There Have Been No Parents in This Universe

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Cheon Seong Gyeong 1794

Men tire of women and women tire of men, so they go around daily, hungry for love and always lonely; they will all become homosexuals and lesbians and end up in the trash can. They smoke opium and all fall into the straits of self-destruction. Who will take responsibility for this? Will the State Department or the Pentagon be responsible? Will the nation’s president take responsibility? All of us should take responsibility. (207- 111, 1990.11.1)

Cheon Seong Gyeong 1661

Ideally, Adam and Eve as a loving couple giving birth to a child would be the same as standing in God’s position as the Parent, wherein His invisible Self, that is His internal nature and external form, united and lovingly created His children. The first Creator, the invisible God, created Adam and Eve as the visible second creators, and by their giving birth to children from the position of substantial second gods, they are elevated to the position of parents. Through these young children’s growth, God’s past history is displayed substantially, which also includes Adam and Eve’s infancy, siblinghood, matrimony and parenthood. Thus, parents desire to love and be close to their children because they are their second selves. (258- 240, 1994.3.20)

Cheon Seong Gyeong

Selections from the Speeches of Rev. Sun Myung Moon
Book 2
True Parents
Chapter 6

True Parents and Us

Section 6. Things We Should Cherish as Our Own Life

6.6. We must inherit the tradition

    Until now, there have been no parents in this universe. Those who acted like parents were evil parents, using and ruining their children. What got broken through this? Brothers and sisters, brides and bridegrooms, and fathers and mothers, who are meant to become perfect, have split apart. They have not had children of goodness, meaning they ultimately lost the family. The family is a representative of universal history; it represents the world, the heavenly kingdom, the nation, and all families. God is trying to find its center. History also has been looking for it.
    People living today should be connected to this center. In other words, the common purpose pursued by God and human beings is this alone, and there is nowhere else that the past, present, and future can be bound together. Then who should do it? True Parents must accomplish the tasks that Adam and Eve were meant to do. Hence, what you have now is something Satan does not own – you should have the best brothers and sisters; the kind that are not found in the evil world. You must have brothers and sisters who are not from the satanic world. This is how it should be for you. This is until your twenties, before you marry. You need to establish such a tradition. You should leave your sons and daughters a tradition that teaches them how to live.
    The reason you are fighting such a hard battle in the countries you have gone to is so that you can leave behind a tradition for your descendants. This is a great opportunity that comes only once, an opportunity to educate your children saying, “We worked amidst this kind of hardship. ” You have the chance to establish a tradition you can leave behind as your testament. That is why tradition is the issue. This cannot be changed. It is an eternal tradition.  

    Since we have transcended the world, white people and black people should be brothers and sisters. This is to realize the brotherhood realm of humankind, the realm of Adam and Eve, which has nothing to do with the Fall. Then, what is the basic philosophy to establish that tradition? Everything will work out if we live for the sake of others. From here, your sons and daughters will grow up without suffering in this kind of environment. They will become descendants who can go straight to the heavenly nation with actual accomplishments that surpass the satanic world and can directly connect with heaven. Next, these brothers and sisters will marry one another. For us, marriage transcends nations. We have the mind-set that we can marry a black person if told to do so, marry a white person if recommended to do so, and marry a yellow person if recommended to do so. Such a tradition should be established from now. This has not yet been established. We should create oneness from now on. So you must guide your descendants and the world with this. The two must become one. When you become one you should not bear evil children. To bear children of goodness, the husband and wife should be completely one. Without becoming one, no children of goodness will come out. Thus, they should become completely one centering on God’s will. (71-19, 1974.3.24)

    You can roughly see how I look and what shape I have by looking at me two-dimensionally. But you do not know what kind of path I have walked before coming here. If you do not have a firm conviction from the beginning and just follow this path, God’s will cannot be accomplished. You should have firm conviction. I brought this victorious result because I knew this as an absolute and sure path and started with the resolve to bring victory without fail. Countless individuals, families, tribes, peoples and nations opposed me and tried to shake my conviction and block my path. The world, too, has opposed me. Such things have intervened. You should inherit such a tradition, but can you inherit it without understanding it? When you inherit such an amazing thing, you have to do so with a new resolve. In other words, you should inherit it with a conviction that enables you to say, “I will do more than run to the end of the world and to the top of the sky” while being strong, bold and so grateful as to amaze God. The hearts of Heavenly Father and True Father are such that when they see your attitude, they will want to bequeath everything to you. The stark reality is that God is gathering and teaching those who know nothing and have no idea what is happening to the world. This is sorrowful indeed. (67-228, 1973.6.27)

6.7. We should be proud of True Parents

    What should make you proud? You should be proud of God’s love and True Parents’ love. You should praise them more than what you own, more than what belongs to the nation, and more than what belongs to the world. Such love is the combination of God’s love and True Parents’ love. On earth, the Unification Church is putting into practice initiatives for unity on the basis of the ideal love of the direct dominion and on the foundation of the family. These are the footsteps of the Parents. This is the domain of the Parents. This is the realm of the direct dominion. (131-48, 1984.4.1)

6.8. You should pay your debt to True Parents

    You must have a clear concept of True Parents. Are you indebted to True Parents or not? There is no way you can pay the debt. If you calculate your debt, it is impossible to pay. But you can pay off everything with just a small sign of your love. This is what we need. (116-121, 1981.12.27)

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