Kim-IL Sung Is the False Father

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Cheon Seong Gyeong 642

   The Koreans are a unique race with a long history. Korea never even once invaded other countries, although it was often attacked. Korea’s survival, sandwiched as it is between powerful countries, is a miracle. It is due to divine protection.
    Korean customs are quite similar to those of the Jews. When I came to understand the spirit world, I discovered many affinities between its principled ways and our Korean customs, such as those relating to childbirth and marriage, as well as attitudes toward life. For meals, Koreans always place a pair of chopsticks and a spoon beside them as the main elements of the setting. The food, prepared and served in bowls, harmonizes in plus and minus, yin and yang relationships. Koreans organize around the number seven. There is a three day separation with each of life’s major events: after childbirth, after marriage, and after death. Historically Koreans truly respect traditional things. (54-234, 1972.3.24)

Cheon Seong Gyeong 1126

    The history of restoration through indemnity is always with us, from childhood to old age, in death and in the spirit world. Our portion of responsibility stays with us. It even continues when we pass into the spirit world, and the more we rise to the higher realms, the more the laws come to be of a higher dimension. Our portion of responsibility remains with us at every level. We must know this. (133-175, 1984.7.10)

Cheon Seong Gyeong

Selections from the Speeches of Rev. Sun Myung Moon
Book 2
True Parents
Chapter 8

The Three Great Subjects Principle and the Proclamation of True Parents

Section 2. The Proclamation of True Parents

2.8. The parent in the North and the parent in the South

    As we learn in the Principle, during the Old Testament Age material things were sacrificed to pave the way for the sons and daughters to come and in the New Testament Age sons and daughters were offered as sacrifices to pave the way for the coming of the parent, the returning Lord. Why did the Parents suffer in the Completed Testament Age? They walked the suffering path in order to bring God down to this earth. My lifelong dream is to bring God down to this earth.
    I was not able to attend God in my hometown. So I must go back to my hometown holding high the flag of global victory. There is an evil lord of the second coming in North Korea; an evil parent. Thus Kim Il-sung is called the “beloved parent.” What does the word parent mean? Because Satan knew that True Parents would appear in South Korea, and that True Parents’ hometowns are in North Korea, he wanted to attack and kill the True Parents through North Korea. This is why Gorbachev and Kim Il-sung conspired together to assassinate me. In February of 1987, they dispatched twenty-five Red Army soldiers to America, and the spirit world caught them carrying my home address. The CIA caught them, and while they were being investigated I entered Moscow.
    It is a risky path. My path is risky because in accomplishing God’s will I have the responsibility to shorten this history even if only by one day. I have been paving this road, investing my whole self as if pouring all my capital into the Pacific Ocean and around the countryside. I cannot leave any historical blemishes in such a place. This is something holy. Something holy! This is why God can come and dwell in our country.
    The South and North are like the body and mind. When they become one, God will come to them. God enters where they become one in love. This is why we need to unify the South and North. First, the Parents should be attended in South Korea. They should be attended better than the North Koreans attend Kim Ilsung. North Koreans carry Kim Il-sung badges. Unificationists should not be ashamed and stand even more proudly before the world than they do. North Koreans are all armed with Juche (selfreliance) thought. So we should arm ourselves with the Three Subjects Principle centered on God’s unshakable and absolute love and widen the gap with the North Koreans so that they cannot interfere with us. Walking such a path is our mission. (212-56, 1991.1.1)

    Kim Il-sung is the false father. North Koreans call him their parent, do they not? Why has he appeared at this time in history? The person who is the most villainous in all the communist countries, the greatest of all devils, will appear. However, I am called the True Parent. The True Parent should be able to subjugate the false parent through natural surrender. He should not be struck down by force. God’s providence of salvation and God’s victory or defeat is not determined by force. If force were to be used, everything would be over immediately. If the communists had had their way, everything would be over. The fallen world, which used to show off its mighty armies that created such a history of strife in this earthly world, and which passed down Satan’s tradition, will have a miserable end.
    God, who knows such things, is trying to bring Satan to surrender naturally. He tells him to do everything he wants. After letting him do everything he wants, Heaven will be hit first and then it will take it all away, saying that the one who struck the side of justice must pay for all the damages. When Satan arrives at the end of the world, he will be left with nowhere to go. He will surrender at the end of the world. God cannot bring this to pass by Himself. Rather, He has to prepare a person on earth who can inherit this task. This is why He sends the Messiah in the Last Days. (210-231, 1990.12.23)


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