The Mission of the Unification Church Is to De-emphasize Material Interests

Cheon Seong Gyeong 1861

God will restore human beings back to the world before the Fall. God has to take care of all the enemies in order to restore Adam’s perfected world before the Fall. There were no enemies in that world. Everybody was like brothers and had only the concept that they were one family. It is about swallowing one another. In the fish world in the Pantanal, the larger fish swallow the smaller fish without regard, whether there is something filthy or not. It swallows the excrements of the internal organs and everything else. (297-170, 1998.11.19)

Cheon Seong Gyeong 677

People are living in hell on earth, and spirits are suffering in hell in the spirit world. The gate of hell on earth and the gate of hell in the spirit world must be opened. Through these gates a pathway must be connected leading from the individual to the nation and world on earth. Then there must be a connection leading from the earth to the spirit world. It must connect to that single pathway that leads to the mainstream. Your mind and body must become one. With that level of oneness, there must be no barriers blocking your path as you pass through the family and tribe. From that level you transcend the race, nation and world to the spirit world. Everything must be broken down

Cheon Seong Gyeong

Selections from the Speeches of Rev. Sun Myung Moon
Book 2
True Parents
Chapter 8

The Three Great Subjects Principle and the Proclamation of True Parents

Section 2. The Proclamation of True Parents

2.4. Phenomena occurring after the proclamation of True Parents

2.4.3. The coming of the heavenly fortune for unification

    With what do we settle down? We settle down with the love of Adam and Eve, and with True Parents. We should settle down with God’s vertical love and True Parents’ horizontal love. From here true children’s blood connection with the original True Parents will finally emerge, horizontally expanding from the individual, family and tribe and leading to the formation of a tribe and people.
    Until now, I have been fighting to find and establish these things, and I have triumphed. I have been proceeding under the persecution of the satanic world. When I started out as an individual, all the individuals in the satanic world opposed me. When I went based on my family, all the families in the satanic world opposed me. When the Unification Church was pursuing the formation of a tribe and people, the tribes and peoples all opposed us. They all opposed us based on whatever conditions had been established. But as I triumphed in this process, America submitted and the Soviet Union came to the brink of collapse; so there is nothing left to attack us.
    After being victorious on the battlefield, I have returned. The summit cannot be surpassed. In returning, where do we go? Having mastered the satanic world, we return to our hometown.
    Thus, we should enter North Korea through the land of South Korea. When the Right and Left all collapse, who gains supremacy? The heavenly side will gain supremacy. Through our declaration of True Parents, the communist world stands in the position to collapse completely, and Satan will decline rapidly from now on. He will not fall at the angle with which he ascended; he will plunge straight down because this is not Satan’s path; it is True Parents’ path. True Parents won the victory in the satanic world, and now can go beyond it, and come down to the plain.
    This is not a place Satan can occupy; it is where True Parents are going, leading all the people. This is why everything is declining now. It is said that the present world is an age when material things have almighty power; but in terms of the spirit, it is an age of nothing.
    Thus, the mission of the Unification Church is to de-emphasize material interests, and make the spirit the central focus. Today’s schools teach skills but not character. They teach that God and humankind are not important. But we must preserve the value of both and go down the right path. We should start on the downward path and match this as one cyclic law. We must return to our hometown and achieve the reunification of North and South Korea.
    Korea is a sacrificial offering representing the division between the left and right, that is, between the democratic and communist worlds. Our minds and bodies are also divided, and our families are divided. Everything is in two camps and these camps are in conflict with each other. They have become factions that are divided front and back, and are fighting instead of being vertically aligned as upper and lower. The upper and the lower houses ought to be vertically aligned, yet they are fighting. So we need to establish this vertical relationship. (202-270, 1990.5.25)

    The Unification Church can unify democracy and communism, and unite all religions. It can also unite religions with the world. We came with the responsibility to unify heaven and earth in front of the great way of heaven, and we were attacked. So as we rise higher and higher from the individual, through the family, tribe and people, those who have opposed and attacked us must go down. They have reached their peak and now must lose all their power. Hence, there is no country, no matter how large, that has confidence in the second and third generations; there is no country that can have hope in the second and third generations. All nations have become like that. Such a time has arrived.
    My visit to the Soviet Union and other activities put an end to the communist world. The world has been laughing at us. They thought that we would shrink away and disappear, but this will not happen. It may seem that they have supremacy and can control everything as they wish, but that is an illusion. The Republic of Korea is on the verge of chaos. This problem cannot be solved by anyone. Everything declines after reaching its maximum height. We are rising by piercing through these barriers.
    What is the original standard that enables us to pierce through and continue going up? It is True Parents’ teaching. Adam and Eve become family and tribal level true parents. Viewed historically, everyone is a part of one family, but Adam and Eve are the ancestors of True Parents. When a nation is formed, who are the ancestors of the nation? They are True Parents. Who are the ancestors of the family? They are True Parents. Who are the ancestors of the world? True Parents.
    This is why the appearance of True Parents on this earth leads to the formation of the families in the heavenly nation and the organization of entire tribes, peoples, nations, and the world under the dominion of True Parents.

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