korea and said, “I will go now,” and wished me a long life, do you know how my heart felt to be unable to hold onto and save such a person who followed beyond his nation’s borders the teacher he had never met? Knowing the heart of heaven that pitied those who were held captive, in pain and suffering under the tribulations of the devil, day and night I had to drive people like him to march forward. (201- 152, 1990.3.30)

    I never thought, even in my dreams, of becoming the founder of the Unification Church. Even now it is the same. I do not have the concept of being the founder of a religion. I am just an ordinary man. Even today I did not wear a suit or necktie. I am only comfortable in more minimal attire. Why? Because I know that even at this hour, throughout the world members of the Unification Church with their clothes drenched in rain from a gutter are longing for me, wishing me a long life and offering bows. I cannot trample on situations where people are praying for me to receive blessing. Thus, when I open my eyes, I cannot sleep. As the founder of a religion, I feel like a sinner. That is why the Unification Church members cannot ignore me. (197-162, 1990.1.13)

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