If I Had Known that I Would Be the True Parent, It is Reasonable to Say that Everyone Would Have Known It

Cheon Seong Gyeong 1299

Nowadays, I feel that I must teach you about the norms of a family, that is, the norms you must follow in your lives as the families of the Kingdom of Heaven. However, the people who are supposed to walk the path of restoration have leaders who can teach them centering on the Divine Principle, and so they should learn about this from them. The time has passed for True Father to take responsibility for such problems in person. These problems should have been solved centering on the families one by one. Our Unification Church is an organization constituted of families. What that means is that we are centered on families. Whereas before we were centered on individuals, we are now centered on families. (22-334, 1969.5.11)

Cheon Seong Gyeong 1355

their tribes. The 36, 72, and 120 Couples are part of me. These three groups of couples correspond to the vertical standard, whereas the 430 Couples have been established horizontally in all directions. Hence, they enter the realm of tribal messiahs, which is why I told them all, “Be tribal messiahs!” As I have already restored the 36 and 72 Couples, who form the center, as well as the 120 Couples, all you need to do now is to restore 120 couples per Blessed Family. Then everything can be indemnified both vertically and horizontally.

Cheon Seong Gyeong

Selections from the Speeches of Rev. Sun Myung Moon
Book 2
True Parents
Chapter 6

True Parents and Us

Section 3. True Parents’ Effort and Us

3.4. True Parents’ expectations of us

    In the Unification Church there are many different kinds of people: Western people, Eastern people, people of mixed colors and so forth. What did you come together here to do? Why did you come? Even if you meet me, all I can give you is curses. I only have insults to give you, but you still like it and come here. Why is that? You are gathering here in search of love. You are coming for true love. You know the taste. It is like bees; once they taste the nectar in a flower, they will follow the fragrance of the flowers even for hundreds of kilometers without feeling that the distance is too great. It is not easy to be True Parents. I would willingly hand over the authority of the True Parents, so if there is some representative here who wants to take it, please step forward. I never thought about becoming the True Parent, but as it turned out, I could not avoid taking responsibility for the Unification Church. And so on the way, I found myself as the True Parent.
    If I had known from the beginning that I would be the True Parent, it is reasonable to say that everyone would have known it. Rather, I was digging into the fundamental problem of human life without knowing it, and came all the way here as a result. As I was disentangling these complications, the liberation of True Parents took place and I came to know that God needs liberation. Since God was liberated through me, He cannot help but absolutely love me. What have you done after meeting True Parents? I am asking you, what have you accomplished? Until now, I have gone through the family, tribe, and race, organizing individuals, families, and tribes while being beaten up in the devil’s world. Our Blessed Families have organized a tribe. This is global. Now the satanic world cannot take them away and do as it pleases with them. Why? When they observe closely, our way of life is very good. Today Eastern and Western people fight, and even if they do get together, they divorce after a short time. In contrast, our Blessed Families are living together well after ten years, twenty years, or however long. (211-323, 1991.1.1)

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