Communism and Democracy Have Reached Their Peak

Cheon Seong Gyeong 1831

We should go to the North Pole to mine, and dig up diamonds and gold from deep in the ocean at the South Pole. You should go to an underwater vein of diamonds and excavate them all. Men and women alike should do this. If you can go in the middle of that and engage in true love, if you can dive into the deep ocean waters and make love, you may have a hard time getting there, but that love would be so sweet. You may suffer a shock or be under distress, but you have gone all the way to that place in search of the ideal love. If you can make love there, would it be breathtaking or unsatisfactory? Don’t you want to go to the bottom of the ocean and make love? Everybody will die anyway eventually. If the two of you can live at that bottom of the ocean, make love and die, you would be happy. (299-186, 1999.2.15)

Cheon Seong Gyeong 953

    I have liberated the saints and murderers in accordance with principles. Your husbands, who were set against the Unification Church, and even those who went to hell, can therefore come and be liberated and blessed by me if you desire to bring them to True Parents. Since there was such a principle of bringing saints and murderers together, such things are now happening. Through this, a united domain of the Blessing for the spiritual and physical worlds should be created, and they should all even go through the three-day ceremony. Therefore, amongst those in the spirit world, I am now liberating and even blessing the people who did not live long on the earth or died without getting married, and all those above the age of sixteen.
    By opening the gates of hell and giving the Blessing to all those who went to the spirit world, God’s authority over His lineage has been recognized. Because of this, Satan must completely retreat. This is a revolution. There has never been a revolution like this amongst all revolutions. I created the environment where all those who died because of the Fall can enter heaven. By creating all the foundations enabling those who died without getting married, ever since the Fall of Adam and Eve, to enter and live in heaven, and by creating the environment enabling all our ancestors to enter a realm of the spirit world within the domain of the Blessing, I have created a highway that leads to heaven. I have restored all those foundations through indemnity. (300-305, 1999.4.11)

Cheon Seong Gyeong

Selections from the Speeches of Rev. Sun Myung Moon
Book 2
True Parents
Chapter 8

The Three Great Subjects Principle and the Proclamation of True Parents

Section 2. The Proclamation of True Parents

2.4. Phenomena occurring after the proclamation of True Parents

2.4.3. The coming of the heavenly fortune for unification

    This is why the appearance of True Parents on this earth leads to the formation of the families in the heavenly nation and the organization of entire tribes, peoples, nations, and the world under the dominion of True Parents.
    What does it mean to be victorious here? It means that all go into the domain of True Parents. This is why Satan attacks this domain from every side, and strikes it to keep it from growing. But we achieved victory in all these battles over the last forty-three years and have triumphed in America.
    With respect to the Cain and Abel issue, America is a nation in the Cain position before me. I have fought against and won over this Cain, just as I won over the Soviet Union. Cain and Abel, communism and democracy, and the Left and Right-wings have reached their peak. Head-wing thought is standing at this point. Head wing thought is the perfected-Adam philosophy. Due to the Fall and since Adam failed to become perfect, a son on Satan’s side, Cain, and a son on Heaven’s side, Abel, were raised up in order to restore Adam. Thus Left and Right have been fighting to claim ownership. This is what has been going on.
    What is head-wing thought? It is the perfected Adam’s philosophy. What are Adam’s philosophy and head-wing thought based on? In terms of the Principle, the indirect dominion and the direct dominion are not yet unified. By Adam’s fulfillment of his responsibility the indirect and direct dominions will be unified. They become one after having gone beyond ten stages of growth. What does the number ten signify? It is the horizontal line. Ten finally constitutes the horizontal line.
    Even nine cannot constitute a horizontal line. A horizontal line forms when the number ten is reached. Centered on love, heaven and earth, and mind and body will settle completely on the horizontal line. This settlement is for eternity. (202-270, 1990.5.25)

From this standpoint, we must proclaim True Parents. The proclamation of True Parents will trigger unification. We have three organizations dedicated to this. They are the Unification Church, the Federation for Victory Over Communism, and the Citizen’s Federation. The Citizen’s Federation was founded in order to unify North and South Korea. The Federation for Victory Over Communism was established to offer protection against the communist world. We can unify the North and South only when we are protected from the communist world.
    I founded the Unification Church for the purpose of providing spiritual guidance in order to build a firm foundation for educating the conscience. This had not existed. Satan has been attacking the Unification Church to prevent us from building that foundation. However, I have now made all the indemnity conditions, returned to my homeland and proclaimed the True Parents.
    I have proclaimed the True Parents throughout the Unification movement and then to the people who have some relationship with us and to our relatives. The True Parents have already been proclaimed in the Unification Church. Have they not been proclaimed throughout the entire Unification movement?
    Because the Cains and Abels need to be one, the proclamation will be made to the nation. At that point, those in the position of Cain who have opposed us, will become one with us. Now the proclamation is finished. That is why spiritual mediums all receive the revelation that the day when True Parents are proclaimed is the day the world ends.
    Since the world began with evil parents, a new world will begin when everything that is connected to those evil parents is brought to submission and the True Parents can make their beginning.
    When a Korean wrestling champion and his challenger battle on the mat, the champion is still the champion until he falls down. But once he falls down, he goes into the pit. It will happen exactly like that. (202-273, 1990.5.25)

    I have proclaimed the True Parents. The Republic of Korea will not perish because I have done so. If Adam and Eve, in the Garden of Eden, had become true parents, there would have been no devil. Since your deceased ancestors are in the position of archangels, they are standing behind you members of the Unification Church. The spirit world is helping us because I performed the proclamation ceremony. From now on, if you have confidence and just trust my words and act, all kinds of things will happen.
    A while ago, when we were holding rallies to welcome True Parents in cities, counties, and districts, I said that you district leaders would bring results in accordance with the breadth of your mindset. When I suggested to the regional directors the idea of holding rallies for three thousand people, they all opposed me, but I said, “Trust me, believe in me, and just do it,” and when they followed what I had said, it worked. (203-242, 1990.6.26)


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