When Will We Realize that those Enemies Are Our Brothers and Sisters?

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Cheon Seong Gyeong 354

When the husband and wife love each other explosively on the basis of the heart of loving God and loving humankind, God and the universe will be enraptured by this couple. This love cannot be anything other than that for the sake of God and humankind. Where does the root of this love lie? It does not lie within oneself. God is the source of love. He is the source of love for humankind. (35-239, 1970.10.19)

Cheon Seong Gyeong 1204

Even with just a small group of people, I have exerted great influence on Korea until now. Because we understand about restoration through indemnity, we do not need many people. I will carry the cross myself for the sake of indemnity, so that the children who follow do not have to go through hardships. That is why I go forward with persistence. Knowing the price of such sacrifice, everything comes to me and helps with my work. Isn’t that true? Pure young people and pure Blessed Families follow me. This is the trend in Japan and in America as well. (166-85, 1987.5.28)

Cheon Seong Gyeong

Selections from the Speeches of Rev. Sun Myung Moon
Book 2
True Parents
Chapter 8

The Three Great Subjects Principle and the Proclamation of True Parents

Section 3.  The Proclamation of True Parents and Kingship

3.1. Adam’s family, the original starting point of the royal palace

    God’s will was for Adam to reach perfection. Adam was the eldest son, the first son. He was the son who received the first love. This is the right of the first son. Since Adam was able to receive that first love he could have become a parent centering on that first love. After inheriting this vertical love from God, Adam was to form a couple with his spouse and they were to be connected through horizontal love. This is where the words “restoration of the right of parents” comes from. Until now, throughout all of history there never existed any foundation upon which parents could appear.
    Human history has been knit together by war. It has been a battle, this history of fighting between Cain and Abel. To put an end to this, brothers and sisters must become one. When will we come to realize that those enemies are our brothers and sisters? They used to be our elder brothers and younger brothers. Who will teach them this? The parents will teach them. They did not know about the divisions among their ancestors. Who will teach them? The parents will. Since the parents teach them, the children will come into harmony. They are to be children centered on the parents. Only when the children harmonize can the true authority of parents appear. This, therefore, is the restoration of the right of parents.
    When the lost children are found, parents can regain authority over their children. Next, the right of kingship which has been lost must be restored. The ideal starting point of parents is the royal palace. Adam, must exercise his right as the first son, restore the right of parents, and true kingship and establish himself centering on God’s love. This settling is the origin of the royal palace and parents. Next is the point where the first son’s rights originate. By following this tradition, the universe fully adapts itself. When this is achieved, even the fallen archangel will have to bow his head.
    The relationship between the communist world and the democratic world is a Cain-Abel relationship. Cain and Abel fought, did they not? In a vertical sense, the political and religious spheres represent Cain and Abel. The vertical aspect was struck by the horizontal, so the foundation to restore the right of the first son was lost. The foundation to restore it automatically includes the right of parents. Parents come into being on the foundation of the eldest son. When the right of parents is established, right of kingship will grow. Adam’s family is the starting point of the royal palace. As the royal family grows in numbers, there will be more citizens. When the tribe inherits this kingship centering on the right of the eldest son and centering on that tribe, the tribes from other blood lines will become citizens. This is part of the principle. Because of this, they are all part of the royal family.
    You can return to the original standard of Adam’s family only when you have the consciousness of being a royal family in the heavenly nation. You are tribal messiahs. Tribal messiahs are parents, and also kings. They are to represent the rights of the eldest son, and to inherit the tribal kingship, the rights of tribal parents, and even the rights of a tribal eldest son. The formation-stage and growth-stage Adams come to life through the completion-stage Adam. What does this mean? The rights of the eldest son and tribal messiahship take the form of a family that has been resurrected by Jesus. Moreover, before this is achieved, Jesus cannot resurrect the formation-stage Adam. Jesus himself cannot resurrect him.
    Because the perfected returning Lord has come, exercising the victorious authority to complete the mission of Jesus in the global sphere, and because he has come having victorious supremacy over Satan, only the returning Lord can exercise the authority of Jesus and the authority of Adam in parallel. So the returning Lord is the representative of the perfected Adam and the perfected Jesus, who have triumphed on that foundation. To combine the formation and growth levels and perfect them is to become the third Adam. When we say “the foundation for the completion of the third Adam,” it includes Jesus and Adam. So centering on the foundation for the perfection of the third Adam, and on the basis of this victorious supremacy, he should firmly establish global messiahship. (218-69, 1991.7.2)

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