True Parents Must Bear the Cross on Behalf of Humankind

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Cheon Seong Gyeong 1751

Woman and man are different in one respect. What way is that? Is it not in their sexual organs? Does a woman’s sexual organ belong to her? Does it belong to her after she is married? It is her husband’s. Also, what is that dangling from the body of the husband? Whose is it? It is the woman’s for eternity. The right of ownership of absolute love is determined centering on true love. If one has an affair in the satanic world there is only way he can be forgiven; that can happen when he has taken a knife to cut it off, but then does not only because his wife held his hand back and prevented him from doing so. (180-334, 1988.10.5)

Cheon Seong Gyeong 1097

I take complete and eternal responsibility for those who have received the Blessing, even in the spirit world. I will directly guide them and lead them. The Blessing establishes an eternal relationship between the True Parents and those who receive it. (God’s Will – 533)

Cheon Seong Gyeong

Selections from the Speeches of Rev. Sun Myung Moon
Book 2
True Parents
Chapter 4

The Mission of the True Parents

Section 3. The Course Prior to Becoming the True Parents

    The Fall led to the appearance of false parents. Because of this, I have had to follow a suffering course in order to establish True Parents and a heavenly nation in the midst of this satanic world. This has to be restored by parents. The parents must take the responsibility for and indemnify what was jeopardized. (131-62, 1984.4.1)

    In the matter of having loving relationships, I hold the world record. Also, a group of people is emerging who will be able to hold the cosmic record in matters of conscience. This is not just a concept but also a reality. It is a historic fact. How threatening this is to Satan and how inspiring for God! We should know that our Unification Church is in such an amazing situation that it can have only a bright future. We should be deeply, deeply grateful for this. What have God and the True Parents done in order to pave this road? They have been paving it by breaking through barbed-wire entanglements. The scars from cruel torture and from the whip still remain, not to mention blood and tear stains. I have pioneered such a course. Thus, you should not bring grief to your Parents in Heaven or on earth. This is the treasure store of the universe. Here we can shut down hell and build the Kingdom of Heaven. (216-325, 1991.4.15)

    For there to be True Parents there must be two people. Without two people, we cannot meet the standard of True Parents. Although a victorious standard may be established in the spiritual battle, no victorious standard can be established in the physical world unless True Parents manifest in physical form. A condition for victory may be created in the spirit world, but a corresponding foundation cannot be laid on earth unless True Parents are first installed there. Therefore, the True Parents who are to come must fight for this on behalf of earth and heaven by offering their lives. This battle will last for a forty-year period. What kind of battle do the Parents who come during this forty-year period have to go through? First of all, they must go through spiritual trials in the spirit world. Then, they must go through physical tribulation on earth. The combined spiritual and physical conditions for the True Parents cannot be established until they pass through these trials and are able to stand in the center without falling down. In so doing, they fulfill the hopes of the six-thousand-year history of God’s providence.
    We established Parents’ Day in 1960. What kind of day was that? It was the day when we secured the starting point of total victory, both physically and spiritually; this day also marked the starting point of True Parents’ ideology. So although that day was just one day, and the conditions for this day are not completely established, these conditions will continue on into the future of heaven and earth. Beginning from that day, God has been able to execute His plan simultaneously in both the spiritual and physical worlds. In other words, God could finally fight back now that the basis was established upon which there could be cooperation with the spirit world. Since the foundation for victory has been laid in this way, we simply need to build a corresponding foundation on the level of family, tribe, people, nation, and world.
    Due to the opposition of the people of Israel, Jesus went to paradise without completing his mission. Since then, he has been able to bring Israel together spiritually in the role of spiritual parent. The course, whereby True Parents can establish the worldwide foundation of victory on earth, is a four-year course. When the spiritual and physical worlds unite and establish the starting point of victory during this four-year course, all humankind will receive the benefit of the age such that they can march into the spirit world above paradise. However, the True Parents who come as we pass through this historical course must bear the cross on behalf of humankind at the levels of individual, family, people, nation and world.

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