Did Jesus Have True Parents?

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Cheon Seong Gyeong 691

   Many of you here have passed your forties and are in your fifties. If you were asked what you had accomplished up until now, what would be your answer? Perhaps you will die within the next ten or twenty years. Imagine the moment when you come face-to-face with death and look back on the course you have taken after you came to know God’s will. Then think about how God could not claim His rightful place and remove the servant-like mask of unsatisfied desire from His face because of your failure to complete your responsibility to restore human beings, who remain the devil’s descendants. Will you be able to keep from bowing your head in shame after you enter the spirit world? How will you go there and walk around with your head held high? How will you live there? You will just have to go hide somewhere. Everything about you will be revealed for everyone to see….
    Because you received the precious thing called the Blessing, the door is open for you, but you cannot enter because you are not dressed in formal attire. You must go to the banquet house in formal attire. Can a groomsman go to a wedding in work clothes? Think about it. You have to dress appropriately for the occasion in order to go there and be welcomed into that environment. Otherwise you will be thrown out. People will say to you, “Get lost, blockhead!”… 
    I know the spirit world well. I know all the saints and all the founders of religions who are in any way significant. They do not want to yield to you, but you must not be shut out from that group. (212-224, 1991.1.6)

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Cheon Seong Gyeong 973

   Now we are entering the age of the nation. You should adjust your focus for this purpose. I am now giving liberation Blessings to the spirit world. There will be Blessings for up to 120 generations of ancestors. In the past it was four generations. How close would four generations be in terms of kin? It would include relatives up to those eight times removed. When this is taken to seven generations it would include even more. It would be hundreds, even thousands of ancestral families for a family with many children. There will be Blessings for four generations and then for seven generations. When seven generations are blessed, it goes beyond family relatives. For 120 generations it would reach across the entire world. Since we are doing this in Cheongpyeong, all Blessed Families should compete with one another in liberating their ancestors, and they have the responsibility to open the door of the Blessing to them. (299-307, 1999.2.21)

Cheon Seong Gyeong

Selections from the Speeches of Rev. Sun Myung Moon
Book 2
True Parents
Chapter 7

A Life with True Parents

Section 2. We Should Fully Understand the Words “True Parents”

    There is a term cherished in our Unification Church. Some of you might be hearing it for the first time; it is the term “True Parents.” We say, Our True Parents! Did Jesus have True Parents? We have something that Jesus did not. Did Jesus have True Parents? Are not parents responsible when they do not protect their children? Parents ought to protect their children. They must be a protective barrier against Satan and say to their children, “Be happy in our embrace.” Did Jesus have that experience? For his entire life Jesus grew up and was treated as a stepson. This is why the Bible does not contain the words true parents. It does not contain the words true parents or true brothers and sisters. These words are a part of our Unification Church terminology. They are not something I invented. They are words discovered to be part of the heavenly Principle. We use the words true parents and true children. We should understand how true children should act. True children should be able to offer their lives and everything they have for the sake of God’s Son and should be grateful even if they themselves end up in hell. Without going through such a process, nothing can be accomplished. In this way, you can return to the Father through having the heart of true children. (76-73, 1975.1.26)

    We use the words True Parents. We say that we should go forward together with True Parents and together with God. Next, we say that we should be true brothers and sisters. Centering on what? Centering on Jesus. Jesus’ parents were unable to serve him, but we should reverse that failure through indemnity and stand in the position of parents who can serve him and who are better than his earthly parents were.
    Which do you think is easier to accept: my referring to God as the Parent, or your referring to me as the Parent? You do not know how much I have suffered. You do not know how many walls there have been and how complicated it has been. Until now, myriads of people have struggled on that path and all have fallen into the pit. When you joined the Unification Church and began to understand me from the perspective of theory, it must have been easy for you to say, “Ah, he is the True Parent.” Then, which do you think is greater, the joy I felt when I realized that God is the True Parent or the joy you felt when you realized it? I could utter the word “Father” only after having gone through life-threatening suffering, but you were taught everything without suffering. This is why you can say, “Okay, I have come to know the True Parents; so what?” Who would rejoice more? Which do you think should be greater, the joy I felt when I met God in the parent-child relationship or the joy you feel when you meet me? Although my encounter came only after suffering, your encounter took place without suffering, so you should be more joyful. If I had paid hundreds of billions of dollars, wouldn’t you be you happy that you paid nothing? What have you paid? When you come and listen to the Principle you can understand everything. So, when you hear “True Parents,” you merely say “So that’s how it is!” and understand everything. (116-121, 1981.12.27)

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