True Parents’ Day Was the Central Idea in God’s Creation

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Cheon Seong Gyeong 1442

When registering, the order in which you register determines who the ancestors are going to be. Yes, it is determined by who is the first to become a tribal messiah and be registered. Jesus tried to register his 120 followers, but could not accomplish this; in the era of the Second Coming, you need to register based on 160 or 180 couples. It came to be 160 couples because everyone wanted 160, not 180. The number 6 is the number of Satan, and so you need to perfect it in the satanic world. The number 4 is the ideal number. Therefore, four times the number 4 symbolizes the whole. (253-83, 1994.1.7)

Cheon Seong Gyeong 677

People are living in hell on earth, and spirits are suffering in hell in the spirit world. The gate of hell on earth and the gate of hell in the spirit world must be opened. Through these gates a pathway must be connected leading from the individual to the nation and world on earth. Then there must be a connection leading from the earth to the spirit world. It must connect to that single pathway that leads to the mainstream. Your mind and body must become one. With that level of oneness, there must be no barriers blocking your path as you pass through the family and tribe. From that level you transcend the race, nation and world to the spirit world. Everything must be broken down

Cheon Seong Gyeong

Selections from the Speeches of Rev. Sun Myung Moon
Book 2
True Parents
Chapter 7

A Life with True Parents

Section 1.  True Parents’ Day and True Parents

    You are all interested in me, aren’t you? When I go somewhere and say something, you should all carry cell phones so that you can listen to me anywhere. On this True Parents’ Day, you should know how great your Parents’ suffering has been and how much pain your Parents have carried in their hearts. Now the time has come when you need to learn about your Parents. Otherwise, you will not know the tradition; you will not have a tradition. (131-62, 1984.4.1)

    Originally, the idea of True Parents’ Day was the central idea in God’s concept of the creation. After creating all things, God created human beings to rule over them. The purpose for which God blessed human beings to take dominion over all things was none other than to establish True Parents.
    Originally, Adam and Eve would have become True Parents by uniting with each other centered on God; then, Parents’ Day would have been established and the entire universe would have sung praises in the name of the Universal Parents. Thus, True Parents’ Day should have been a day of joy with the entire universe singing praises together in the name of the Parents. It was God’s deepest desire that this day be celebrated. Due to the Fall of the first human ancestors, however, heaven and earth never saw this True Parents’ Day. Thus, God has never ceased working to realize His original plan for True Parents’ Day. Before we can celebrate True Parents’ Day, however, we must first receive True Parents. The True Parents are the central beings. They must judge history, rule over the present and pioneer the future. The desire of people throughout history has also been to receive such True Parents.
    Why are we trying to restore a people? We are creating a people to attend the victorious True Parents and to attend them truly by realizing a free heaven and earth as sons and daughters of filial piety. The True Parents will appear before the entire cosmos on a national foundation that can stand on behalf of heaven, earth and all humankind without accusation from the satanic world. Until now we have attended True Parents only in sorrow and pain, but from now on we should attend them in joy and in freedom. When God can dwell within our hearts, only then, when we are joyful, will God be able to say, “Yes, your joy is my joy!” We should also establish a standard by which all people can say, “What you are grateful for, we are grateful for!” Today is True Parents’ Day. Only when you truly establish True Parents’ Day as your own True Parents’ Day, your own family’s True Parents’ Day, society’s True Parents’ Day, and the nation’s True Parents’ Day will it be established as the global True Parents’ Day. Only when you establish it as the global True Parents’ Day and then the cosmic True Parents’ Day will God’s original ideal of creation to establish True Parents be completed; only then will there be relief from the sorrow that came from being unable to establish True Parents’ Day due to the Fall.
    Furthermore, only when we establish True Parents’ Day throughout all of heaven and earth will the sorrow of restoration be completely removed. Even though we have established True Parents’ Day and True Children’s Day, we have not established True Parents’ Day on the levels of an individual, a family, a people, a nation, the world and the cosmos. The same is true for True Children’s Day, and for the Day of All True Things. Only when we have developed to the point where we can be governed by the standard in which True Parents’ Day, True Children’s Day, and the Day of All True Things have globally triumphed will God’s original purpose of creation be completed. Only then will True Parents’ Day finally become True Parents’ Day for all humankind and at the same time True Parents’ Day for Heaven itself. In the same way, True Children’s Day and the Day of All True Things will be True Children’s Day and the Day of All True Things both for all humankind and for Heaven. When we have reached such a position, then the time will have finally come when God can say that everything has finally been accomplished. We must establish True Parents’ Day, True Children’s Day and the Day of All True Things on all levels from the individual, through the family, peoples and nations. Only when we have established these days on the level of one nation can they become the central days of the nation and of the entire world. This is the issue. (13-294, 1964.4.12)

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