On the Perpendicular, there Is only One Vertical Line

Cheon Seong Gyeong 1741

Where is the standard of unity? It is on the perpendicular. Had the Fall not occurred, where would God and humankind meet? People get married to meet God, to be engrafted to His love. Like God, we should seek the ideal object partner of our love because we are born for love and through love we are united with the universe. This cannot be done alone. We are the divided forms of God’s dual characteristics. (203-247, 1990.6.26)

Cheon Seong Gyeong 944

In order to become the Lord at his Second Advent, I had to go to the spirit world and return with God’s seal of approval. By my going to the spirit world, a battle took place there for forty-three days. Everyone, from the bottom of hell to the top of heaven, said, “Rev. Moon is a heretic!” I had to deal with this, beginning from the lowest place, right through to the saints at the very end. I had to argue with them in God’s presence and go through a decisive battle that decided who was the Lord of righteousness. What was the issue at that time? It was concerning the stained lineage of all the people in the spirit world and whether they knew that they had to change that.
What was the second consideration? It concerned transferring the rights of ownership of all material things. I stated that, “Those who had rights of ownership during their life on earth are traitors to the Kingdom of Heaven!” No matter how great the founders of the religions were, they had to face this judgment. That is why, when I fought in the spirit world, I stood my ground in battle and challenged them confidently, asking, “Who’s the heretic?”
Since great chaos would come to the spirit world after this, God had to make a decision as the Judge. But even He stood against me. God said, “Rev. Moon is a heretic, as you all say.” Why? Since Adam had betrayed God, in accordance with the laws of restoration through indemnity, the person representing perfected Adam had to face a situation of betrayal, even by God Himself. Only then could the walls that were raised in God’s heart be brought down. In this way, everyone was against me, and even God was standing on the other side, leaving me totally alone.
Still, the spirit world could not be left as it was, in a whirlpool of chaos. God had to make the final decision. He proclaimed, “The transition of the lineage, transition of the rights of ownership and transition of the realm of heart that Rev. Moon speaks of, are true.” I then had to return here, to this world, after receiving God’s seal as a victorious champion. (264-50, 1994.10.9)

Cheon Seong Gyeong

Selections from the Speeches of Rev. Sun Myung Moon
Book 2
True Parents
Chapter 8

The Three Great Subjects Principle and the Proclamation of True Parents

Section 1.  The Three Great Subjects Principle and the Parent-Centered Ideology

1.2. The Three Subjects Principle is the philosophy of True Parents\

The core of Three Subjects Principle is the philosophy of True Parents. Why are true parents the core here? On the perpendicular there is only one vertical line.     Since there is only one vertical standard based on true love, it is the representative standard rooted in the family where True Parents and the vertical God meet. Thus, a teacher or sovereign who follows the pattern of parental love will pursue the environment of a heavenly nation which Satan cannot invade. Since the evil one’s sphere of false love cannot invade, a realm of liberation will unfold and create the heavenly kingdom on earth. (213-124, 1991.1.16)

1.3. The essence of the Three Subjects Principle

    The false parents’ betrayal of the heavenly principle of love has brought ruin. Since the True Parents have reversed that, we have been able to return to our original hometown. The age has dawned in which all accounts will be settled and we may once again travel together on the proper course. Everything will see its end. Everything, including Christianity, Buddhism and Confucianism will come to an end, as will politics. So, by bringing all these together, I have established the Inter-Religious Federation for World Peace (IRFWP) for the sphere of religion and the Federation for World Peace (FWP) for the political sphere. The divided mind is being made one and its worldwide fruits are being harvested. Upon what base are they being harvested? Based on the love of True Parents. True parent, true teacher and true owner are the essence of the Three Subjects Principle. With this three-subjects philosophy, even prominent people in the world are certain to kneel down before me, saying, “Please teach us!” The politicians of the world who used to claim to be owners – false owners – all have some connection with me. The Three Subjects Principle refers to me.
    Then, where is it that I live? I do not stand only in the teacher’s position or only in the owner’s position. Even the president of a university returns home as a parent in the evening and even the president of Korea returns to the Blue House. Even the one who commands the royal courtiers must go home to sleep and there he becomes a father, a parent.
    When we see these things, we realize that parents are the center. The school is based on parents and the position of owner is based on parents. Everyone may go out, but they will eventually return to their parents. The place where you can live without having to return is the place where your parents are. That is how it works with all things involving true love. The saying that the king, the teacher and the parents are equal has its basis there. I am now conveying a true teaching to you. This is why I am the best of all teachers.
    Among rulers there has been none who ruled with love. This is why your mind and body desire to live forever resonating with me and the way I am going. Those who really love the Unification Church and those in the Unification Church who have the heart to love God, love humankind and love the fundamental essence of human beings, are unable to leave me. This is because I have the heart of a parent, the heart of a teacher and the heart of an owner. Through me, you can become parents, you can become owners and you can become teachers. (215-78, 1991.2.6)


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