We Should Prevent the Breakdown of Ethics

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Cheon Seong Gyeong 1598

From this moment on, you stand in my stead as well as God’s. You should follow wherever He and I go. On this day, April 3, 1995, I make the New Hope Farm Declaration. (268-296, 1995.4.3)

Cheon Seong Gyeong 974

I did not fight back. I endured and endured till the end, and kept a humble attitude as I walked. By persevering through this, I saw that this path enabled me to reach the highest position – the position where I could receive the rights of inheritance from God without fighting back. In this way, I did not perish. Instead, I grasped the victorious position of a leader in the world that was intent on my destruction. I created an environment where I could be welcomed beyond the nation and the world. I accomplished all the tasks of bringing equalization to the earthly world and spirit world. Amen! (302-207, 1999.6.13)

Cheon Seong Gyeong

Selections from the Speeches of Rev. Sun Myung Moon
Book 2
True Parents
Chapter 4

The Mission of the True Parents

Section 2. The Path of the True Parents

    Conflicts are spreading throughout the world today. Who is to confront this situation? We should. We should fight against communism, prevent the breakdown of ethics, and protect religions because they are collapsing. I have been seriously discussing these problems with scholars and theologians throughout the world. I have been doing something no one in America would even dream of doing. You say you are doing activities, but who do you think is having more difficulties, you or me? There is a principle that parents must suffer more than their children, and I am practicing that. If I have money, I do not use it for my own living expenses. I am opening up good paths for our future descendants. With a loving heart, I am making money for the sake of our future descendants.    If you were to ask what the True Parent must do, I would answer that he must proceed in the position of the Father by connecting with the family, tribe, people, nation, world and universe. All of these must be connected and included. The True Parent must love humankind just as a wife loves her husband, or as parents love their sons and daughters. They must love humankind just as sons and daughters love their parents. They must always have an instantaneous connection. (118-240, 1982.6.6)

    What is God’s desire? It is to find the people who want to live with Him. God seeks those who wish to live with Him forever, and so, once their foreheads touch, He would not want to be separated from them even after tens of thousands of years. He wants to live in a love such that once He touches His beloved sons and daughters with His fingertips, He would not want to remove His hands even after tens of thousands of years.
    The Unification Church teaches about the parent-child relationship and the husband-wife relationship based on such a principle. Furthermore, it proposes to incorporate such a principle in the relationship of siblings and the family as a whole. We are not talking about brothers and sisters who just meet once and then part, but those who do not grow tired of one another even after living together for tens of thousands of years. God’s sphere of love will be established only when this is put into practice by people of all colors. Will this be easy? There must be the kind of parents who will share their food with people, wait patiently until they finish eating, do the dishes and even take care of them until they go to sleep. This is the very path that True Parents have been trying to walk, and the path that I believe they must follow. Each day, whenever I meet someone, I try to talk to him, even if I forget about lunch and even keep talking past dinner time. This is my philosophy. Meals are not important. I want to find those whom I would not grow tired of even after living together with them for tens of thousands of years. I am the kind of person who longs to have a son and daughter whom I can love after midnight, after two o’clock in the morning, after the cock crows and even when the dawn breaks – all throughout the night. Also, I am someone who seeks a brother or sister. (127-284, 1983.5.15)

    A true person, as the representative of history, would strive to teach humankind by saying, “Humankind, this is the true standard you must follow.” Even if he had to make harsh sacrifices, a true person would nevertheless teach and pioneer in this way on behalf of humankind. If he knew the path and said he would take it only for his own sake, he would not be a true person. (63-88, 1972.10.8)

    Think about how one can receive the historic title of True Parent. How many levels do you think you must go through until you reach that of the True Parent? Initially, one will have to start from the stage of true servant of servants. Next, there must be the stage of true beggar and then true laborer. All of these must be included. There will also need to be true persecutors and those who bear the cross. If this is refused, the True Parent can never appear. Even among the sinners, there have to be true sinners. All these need to be there. There has to be a representative of love who can start from the most miserable place in the world and overcome everything. He must follow this path and build the bridge. In order to do this, he has to follow the path of the cross of love. This is the bridge. Stage by stage, he must rise from being a true servant of servants to being a true adopted son, and then a true son, a true Cain, and eventually a true Abel.
    Who has had to walk this path, that you know – the path of the servant of servants and of the adopted son? It was I who had to walk that path. I am building the bridge because I have walked that way, survived the fight, and triumphed. Whenever you see a pitiable person on the street, remember that I have been in that kind of situation. Don’t you think that I was indignant when I was being stepped on, tortured and kicked by the communists? But I never prayed, “O God, strike these enemies with a thunderbolt and slaughter them all.” Although my body was bleeding, I was praying for them to receive blessings. (63-88, 1972.10.8)

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