Religion Should Find One Person Who can Share True Love with God

Cheon Seong Gyeong 214

    If we look at the history of the people of Israel, we see that Jacob could establish the conditions for individual restoration because he was victorious in the individual struggle with Esau. Later on, he could have a family because with God’s help he had prevailed in the family-level struggle at Laban’s house. Afterwards, Jacob’s descendants entered Egypt, the satanic world, in order to create a people. They were rescued from there with God’s help and were then able to enter Canaan and gain victory over its seven tribes. In this way, the Israelites could finally attack the satanic world while going through the forty-year course for the restoration of Canaan. Prior to the forty-year wilderness course there was a three-day course. The Israelites were finally able to begin the restoration of Canaan after going through this threeday course. Moreover, after entering Canaan, the Israelites had to restore the number forty once more.
    Since the providence of restoration has passed through such courses, I have to walk a three year course and a four year course after going through a forty year course. Adding the three year course and the four year course together gives you a seven year course. I will be able to bring the history of restoration to a conclusion and establish the heavenly sovereignty only when I pass through all of these courses.
    Originally, Jesus also was to have walked a seven-year course from the era of thirty-three and then established the standard of parents desired by God. He was to establish the standard for the restoration of all things, thereby concluding everything and fulfilling God’s will at the age of forty. Although this was the mission of Jesus, the Will remained unfulfilled because Jesus died on the cross without being able to accomplish it. Since the True Parents, the Second Coming, must inevitably take responsibility for the internal and external conflicts, they have passed through a forty year preparation period, a period of conflict. Although externally it was a forty year period of preparation, internally it was a period of strife. After having laid the spiritual foundation for victory, the groundwork for laying the substantial foundation combining the spiritual and physical was finally prepared on earth.

Cheon Seong Gyeong 905

    Would you all like to go to the spirit world? Between your desire to go to the spirit world and the desire of spirit people to return to earth, which is more sincere? From the standpoint of the Principle, should you be more passionate, or should the spirit world be more passionate? The spirit world is the world of the archangel, and this world is the world of Adam and Eve, the world of the children. The children should be more passionate than the servant, not the other way around.
    Are you supposed to help the spirit world or is the spirit world supposed to help you? The spirit persons are waiting to come to your aid, but why are they still waiting? Would they help you in building the Kingdom of Heaven on earth or would they help you to live comfortably? They help you in building the kingdom on earth. (161-227, 1987.2.15)

Cheon Seong Gyeong

Selections from the Speeches of Rev. Sun Myung Moon
Book 2
True Parents
Chapter 2

The Messiah and True Parents

Section 1. History and the True Parents
1.2. The Desire of History

    The Unification Church uses the term True Parents. When we look into the history of the fallen world, we realize that fallen parents were born into this world and built the fallen world.
    We live in a world connected to false parents. It has nothing to do with the ideal world God and the True Parents envisioned. Many people have come and gone throughout the long history of this world, but there has been no one who could proudly say to the universe, “Ah! I am happy I was born as a human being and I have succeeded in all aspects of being human.” Hence, human history has been a sea of suffering and a history of sorrow, war and disease. This is the result of the Fall.     What is our desire? We want to know how to become perfect people. We want to know where we can find and raise ourselves as people who can be perfect before God, assuming God exists, and before the Absolute Being, assuming the Absolute Being exists. People have searched and searched through philosophy and religion, but they have failed to find the solution and have reached the point of giving up. This is situation in the world today. (137-81, 1985.12.24)

    Until now, all people have harbored the historical hope to receive and attend the True Parents. God founded the nation of Israel and Judaism so that they could receive the Messiah. The Messiah is the True Parent. God created Christianity and the Christian culture to receive the Lord at the Second Coming. The returning Lord is the True Parent who comes as the third Adam. When the time comes for the True Parents’ arrival, all nations in the world will begin to form relationships like brothers and sisters. At the end the Second World War, the victorious nations liberated the nations that were defeated. History, up until this point, had never witnessed this kind of unusual phenomenon. History has been seeking a way to encounter the True Parents. Religions have gone through their course in order to meet the True Parents. Furthermore, the world and the nations are following a course to find the True Parents. They are all walking down paths that will prepare the way for the True Parents. (51-354, 1971.12.5)

1.3. History and the True Parents

    Religions have been striving to create one true son. God has toiled to find one true son. It is interesting that there were no women among the founders of religions. Men founded all of them. God has been connecting to all the religions to create one true son. God has been looking for a son who will be the central figure who will rise up through one, two, three, a hundred stages, to take the final baton and determine victory or defeat. This has been our history. (41-27, 1971.2.12)

    What does God want to do by creating religions? God did not create religions to make a big global patchwork. The purpose is simple. Religion should find one person who can share true love with God. God created everything needed for an environment of love, but He still needs to find one person to be His partner in love. (173-33, 1988.2.1)

    God’s history of restoration is the history to create the True Parents. Therefore, from the time of Cain and Abel until today, Heaven has directed the providence in order to internally restore True Parents. Whoever opposes or interferes with this fundamental providence to re-create the True Parents will find themselves abandoned in front of the heavenly way and they will inevitably perish. (9-10, 1960.3.27)

    What does it mean to be dealing with history? We can liberate God only when we become one with the True Parents and wipe away all of Satan’s conditions for accusation. Without liquidating Satan’s conditions, it is impossible to enter into the realm of ownership within God’s heart. Your parents, you, and all things of creation are not in their proper place along the horizontal plane through which they can be determined as belonging to God. This must be restored through indemnification. (137-268, 1986.1.3)



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