Who Are the True Parents?

Cheon Seong Gyeong 298

    Now, you should go back to your hometowns and restore your families and relatives. You must hold revivals in your hometown. As you hold revivals, you should also all work on the district level. If you want to be a tribal messiah, you should display my photo. Pictures of me should not be just given away for nothing. Frame a few hundred photos and distribute them, saying they are good pictures. Get people’s permission to go into their homes and find the best places in the best rooms to hang them up.
    Then, spiritually you will be an elder brother to those homeowners. Vertically, you take the father’s position, and horizontally, the elder brother’s position. So in the position of the vertical father and the horizontal elder brother, you should instruct the householder, saying, “This should be hung here!” In this way, those who give out the pictures will be tribal messiahs.
    You should quickly work to hang up pictures in the homes of at least 120 families. Try to put up 120 or more. Placing pictures in those homes can be counted as a local level breakthrough. That is laying a foundation. Through this their ancestors in the spirit world will come every morning early and offer a bow to the picture. Turn on the light after one o’clock, two o’clock, or three o’clock to welcome them.

Cheon Seong Gyeong 1067

    Parents’ love toward their children does not just come from their everyday relationships with each other. It is a love that springs up from the very marrow of their bones. Parents have a loving mind for their children that can never be forgotten or cut off. Therefore, parents love their children as long as their life endures. When parents experience that their life is connected with their children, a loving heart toward their children naturally springs up. Parents cannot help loving their children, not just because of a conscious intention to love them because they are their own, but because of the life force that connects them to their children more deeply than that kind of awareness. We vividly feel this reality in our daily family life. (32-15, 1970.6.14)

Cheon Seong Gyeong

Selections from the Speeches of Rev. Sun Myung Moon
Book 2
True Parents
Chapter 1

What is a true parent?

Section 5. What Is a True Parent?

5.2. The definition of True Parents

    Who are the True Parents about whom the Unification Church speaks? This is the question. What would have happened had Adam and Eve not fallen? Without the Fall, God would have become the vertical love and Adam and Eve, God’s body. They are like God’s body. God is like the bone, and Adam and Eve are like the body. God also has mind and body.
    God becomes the internal parent in the internal position and Adam and Eve, the external parents in the external position. The internal parent and external parents must become one through love. God and human beings come together in love and, thus, the True Parents who are perfect come into being. Without their union in love, people cannot become perfect.
    Who are they? They are our original ancestors, the original people created by God. We are born from such people. We should be born from people who have such divine nature. This is how we attain both God’s divine characteristics and our parents’ human characteristics.
    Then, how does the perfection of Adam and Eve come about? Perfection comes when they are tied to God’s love, but not unless they have such ties. The root of our ancestors’ lineage brings God’s vertical love and horizontal, physical love together at one point. This is where the lineage of our ancestors lies. All people come into being from there.
    But the Fall separated man’s love, woman’s love and God’s love. Through the Fall, man’s love, woman’s love and God’s love failed to bond together. Without the Fall, they would have bonded together automatically. A man and a woman automatically bond through love. Why do a man and a woman want to be one? It is because of love. What would they want to do after becoming one in love? They would want to receive God’s blessing. This is their purpose. (184-71, 1988.11.13)

    When we look at the providential ages, we see that the providence of restoration is fulfilled in the Last Days. The nearer the Last Days approach, the closer we come to the age where the purpose of religion is realized. Ultimately, the time when the purpose of religion can be realized is the time when the Parents appear.
    Those parents are the True Parents. Who are the True Parents? That is the question. As our Principle teaches, the ones called True Parents are the parents who have realized the ideal of oneness centering on God’s love. They have fulfilled their responsibility after passing through the realm of dominion based on accomplishments through the Principle, that is, the realm of indirect dominion, and into the realm of direct dominion. They are the parents who for the first time in history established the ideal of oneness based on the love between God and man. God’s ideal of love has finally begun to settle on earth through the family of the True Parents.
    The Fall shattered this ideal of the True Parents. Adam and Eve, with the mission to fulfill their responsibilities, should have built a bridge from the realm of dominion based on accomplishments through the Principle – that is, the realm of indirect dominion – to the realm of direct dominion, and completed it. Yet, they failed to do so.
    Through this, Satan began to invade the realm of indirect dominion. You must know this. Without knowing it, you will not be able to register in the other world. (143-75, 1986.3.16)

What on earth are true parents? They are the starting point from which true, ideal love can finally spark following the creation of the universe. This is why we call them true parents. Then, what kind of children should true parents have? True children. What kind of children are true children? They are the sons and daughters who have enough internal and external beauty to receive the first love of the true parents. (125-164, 1983.3.20)
    What is the meaning of the term True Parents that we use in the Unification Church? God has appointed True Parents. What does this mean? It means that God’s love has finally settled in the human world. It means that True Parents are the starting point. (130-111, 1984.1.1)

    Who are the True Parents? As Adam and Eve were to become absolutely one based on the love whose core is God’s love, they were to be our first ancestors at the beginning. You need to know this clearly. Without knowing the True Parents, you will not be able to know true children. (135-160, 1985.11.12)

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