Think About How Much Time I Have Spent in Prison

Cheon Seong Gyeong 2210

    If, seeing your faithful determination, God takes heart and steps forward to declare, “I am going to tear down this evil world!” then, in that instant, His sphere of activity will expand due to your efforts. This will be a gift of joy from Heaven more wonderful than any coveted position, throne, place of honor, and even awards that would be heaped upon you over not only one but over many lifetimes.
    You should determine to confront any kind of persecution in the course of human history and even beyond that. This is the path filial sons and daughters who take on the responsibility to represent the history of eternity should take. This is the way of loyalty to the eternal Kingdom of Heaven. (255-121, 1994.3.10)

Cheon Seong Gyeong 1270

    You say you need to be reborn, but in order to accomplish this, you need to love Jesus more than you love anyone. You must realize there is no way you can be connected to God unless the love centered on God is on a higher level than any kind of love found in the fallen realm of Satan’s love.
    This is the path of suffering, the difficult path that religious people must follow. Christians long for Jesus every day, and are waiting impatiently for Jesus to come again. For 2000 years, they have cried out to heaven, “Jesus, our groom, please come quickly!” even though he did not come. When they reach the stage where their bodies are ready to burst, their hearts are being torn, their bones are melting, their spirit is hovering between life and death, and when they are connecting directly only with God or Jesus, only then, will the Holy Spirit come down upon them.
    When the Holy Spirit comes to them, spiritual rebirth will occur. Through this, their spirits can be reborn into spiritual babies. Those of you gathered here, have you ever had such an experience? If you have not had one such experience, you are still the sons and daughters of the satanic world. You must understand that you can still be accused by Satan. Such people cannot go to the Kingdom of Heaven. They have no choice but to go to hell. (114-27, 1981.5.14)

Cheon Seong Gyeong

Selections from the Speeches of Rev. Sun Myung Moon

True God
Chapter 4 

Section 6. The Liberation of God and the Way of the Filial Child

6.2. A lifetime devoted to God’s liberation

    You do not know how angry this makes me! There cannot be anyone in history who feels greater indignation than I do. When I weep, there is no one who weeps more bitterly than I do. No one could weep more than I do. I feel God’s heart flowing from my heart as in tears I embrace a thousand years of history on this earth, embracing the lost sorrow. Can you cover up that root, sit there, eat your fill and live in comfort? Even dogs would not eat the carcass of such a wretch. (180-50, 1988.8.20)

    Unless a man goes over that difficult mountain pass of indemnity while calmly and happily attending and comforting God, the kingdom of peace on earth will not appear. Such a representative and public person is lonely. When somebody stands up and says, “Rev. Moon did such things as this…,” I feel like bursting into tears. Even though I am an old man of seventy whose tears should have all dried up, I harbor a loneliness that cannot stop the flow of tears of sorrow. You must never forget that there is such a parent. (183-86, 1988.10.29)

    Think about how much time I have spent in prison, more than five years in all. Think about how rain dripping from a gutter will gradually make a hole in a rock. None of you would know how bitterly I wept as I gazed upon those drops of water, thinking how much I wished that the teardrops of my love could bore a hole through the rock of anguish embedded in God’s heart! Gazing upon a flowing stream I thought how wonderful it would be if this stream could be pristine water, serving God so that He could come and bathe in it! How wonderful it would be if I could be a child who could prepare such a home or resting place for God! Unless you experience that deep world of heart, you have nothing to do with God. (185-45, 1989.1.1)

    How long have I suppressed my indignation? How many times have I been overwhelmed to the point that all five of my sensory organs were choked up? It was not for the sake of meeting all of you. It was for the sake of bringing the rulers of humanity into submission, but not through my body, or by guns and swords. Unless I bring them to natural surrender by influencing their hearts through the lineage of love, God’s desired garden of peace will not come to heaven and earth. It will be impossible to build the kingdom of peace. (197-348, 1990.1.20)

    There are many difficulties as we live in this world! Who knows what will befall us today? People who cannot break free from this fearful environment have a wretched life. Who will be the teacher who can mentor them amidst this environment of fear and chaos? There is no teacher. I had to weep bitterly and struggle because of this problem. If there is a God, why could He not step into the role of the teacher? Actually God is a teacher whose principle is love. Not knowing this, we harbored a grievance toward God. He is a teacher centered on love. (203-228, 1990.6.26)

    Once I came back in the evening tired. I slept for awhile and woke up, washed my face and shaved. Mother looked at me and said, laughing, “Washing and shaving is what you do when you get up in the morning. Why are you doing it now?” That is how I live. My heart goes in one direction. My devoted effort goes in one direction. Try praying, asking God what kind of person I am. God will wail in sorrow. He will weep so bitterly that His tongue will come out and not go back in. You have to know that those are the circumstances of my life. (221-163, 1991.10.23)

    For fallen humankind, I am the savior. But from God’s viewpoint, I am the True Son and True Parent who will fulfill the true-love ideal of creation that was lost in the beginning. The savior is one who pioneered the path of sacrifice, offering his life to relieve God’s anguish that began with the Fall. The savior is not only living in glory. He weeps together with God’s heart and is deeply concerned with bringing Satan to his knees. (232-225, 1992.7.7)

    Whose God are you going to make Him? Are you going to make Him America’s God? Will you make Him the God of Korea? Will you make Him your God? Which? You are so greedy! If you want to make Him your God, you have to work for God more than for your own people. If God loves Rev. Moon, and if you can make more effort than Rev. Moon, God will surely love you more than He loves me. Isn’t that an infallible formula? There are no objections to this. I want to see people who have a greater capacity than I do to comfort God, serve God’s will, and offer distinguished service to God. If I wanted people with abilities inferior to my own, I would be a dictator. (184-224, 1989.1.1)

    If a marathon runner has completed 80 percent of the race from the starting line, takes the lead by 100 or 1,000 meters, and falls down at that point, that is the end of it. When a marathon champion runs, do the spectators say “Hey, slow down!”? They say “Run fast!” until he drops. It is the same for me. I have to set the record. Only when I hold the record can I receive God’s highest award with a clear conscience. I have to push myself until then. (230-186, 1992.5.3)


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