Seek a State of Perfect Self-Effacement

Cheon Seong Gyeong 1043

People who follow the path of goodness always face sacrifice. That is why we teach the way of sacrifice. To say “live for others” means to sacrifice rather than gaining profit. It is an act of investing oneself. Investing yourself means you should invest to the fullest extent, even offering your own life. (78-61, 1975.5.4)

Cheon Seong Gyeong 1271

Jesus told Nicodemus that unless one is reborn, one cannot enter the Kingdom of God. The “I” who has lived until now must be denied. Even if you have excuses, and even if you have many accomplishments to your name, you must deny yourself. Because you are fallen human beings, you cannot escape from this fate. Your whole life should be denied, your daily life should be denied; you are living a spiritually dead life that should be denied. (6-278, 1959.6.7)

Cheon Seong Gyeong

Selections from the Speeches of Rev. Sun Myung Moon
Book 2
True Parents
Chapter 6

True Parents and Us

Section 3. True Parents’ Effort and Us

3.2. We are a branch engrafted to True Parents

    The final destination of God’s will is the family. Without the family, God has nowhere to settle. Since all families prosper when they have True Parents as their center, without families nothing can be achieved. Comparing this with a tree, it is like the branches spreading out from the trunk as the center. If you cut a branch and plant it in the ground, the tree multiplies. The ones who are to accomplish such a mission of the branches are the tribal messiahs. As tree branches grow bigger in all four directions, the central root grows bigger as well. The central root grows in proportion to the growth of the branches. As it grows horizontally, it also grows vertically. When the root grows long this way by sacrificing the horizontal standard, the branches also go up all the way. When you work hard for God’s will, things follow along like this. At the same time, since the power that has extended horizontally becomes condensed, we can conclude that we can connect to the cosmos through a life lived for the sake of others. So if a husband and wife live a life of horizontally serving, using the vertical standard that has God as its center, the realm of cosmic unity is automatically achieved. If they become one this way, they will necessarily rotate. Although they rotate, they do not fall down. They do not fall down because they have the horizontal standard. They rotate on the axis. They must rotate.
    Movement occurs when centrifugal and centripetal forces become one. If you reach the state of perfect self-effacement, things will automatically rotate. When you start rotating, the axis goes up. When it comes down, an automatic reaction occurs. So it moves up and down, like taking a breath. When a person in such a perfected form establishes a family in the heavenly world, such a foundation will keep them from falling off. They can eternally live together with True Parents. Thus, when you create resonance in heart with True Parents, this standard of deep experience in life becomes a foundation for the eternal world of heart. Unification Church members live together with True Parents and God. They are born with the love of True Parents. Since love makes an eternal connection, the connection of love cannot be cut. Until the day you die, you cannot forget about love. Even when parents die, they die with a heart of love for their sons and daughters. It is the same with the husband and wife. There is no one who forgets about love before he dies. Love goes beyond death and becomes connected to eternity. This is why you, a man or woman who have received life through love, cannot forget your parents who are the fundamental root of love. If your parents are the root and you are the trunk, your sons and daughters are the buds. When they grow together, they will extend to the realm of the tribe, people and nation. (218-127, 1991.7.14)

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