God Will by All Means Send the Lord

Cheon Seong Gyeong 1059

Wherever they visit, members should first go to the holy place, in other words, the holy ground or the church. If they cannot, they should at least set up a condition of having done so. Each of you is an individual; yet you should bear in mind that you are more than this. You should each stand in the position of a first ancestor. (17-86, 1966.11.26)

Cheon Seong Gyeong 1065

God’s love is to love not only all the things of creation and all humankind but all the people of the past, present, and future. Therefore, God is working to liberate even the spirits of people who have passed into hell. Human beings must go the way of truth, life, and love. No matter how great you may be, if you do not have a foundation of living for the sake of others, nothing will follow you. On the other hand, someone who lives for the sake of others will naturally become the subject being. He will become a person of true life. (133-30, 1984.7.1)

Cheon Seong Gyeong

Selections from the Speeches of Rev. Sun Myung Moon
Book 2
True Parents
Chapter 2

The Messiah and True Parents

Section 1. History and the True Parents

1.4. The providence of restoration has sought the True Parents throughout its history

    Who are the True Parents who must appear on this earth representing God’s will? They are the ones who must prevail over the satanic world in order to rule over all things; they are to destroy Satan who dominates the human world. They must confront the spirit world in order to gain the absolute position from which to rule the numerous people in that world. This is the mission of True Parents. God has been paving the way to send True Parents in order to restore the world where all things and all people are one with God.
    For True Parents to appear, there must be true sons and daughters, and in order for true sons and daughters to appear, there must be true servants. This is why when we look at the course of God’s history of restoration, we can see that God has been working so that we can receive the day of true parents after we have gone through the servant’s age and the children’s age. Furthermore, those in the spirit world have been helping as we pass through and restore the age of the servant, the age of the adopted son, and the age of the children, and move up to the age of the parents.
    True Parents could not come to the earth until a global foundation beyond the standard of a nation had been laid externally. After the two thousand year period of providential history from Noah to Abraham, God had Jacob finally lay the foundation to establish the people of Israel. Then He had this people form a nation. God toiled through many a historical course to bring this to fruition.
    To achieve this, someone on behalf of God must be victorious over Satan, both as an individual and as an adopted son. Moreover, as a child of direct lineage, he must fight with the satanic world and win over it for God. Otherwise, no one can receive True Parents. This is why providential history has gone through a long course, from the Old Testament Age, through the New Testament Age, to the present day. Through restoring the position of the servant and the position of the adopted son, God restored the position of the child of direct lineage. In doing so, He laid the foundation for victory. Afterwards, God’s purpose for then sending the Messiah to this earth was to establish the position of True Parents.
    Due to the disbelief of the Israelites, the foundation of the servant and the foundation of the adopted son that God had prepared for four thousand years crumbled. Hence, Jesus, who came two thousand years ago, had to fight and gain victory as a servant and as an adopted son, and then become the son of direct lineage. We know that this was Jesus’ course. God’s had two purposes in sending Jesus: he should have passed through the position of the adopted son and also the position of the son of direct lineage in order to establish the position of True Parents based on the people of Israel. This was the mission Jesus came to this earth to fulfill. But because of Jesus’ death on the cross, God could not lay the victorious foundation on the level of the whole. For that reason, through True Parents God has been pioneering the realization of His ideal centering on the spirit world.
    God, until now, was unable to secure the positions of the individual, family, people and nation. For this He has been going a long roundabout way in establishing the individual, family, people, and nation that relate to heaven’s will.
    In this global age, God will by all means send the Lord, His promised bridegroom, who will choose his bride and lay the foundation for true victory. God has fought for six thousand years to establish the True Parents in the position determined by the original purpose of creation. Hence, it is no exaggeration to say that the six-thousand-year history of the providence of restoration has been a history to find the True Parents. True Parents represent the entire six thousand years of providential history. Now we know that the failure to find True Parents has been the great sorrow, pain, and tragedy of all humankind.
    Accordingly, human history has been a history of restoring true parents. Without restoring true parents, there can be no true children; and without establishing true children, there can be no true family, true tribe, true ethnic people, nation, world or cosmos. God has been working hard for six thousand long years to establish this standard.
    Jesus, who came two thousand years ago, was the first person to come to this earth in the glory of the true parent. But for Jesus to appear as the true parent, that is, for Jesus to stand as the fruit of history which the true parent is, he had to carry out not only the mission of the son but also the mission of the parent. Gaining victory in just one dimension was not enough. On this earth, Jesus had to physically go through the course of restoring the position of the son. Spiritually, he had to go through the course of restoring the position of the parent. He had thus to fulfill his responsibility in both positions and establish the starting point of becoming one with God. Only then would this starting point have finally become both the individual and family foundations for Israel. If this foundation for Israel had been established based on the people and the nation, the standard of the True Parents would also have been established, both physically and spiritually. Unfortunately, the disbelief of the people of Israel toward Jesus made it impossible.

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