The Devil Killed Our Parents

Cheon Seong Gyeong 1998

The ideology that will guide this world in the future will be the one that teaches us to save the world, even if it means sacrificing one’s own nation. When a country follows such a teaching, a nation and people that center upon such a new movement will appear on earth. A new world of hope will be realized, leading to the establishment of a unified and ideal world. Those persons with limited national and historical views who fail to transcend traditional boundaries cannot inherit God’s ideal world. (51-44, 1971.11.4)

Cheon Seong Gyeong 1662

    The position of a married couple is truly a great one. There, the fulfillment of hope that humankind has yearned for throughout history blossoms in the form of children, siblings and spouses. In this way, just as God began His work of creation with love, the couple that represents Adam and Eve will begin to create on their own through the act of giving birth to their children. They take the position of substantial creators, and in the position of horizontal creators in relation to their children, they bear them. This is the making of the third creators, namely the children.
    Thus, parents raise their offspring as God’s children from the position of substantial parents in His stead. In so doing, they substantially experience how the invisible God nurtured His children. God also underwent a similar developmental process. He passed through infancy, siblinghood, matrimony and parenthood. By parents giving birth to and raising their children based on the invisible God’s past, their children can gain sight of God, the first and incorporeal Creator, from the time of His invisible babyhood onward.
    Adam and Eve were destined as the visible second creators to raise their children as siblings and later to have them marry to form couples, so that God, who raised Adam and Eve as His son and daughter and as brother and sister, could see through them the substantial reality of His every intrinsic and invisible desire on earth. Those who can fulfill this desire are their own sons and daughters. (263-148, 1994.8.21)

Cheon Seong Gyeong

Selections from the Speeches of Rev. Sun Myung Moon
Book 2
True Parents
Chapter 8

The Three Great Subjects Principle and the Proclamation of True Parents

Section 2. The Proclamation of True Parents

2.5. The remarkable proclamation of True Parents

    I have brought together the rightwing and the left-wing. Nobody knows how much I have suffered while walking this path. We need to build a domain where Godism, the God-centered ideology centered on head-wing vertical thought, can be publicly recognized in schools and at all levels of leadership. So the Soviet and American governments should say that when they live centered on Rev. Moon, America will live and the Communist party will live.
    When I visited Moscow, the CIA kept an eye on me, but Rev. Moon will digest the Communist party, rather than ever being digested by it. I am the one who showed the direction that US policy should take over the next six months. When the Americans were hesitating over the Soviet proposal to reduce arms, I educated them and helped them go over all the hurdles.
    When we turn around, where do we have to go? We should return home through the world; we should go over the nation and return to our hometown.
    Because the fallen ancestors started with the family of Adam and Eve, we need to get rid of this mask. We need to clear the names of the three great ancestors of the three great ages. Adam fell. Satan killed the true ancestor of humankind. The first generation, Adam, became God’s enemy through his fall. The one who came next as the second true parent was Jesus, the Messiah. This Messiah, who had come as the Savior, was killed by humankind, by his sons and daughters, by the people. How great is the sin of the country that imprisoned and killed the true parent? They could not escape from this. This is why the people of Israel have wandered around in other lands for two thousand years. When we look back through history, we see that many among their number were stabbed to death, or kicked by horses, or have disappeared like the dew through resentment or curses. After barely making it through two thousand years of history, they managed to create an independent nation with the support of America.
    The devil killed our parents, the devil’s sons and daughters killed the second true parent, and devils throughout the entire world have attempted to mobilize all the ideologies and systems to kill the third true parent. Yet it is amazing that True Parents survived all kinds of perils and hardships and have been able to proclaim the way of the Parents, the True Parents on earth! How much God has longed for this! (219-333, 1991.10.13)



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