We Need to Pay Close Attention to True Parents

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Cheon Seong Gyeong 1442

When registering, the order in which you register determines who the ancestors are going to be. Yes, it is determined by who is the first to become a tribal messiah and be registered. Jesus tried to register his 120 followers, but could not accomplish this; in the era of the Second Coming, you need to register based on 160 or 180 couples. It came to be 160 couples because everyone wanted 160, not 180. The number 6 is the number of Satan, and so you need to perfect it in the satanic world. The number 4 is the ideal number. Therefore, four times the number 4 symbolizes the whole. (253-83, 1994.1.7)

Cheon Seong Gyeong 941

Do you understand what I am saying, you good-for-nothings!? By saying insulting things in this way, I am establishing the condition for your forgiveness. Some may say, “Rev. Moon, how can you swear like that? This is my first time to see you and I cannot believe anything you say if you insult me in this way.” But I swear at you so that I can forgive you when the time comes. In this way, when they pass into the other world they will say, “Since you swore at me, I didn’t believe in the Unification Church.” Then that is understandable. I say insulting things to people to establish a state of forgiveness for them in the spirit world. But when I curse them it does not cause them pain in their heart. They just go back home. They may say, “Oh my, how dreadful!” but they will have forgotten about it by the time they get home. That is how the mind works. Do you understand or not? Those who say “I understand.” raise your hand. Now you‘ve got it. (283-211, 1997.4.12)

Cheon Seong Gyeong

Selections from the Speeches of Rev. Sun Myung Moon
Book 2
True Parents
Chapter 6

True Parents and Us

Section 6. Things We Should Cherish as Our Own Life

6.3. We should love True Parents

How much love do True Parents receive? Have you ever thought about that? If there is someone who condemns the declaration that God is dead, he would love True Parents more than God does. If you pray to God to enable you to meet such a person, and you do meet such a person and they come to love True Parents, God will be joyful. If that person is the smartest person, and you agree, you absolutely cannot be defeated by the spirits in the spirit world. If you love True Parents, you can absolutely not be defeated. If you can accuse the spirits, “I love True Parents this much, but what have you spirits done?” then you will be the people living in the greatest abundance. If a fight breaks out among our family members as each of them tries to love True Parents more, what would God say about that fight? If one of them were to die during this fight, how would God judge him? Would God drag him to the guillotine? Without a doubt, God would call both of them, establish them as a model of loving True Parents, and tell other people to love True Parents as they have loved them. This is the standard. In other words, God, spirits, and all people need to pay close attention to True Parents. We should think about this in our daily life. If my words are true, this is an important issue. How far away are you from this standard? You should pray for this from this point on. Those without tears cannot follow True Parents. In such a case, your face cannot be bright. You should live for the sake of others. And even though you may do your best, you should always have an apologetic heart towards heaven. You should be able to imagine how we should act. (52- 97, 1971.12.23)

6.4. We must attend True Parents

    Even if you went through the wilderness course, crossed the Jordan River, and fell in a fight with the seven tribes of Canaan, this would not be a victorious death. You can be an original person, worthy of a heavenly appointment from God, only after you have conquered the seven tribes of Canaan and established a new nation of Israel there. Otherwise, it is the same as staying in paradise; you will not be able to enter the Kingdom of Heaven. (13-296, 1964.4.12)

    Who are the True Parents? They are the ancestors of humankind. You should therefore attend True Parents as your own parents. (118-147, 1982.5.23)

    You should serve your parents for three years or more. In serving them for three years or more the family should serve them, then the nation should serve them and the world should serve them. This is really how it should be. Only then can we advance to the realm of global restoration. Based on the number three, you have to serve them for three years or more. Thus the principle is that for three years you live with your parents, eating with them and discussing with them. This is how your household should be. As a family living with the parents, you should have a three-year period in which you live in peace and happiness, use only good words, and share joy with one another. (44-169, 1971.5.6)

6.5. We should be obedient

    The children must show absolute obedience before the Parents who have come in the original name of God. There is no objection to that. This is not something done by force. We are creating an environment where this can be done centering on love. The wife loves her husband and the husband loves his wife. You should become parents centered on love and create an environment where your beloved children can naturally and absolutely submit to you. Only then can the foundation of the Kingdom of Heaven not be destroyed. (101-282, 1978.11.7)

6.6. We must inherit the tradition

    Until now, we have not known what would become of humankind. We have not known what would become of ourselves. In other words, people have not understood history. They have not understood where history is headed. They have not known what would happen in the future or their purpose. Why is this so? It is because they have not had true parents and ancestors. But as for us, because we are attending True Parents, we can say, “Ah, I know history; I know the circumstances of the history between God and each of us.” Also, we have come to know the present and future. We can both know such tradition and inherit it. Now we can have the tradition with which we can win over history and the future. From whom? Why? It is because you have met True Parents. You follow what True Parents teach, and what they do, and you desire what True Parents desire and inherit from them. You are inheriting these things from them. (71-21, 1974.3.24)

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