It Is an Amazing Thing that You Were Alive at the Same Time as True Parents

Cheon Seong Gyeong 1554

    What will be the final difficult challenge that we will be faced with in this world? It will be the separation of the Oriental and Western cultures. The issue at hand, therefore, is how we can unite East and West. Human efforts alone would not be enough to achieve this. In uniting the left and right wings, the endeavors of one side, whether left or right, would not suffice. Instead, the head wing must emerge at this point, which is why we are talking about the emergence of head-wing thought. Humanism and materialism, which assert human beings to be the greatest of all beings, would be of no use here. They would not be adequate at all. We need to revert to the path based on God’s will and centered upon His original heart. The question is how we can present these issues to the world and connect the cultural backgrounds of the East and West, which are presently alienated from each other. Though the American people opposed me, we have reached the stage where they have no choice but to follow me. The same can also be said of the Western world. (168- 112, 1987.9.13)

    True peace for humanity cannot be attained by the right wing or left wing alone. The reason for this is that the fundamental motives of both right and left are not free from egoism. If people are self-centered and nationalistic, there will be everlasting conflicts of interest, and unity and peace could not possibly be found there. (164-194, 1987.5.15)

Cheon Seong Gyeong 759

We live in this world, yet we know that this is not all there is and that the spirit world exists. The physical and spirit worlds are not separate but are connected as one. Then, where is the place to which we are destined to go and ultimately settle down? We are now living in the flesh on this earth, but are moving towards the eternal world. We pass through our teenage years, our twenties, thirties, and after we have outgrown our youth, we enter the prime of our life, then gradually pass the peak, and eventually reach old age. Like the setting sun, our life comes to an end in this way. (140-121, 1986.2.9)

Cheon Seong Gyeong

Selections from the Speeches of Rev. Sun Myung Moon
Book 2
True Parents
Chapter 6

True Parents and Us

Section 2. The Value of Working with True Parents while They are on Earth

    What is the current situation? You are living in the same age as True Parents. You only get this chance once in a lifetime. Among the many currents of history, it is a period that can be compared with the tastiest part of a fish. (46-167, 1971.8.13)

    From the viewpoint of God’s will, although God wants the most important church in Korea to pray and make wishes as God’s representatives, they are now reduced to kneeling down in the snow and praying to God with loud wailing instead of holding worship, so that He will save their pitiful church or temple. You should know that establishing this Unification Church has been a history of sorrows in the providence. But now nations are welcoming us. In America, we are an issue that concerns the whole nation. It is the same in Japan and in Europe. The world has finally entered the time when people can think of our Blessed Families as lighthouses of hope, saying they are model families among humankind and the path to preventing family breakdown and youth promiscuity.
    You should know how much blood and flesh was cut from me and how many sorrowful, tearful situations I passed through before this came to be. Nobody can separate the blessed couples. God wants them. To bring even one couple to the Blessing, God used the efforts of many of their blood relatives to lead them to an encounter with me. This is not coincidence. It is a historic event. It is an amazing thing that you are alive at the same time as True Parents, that you are breathing the same air and living together with them in this age on earth. More than this, it is remarkable that you have inherited the foundation of the Blessing. Being a millionaire is not important. Would the Unification Church as it is today have come into being if I had been like you? Everywhere I went, I went straight to prison. I entered prison by the front gate and left by the back gate. In finding the family I can live in, the church I can stay in, and the tribe I can stay with, I have now finished securing a global foundation. In other words, I have finished setting up the external conditions.
    I have finished creating more than one hundred chapters of the Professors’ World Peace Academy, a forum for global scholars. I have created media organizations and a summit council that can move the world. Furthermore, by bringing together the religious world, representing the mind, and the political world, representing the body, I have created the Inter-Religious Federation for World Peace and the Federation for World Peace. I am doing these things all alone because there was no way to pioneer a path for humankind to survive and no way to advance toward a peaceful world without creating my own mind-body unity. In other words, I am doing this alone even though I face opposition. (211-336, 1991.1.1)

Richard:  As one of the 2075 couples Blessed in marriage in Madison Square Garden on July 1, 1982, Stacey and I were fortunate to work directly with Father Sun Myung Moon.  We met with him in small and larger group settings on dozens of occasions.  I believe that the major part of the reason for the current chaos in this world is that most people, and especially religious leaders, did not embrace the message of true love and true family and absolutely good sexual ethics that Father Moon teaches.  In the resulting vacuum, we see the “religious” zealotry of those promoting the destruction of God’s ideal, especially through the homosexual and trans movement.




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