Jesus Was to Meet a Woman and Bear Children

Cheon Seong Gyeong 98

    Human beings stand as horizontal parents. Adam and Eve are children, and brother and sister, and husband and wife at the same time. They then rise to the position of God by giving birth to sons and daughters. To give birth to and love children means to inherit everything that was joyful after God created human beings. (223-267, 1991.11.12)

    Your children are the way God helps you feel joy in the position of a creator, the joy God felt when He created Adam and Eve. Children are the second creation, coming through Adam and Eve. The incorporeal God created Adam and Eve as beings of substance having a physical form. If Adam and Eve had reached perfection, they would have become the central representatives of love as the perfection of God’s corporeal being. Just as God felt joy after creating Adam and Eve, children are given to you so that you can substantially feel and experience God’s joy of creation. (238-62, 1992.11.19)

Cheon Seong Gyeong 359

Soybean paste soup tastes best when it is served in an earthenware bowl. The rough and thick taste of soybean paste soup is something you can never forget once you have developed a liking for it. Likewise, when people have developed a liking for the rough and thick flavor of love, they will never change. Just as you quickly get tired of instant foods, which are sweet, if you could get love easily anywhere like instant food, you would not be able to call it true love. (Blessed Family – 353)

Cheon Seong Gyeong

Selections from the Speeches of Rev. Sun Myung Moon
Book 2
True Parents
Chapter 8

The Three Great Subjects Principle and the Proclamation of True Parents

Section 1.  The Three Great Subjects Principle and the Parent-Centered Ideology

1.4. A parent-centered ideology

    Is Jesus a man or a woman? He is a man. If such a man, who has received God’s love, God’s life and God’s lineage, had met a woman who could create a relationship with him and they bore children, then new children of God’s direct lineage would have been born on this earth. Then, neither Christianity nor the Vatican would be needed today. With the appearance of sons and daughters of Jesus’ direct lineage, a kingship and a true royal family would have finally begun on this earth and created one world.
    This right of kingship would not initially have been a right of kingship for the whole world but one starting in a single family. From the family, it would have advanced beyond being a family kingship, to have become a tribal, a national, a worldwide and a cosmic kingship. Then there would be no need for any Christian denominations or ministers. The Vatican would not be needed. Democracy would not be needed. Democracy is an ideology based only on brotherhood. This is why people are fighting. Brothers are fighting among themselves. Hence, the ideology upholding brotherhood should return to a parent-centered ideology and from there to the God-centered ideology of Godism.
    What is the parent-centered ideology? It is the character of true parents that Adam and Eve were to have fulfilled on earth. Next, what is the God-centered ideology? Since True Parents are the horizontal parents, we also need the vertical parent. Therefore, the vertical parent-centered ideology is the God-centered ideology. What we term as head-wing thought is the true parent-centered ideology and the vertical God-centered ideology. That is how it works.
    Human beings are born when heavenly life and earthly life are connected, heavenly love and earthly love are connected, and heavenly lineage and earthly lineage are connected through the unity between the horizontal true parent-centered ideology and the vertical God-centered ideology. That is why we are beings with a dual structure. We consist of an internal person and an external person.
    The internal person is the vertical self and the bodily person is the horizontal self. These are the fruit. (224-277, 1991.12.15)

    Democracy is an ideology of brotherhood. When there are many brothers, the one among them who receives the most love from their parents always creates an issue in the family. When some of the children take after the father and some after the mother, a mother’s group and a father’s group will emerge based on which child takes after which parent. Such a scenario takes place based on love.
    This is why after the Second World War we saw that the victorious nations allowed the defeated nations to keep their independence. This signified that the world had entered the realm of the brotherhood ideology. When we reach the point closest to the appearance of the ideology on God’s side, the two brothers will fight in front of the one God.
    In the final period of history, America has played a leading role based on its Christian culture, which has laid a unified foundation. Instead of judging the other nations of the world, America allowed the defeated nations to maintain their independence.
    These things suggest that we have entered the age of God’s providence when the abandoned sons and daughters, the prodigal children, can be brought back into the fold. This explains why the age of democracy, as a brotherhood ideology, came about. As the time of the brotherhood ideology comes to an end, the parent-centered ideology will arrive. Unification can occur only under such a parent-centered ideology. This is providential history. (213-10, 1991.1.13)

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