The Democratic World Has Finished Its Experiment

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Cheon Seong Gyeong 1639

Why did God create heaven and earth? What did that almighty, absolute being not have that He needed to create human beings? He created them because of love. Love cannot arise without an object. If it were to be set in motion without an object, it would only suffer a loss. Everything is made to protect itself; nothing moves if all that can be expected is a loss. Though it may seem like it is not there, love rushes out if an object appears. Love primarily exists within God, but when the masculine God is alone it does not make an appearance. The object that can draw it out from Him is humankind. (60-76, 1972.8.6)

Cheon Seong Gyeong 1186

What happened due to the Ceremony of the Settlement of the Eight Stages? The right of Right of the parent can be liberated and achieved. Because this time is coming, then, from the position of Parents, I am raising all of you into a position where you can be tribal messiahs. This is to liberate Jesus and Adam’s family from their grief. Through your tribes, you can obliterate the foundation created by the mistake of false parents; in this way, for the first time, hometowns where people were born can be transformed into the hometowns of the heavenly kingdom. (193-214, 1989.10.4)

Cheon Seong Gyeong

Selections from the Speeches of Rev. Sun Myung Moon
Book 2
True Parents
Chapter 8

The Three Great Subjects Principle and the Proclamation of True Parents

Section 2. The Proclamation of True Parents

2.7. What we need to do after the proclamation of True Parents

2.7.3. Rallies to welcome True Parents

    Since we are holding welcoming rallies for True Parents these days, all around the country Korean people are talking and wondering, asking themselves, “Hey, who are these ‘True Parents’ we hear so much about?” They should turn around and seek out the True Parents. Since they descended from false parents, they cannot find the direction God is telling them to go without first transcending the limits of the false parents and then connecting with the True Parents. This is the Principle. It is logical and undeniable. The Fall created false parents. Because they were driven out, they were the false parents. People should seek parents who have never been chased away, through whom they can live together with God forever.
    This is how we Korean people are. We have songs like the one that goes, “I want to bring my parents here and live with them forever.” This is because we are a people of revelations. We also have a song that goes, “The blue sky and the milky way…” This shows that we are a people to whom things have been revealed. That song showed everyone that satellites would appear, and that the world would be that kind of advanced world. What a great feeling for the arts this race has! It is a great thing that we have such a cultural background, a refined background with a deep philosophy. (206-80, 1990.10.3)

    Rev. Moon has proclaimed the True Parents before all the people of the Republic of Korea through the rallies to welcome True Parents. True Parents must be proclaimed. Only then will Heaven be able to set up camp and repel the evil Satan. Now wait and see what happens. Look at the future path. We have held welcoming rallies for True Parents all over the country, but no one knows what they were about. I did not hold these rallies because I am crazy. Through the welcoming rallies for True Parents, we are solidifying the heavenly foundation to replace those on the side of evil. (204-144, 1990.7.6)

    I proclaimed True Parents nationwide through the welcoming rallies for the Parents. Now what do you have to do? Since I held welcoming rallies for True Parents on the foundation where the nation and the world are connected, you Blessed Families should now hold welcoming rallies for parents on the tribal level. Then, everything will be concluded.
    You need to complete your tribal messiah work. After completing messiahship on the world level based on a nation, we need to manage the tribal realm. Tribes spread throughout the world. A nation will then naturally emerge. Such a time has come. What is making this happen? The democratic world has finished its experiment. The communist world has finished its experiment, so have Christianity and all the religions in the world. Why am I saying that they have finished their experiments? There has been no group that has not opposed the Unification Church. All of them have attacked us. (202-270, 1990.5.25)

    After we have finished the welcoming rallies for the Parents throughout the entire nation, we will enter a new age. Spiritualists are receiving revelations that this world is ending and that we are entering a new world. Because of the rallies the spirit world is coming down. There is an Old Testament Age, a New Testament Age and a Completed Testament Age. In the past, those spirits who had believed in one of the major religions, who left a good legacy and who are in the good spirit world, helped the providence on earth in accordance with God’s will. Until now, without going that way, there has been no way for spirits to relate with the earth.

    Since True Parents have now appeared on this earth, establishing individual, family, tribal, national, and global traditions and have been victorious, then now is the time when we will leave the sphere of religion behind us. Religions will disappear in the age of True Parents, because they have achieved global victory. Had Adam and Eve not fallen but become True Parents, religion would never have been needed. In that case, they would have been able to join with heaven as one, and ancestors would always be connected with their descendants on earth in that ideal of oneness. Because the Fall blocked this route, however, we need to create the proper realm for the chosen people in order to open the way.
    The age of our release from the religious realm is coming, because everything has been indemnified through the people of Israel as the chosen people, Christianity as the global chosen people, and the Unification Church as the cosmic-level chosen people. So now the time is coming when the spirit world can contact the earthly world on that foundation. Thus, even non-believers will be connected to the spirit world through the realm of the chosen people and through religion, and the past ages will fade away.
    Through the triumph of True Parents, there will come a time – the era when the Old Testament, the New Testament and the Completed Testament have all been fulfilled – when even nonbelievers can enter the mainstream of religion. Then, all of the ancestors in the spirit world will be able to visit their earthly descendants and work with them. This is what the spirit world is like. For this reason, from now on, if someone refuses to believe in the Unification Church, his ancestors will come to him and give him nightmares, sickness, and bitter medicine.
    Until now, the earthly world has been divided, and occupied by Satan. However, as the good spirits in the realm of the good archangel and those in the religious realm as a whole enter the realm of evil on earth and fully expel it, everyone who has served in the shadow cast by the devil so far, whether Kim Il-sung or any other, will be washed away. Thus, as one, two, three, and four nations become connected to the Unification Church, the whole world will see the age of complete liberation. From 1988 to 2000, that is, until I turn eighty is the era of the mission to accomplish this task. This is why the role of tribal messiah has been set up.
    Having proclaimed the worldwide Messiah, I have proclaimed the role of tribal messiah with the mission to head towards the realm of the national Messiah. Then the realm of national Messiah will unfold in which the tribal messiah is connected to the realm of the global Messiah. In the same way, as the establishment of heavenly states and provinces takes place, we will enter the age of the unified kingdom. (202-255, 1990.5.24)

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