There Cannot be Two Sets of True Parents

Cheon Seong Gyeong 1895

When you look at all the fish in the sea, they all eat up the smaller ones, so how is this God’s love? For these fish, the ideal is to serve human beings and be absorbed into the human cells, where they can receive God’s love. Because of that, the minerals are absorbed before the plants. They are absorbed in human cells, in which they can receive God’s love. The plants are absorbed by the animals, and the higher animals are absorbed by human beings. All those creatures that are fine and delicious hope to be absorbed by people. The best cells are absorbed by their owner, in hopes to connect or return towards the original palace of love, as the realization of God’s sons and daughters by being the real body of love. (199-333, 1990.2.21)

Cheon Seong Gyeong 1161

What is the significance of Blessed Families? Satan cannot dominate Blessed Families. If you believe in me completely and stand firm in the conviction that you belong to the True Parents, then, no matter which country you are in, Satan will not be able to invade you. Why is this so? It is because you are connected to the realm of True Parents’ heart in which your lineage has been changed. That is why Satan cannot meddle with you from this point on. (149-53, 1986.11.2)

Cheon Seong Gyeong

Selections from the Speeches of Rev. Sun Myung Moon
Book 2
True Parents
Chapter 6

True Parents and Us

Section 2. The Value of Working with True Parents while They are on Earth

    In this world, there cannot be two sets of True Parents. In North Korea, they call Kim Il-sung “Father,” and in the Unification Church you also call me Father. But the father of the Unification Church and the father of North Korea are qualitatively different. They are confronting each other: both are saying they are the parent. Also, God and Satan are fighting, each claiming a parent as their own. Who should render public judgment over this matter? Human beings should. Human beings should choose their parents, saying, “Our parents should be such and such people.” They should make the decision, saying, “The fallen parents are evil parents for this reason, and good parents are good parents for this reason. Since it is God, not Satan, who has been seeking good parents, God is the father of the good parents.” So where does everything come down to? It all comes down to the point where we meet True Parents.
    There cannot be two sets of parents. When parents die, do they come back after a thousand years? Since the one appearance of the Parents of humankind is the desire of history, the desire of nations, the desire of ideologies, and the desire of the providence, the time of their appearance is an unprecedented and unrepeatable time. It is the pinnacle that comes only once in history. If it is narrow, how narrow is it? From the viewpoint of the eternal world, a person’s lifespan is like the time required to take one breath. I do not know if you are lucky or blessed, but you have managed to live in this era, encounter this one time, and join the Unification Church. How did you come to be here? Countless ancestors of yours devoted their efforts again and again until they could bring you to this place. Myriads of people perished and died when goodness was trampled upon, but the connections between these countless people turned around and around and reached heaven, rising like a high mountain where the sun rises. You are the ones who have followed the sunlight and gathered there.    
    When the conditions for love emerge in human history, it will be for the first time. It will establish the point from which the value of life can be bestowed. There is no other time when the sovereignty of the nation and world can be acknowledged to have a higher value. This time is the origin of history, the focus of hope, the starting point of all blessings, and the source of eternal life. It is that kind of era. The fallen world has been seeking hope for the future; this time establishes the eternal standard of hope in the future. Because you live in such a time, you should deeply learn the heart of this era and thereby save the world. It is that kind of time. For this reason, the True Parents, who come as the substance of that summit, have to live according to the norms through which they can belong to the place of True Parents’ heart. I do not think you understand this. What should those parents do? They should be different from evil parents because they are good parents.
    How should they relate to evil children? They will have to treat them based on a deeper heart than any parents in history have ever had. Even when they face a child with a miserable fate, instead of stumbling over him they should run to him in tears, beg him and comfort him to resolve the sorrow of tens of thousands of ages. They should cry their hearts out while acknowledging their mutual error in order to avoid separation. I am saying people should be like this if they are to be true parents. They are different. As parents, this is how their attitude of heart should be. What attitude of heart and standard of behavior should the children have who can receive such parents have? They need to have those. They should be representatives of the children of filial piety from all nations. Just as each nation’s champion runs in a world marathon event, they should be champions chosen by their tribe. What are they champions of? They are champions of practicing filial piety and loyalty. You should be such a group of champions. In the sense that children should be this way and parents should be that way, the one known as Rev. Moon in the Unification Church has a different root.
    If you miss this time, you will have deep regrets for hundreds of millions of years. Can you buy this opportunity with money? Can you buy it with knowledge? Can you match it with something you have? You absolutely cannot. Even if you bear the burden of the world, people, tribe and family who are connected to you all at once, can you inherit this? Again, no, you cannot. This time is so precious that even if the communist world and democratic world were allowed to perish, this opportunity would not be allowed to come to nought. God would think that even if all humankind were sacrificed, this opportunity should not be destroyed. This is what we should think. There is no way you can say all you want to say and stand in such a focal position. There is no way you can say all you want to say and still be a child of filial piety. There is no way you can say all you want to say and do all you want to do and still become a patriot. (51-354, 1971.12.5)

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