True Parents Invested for Our Sake

Cheon Seong Gyeong 78

Modern theology is doomed because it says that since God is all-knowing and all-powerful, He can also love as He pleases. Can I love as I please alone – without my dear wife? Can I? Those who say that I can are crazy. Then, can God love all by Himself? (209-81, 1990.11.27)

Cheon Seong Gyeong 722

    What would people in the spirit world desire? The spirit world is a world where you are supplied with everything according to the standard you find yourself in. If you want something it comes to you immediately. It is a world where nothing is impossible for people who are in the subject position who can digest and react to situations. If I were to talk about this, people would say I’m out of my mind, so I don’t.
    If you wish to host a party for a million guests, you can do instantaneously because they will all appear at the venue and everything can be prepared at the speed of thought. By contrast, look at today’s miserable world. In Korea there are many unemployed people, are there not? We live in such a world. What would create more possibility? In the same way that heat is produced by atomic fission, if you caused the fission of love, possibilities will appear instantaneously. Isn’t that likely? (141-277, 1986.3.2)

Cheon Seong Gyeong

Selections from the Speeches of Rev. Sun Myung Moon
Book 2
True Parents
Chapter 6

True Parents and Us

Section 3. True Parents’ Effort and Us

3.3. True Parents’ investment for our sake

    Do you think it was easy or difficult for True Parents to give birth to the true children? How difficult do you think it is to recover what has been lost? I have been pushing forward even when individuals, families and entire tribes, peoples, nations, the world, heaven and earth, and the spirit world were opposing me. Do you think I did this for commercial profit? Why do you think I did it? I did it because I was trying to find love. Normally, you should know that with your current qualifications you cannot stand here. Actually, I should kick you away at the front door even if you came here a hundred or a thousand times! Nevertheless, I came here to speak to you. I am taking all the tough persecution upon myself. You are blaming me for your mistakes. In America, I have done nothing that caused me to deserve to be cursed or opposed, but I am still being cursed because of your faults. If this happened in ordinary society, I would abandon you, but I have not been able to do so. As for the court case in the United States, I did not have to return there. I could have just let it be; and yet still I came back for your sake. Without me, how much will you be torn apart? So I am protecting you by being struck. (116-113, 1981.12.27)

Richard:  In May of 1984, Rev. Moon began serving an 18 month sentence in Danbury Prison in Danbury Connecticut for supposed tax evasion.  In reality, this was an unjust imprisonment, based on the dubious assertion that Rev. Moon held church funds in a personal account and did not pay taxes on those funds.  Rather, the funds were actually church funds used for church purposes.
Never the less, Rev. Moon served 13 months of his sentence at Danbury, and was released from a half-way house on August 20th, 1985.
He was welcomed by many religious leaders at the God and Freedom Banquet on that day.

Press Conference:  Robert Grant, Dr. Joseph Lowery, Rev. Jerry Fallwell,  August 20, 1985, Washington, DC.


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