Satan Cannot Obstruct Us any Longer

Cheon Seong Gyeong 899

    The spirit world up until the present day has carried out numerous spiritual works in mainstream religious history. These mainstream works had to connect to a certain line of relationship with the physical world. Spirit people cannot come to earth and carry out their works as they please. They are blocked from doing that. Unless a bridge is built by way of religion, only a few special people can return to earth. Factions were created within Judaism. When they come down from the spirit world, the mainstream cannot come in a straight line. When different factions of Judaism each make their own spiritual offerings, the mainstream moves back and forth accordingly.
    Therefore, for those coming down from the spirit world, only the ones who are connected with the mainstream can come down. Otherwise, they cannot come and co-operate through the process of returning resurrection.
    Eventually, people on earth will also go to the spirit world. Once in the spirit world, if they want to come down to the next generation, they have to follow the same principle. Yet, only a few special ones will be able to do so. (102-29, 1978.11.19)

Cheon Seong Gyeong 1374

    At the 30,000 Couples Blessing held on August 25, 1992, everyone who came was blessed in the same way. As long as they attended a seven-day Divine Principle workshop and pledged that they believed in the True Parents, they were eligible for the Blessing. Since they came from the fallen lineage and were not true children, they entrusted everything absolutely to the True Parents. Since Satan had deprived God of the right of ownership through the Fall, they needed to return everything back to God through the conversion of the lineage, right of ownership and realm of heart, and pledge to become the children of the True Parents without fail.
    It was the 30,000 Couples who accomplished this task. That does not mean, however, that by receiving the Blessing, they were done with the task. They must not forget that they were blessed on the foundation inherited from their elder brothers and sisters under the rules of the Blessed Family. Once you inherit something, you must assume an attitude similar to its testator and maintain, safeguard, and cherish it. Thus, we must inherit the realm of heart similar to our ancestors of old. Unlike in the past, the satanic world has now been liberated. If all brothers and sisters unite, they will have no problem in attaining that state.
    I have performed the 30,000 Couples Blessing and from now on blessing 3.6 million couples and even 360 million couples will not be a problem. Even the blessing of 3.6 billion couples can be conducted at the same time in thousands and tens of thousands of places across the world through satellite broadcasting. In that way, the whole of humankind throughout the world can be blessed. As the three great ancestors are now standing in the position of having received the Blessing after having been liberated, they can be connected to their descendants in a parent-child relationship. Hence, they can exchange these positions of vertical relationship through love. We are now living in the era of horizontal equalization of being able to freely shift one’s position. Satan cannot obstruct us any longer. (257-205, 1994.3.15)
Richard: Join to receive the Blessing.

Cheon Seong Gyeong

Selections from the Speeches of Rev. Sun Myung Moon
Book 2
True Parents
Chapter 1

What is a true parent?

Section 5. What Is a True Parent?

5.2. The definition of True Parents

    What is the philosophy that will be the core of history, the core of the age, and the core of the future? In other words, what would be the center of a global philosophy that can be the fruit of history, the center of the age, and the origin of the future? This is a true man and a true woman.
    Then, what would be a true man and woman’s vision for daily life? It is to live meaningfully for the sake of the world. Their loving each other is for the sake of the world and their having sons and daughters is to provide the motivation for loving the world more. This is the philosophy we are upholding. I do not know if you understand such things in detail, but from my point of view, whether we are judging from the entire horizontal, three-dimensional world or judging from all of vertical world history, history must, by all means, be elucidated based on this standard. This is an automatic conclusion. (25-145, 1969.10.3)

Where does the origin of the Fall lie? It started with Adam and Eve, that is, with one set of parents. All problems have arisen due to Adam and Eve falling and becoming false parents. Because of this, the problems of the heart, lineage, character, language and daily life have emerged, as have the problems of the nation and the world.
    Then, where does the true standard begin that can gather them all up together at once? It does not happen within the domain of some tribe, society, or nation. It is absolutely impossible even within the global domain. Since the origin of all problems lay with the false parents, this can be restored only through a connection with True Parents. Oneness with God’s heart can be achieved only through True Parents.
    Through True Parents, the original lineage and original character will begin. Through True Parents, language will return to its original point. Through True Parents, our daily life will return to its original form. Through True Parents, the original nation will be established and the original world will be realized.
    Then, what is the core source that encapsulates this entire whole? It is the True Parents. True Parents as one entity determine everything. This is why we must receive their entire philosophy. Without receiving their heart, their character, their view of daily life, their view of the nation, and their world view – all these things – we will not be able to stand in the central position. (28-247, 1970.1.22)

    Without True Parents, there would be no education or foundation for daily life. We should become completely one with True Parents. We should be able to say, “True Parents’ daily life is my daily life, True Parents’ ideology is my ideology, True Parents’ job is my job, and True Parents’ domain of love is my domain of love.” Is that what you are doing? (44-142, 1971.5.6)


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