When Adam Reached Perfection, the Heavenly Father Would Be Perfected

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Cheon Seong Gyeong 1483

Our master is our conscience. How many times has your conscience advised you whenever you had evil thoughts in your head? How much has it worried about how to lead you over the hill and across the river, untiringly recalling you to the right path? In this way, the conscience tries to protect you in the form of the true master. However, the treacherous body has treated this teacher contemptuously, although it was the one and only honorable teacher sent to you by God and the universe. The body has trampled upon the conscience, which was sent on behalf of the parents in order to connect the body to the mind of original love. Do you love this body, which has become the enemy of the mind? No, you should not! (201-353, 1990.4.30)

Now the time for us to listen to someone else’s words has passed. Rather than the words of a brilliant teacher thousands of times greater than you, or any other truth in the world, you should listen to the words of your original mind. No matter how much you have heard from it, you should return repeatedly to listen some more. Then you would receive something of infinite magnitude from it, something unimaginable, which would reveal the greatest secrets of the creation. (7-201, 1959.9.6)

Cheon Seong Gyeong 1341

The 36 Couples established the standard of having restored all the failures of the original 36 generations and thus became ancestors themselves; however, having the 36 Couples as ancestors is not enough. Where did conflict begin? It began between Adam and Eve’s sons Cain and Abel, who thus destroyed the world and made it the way it is today; that is to say, one in which all their descendants are in constant struggle with one other. We must restore this through indemnity. In order to do so, we must set the condition that the sons and daughters of the 36 generations have united before God without a struggle. Hence, I established the 72 Couples, thus twice the number 36, to represent the Cain-Abel division. Through the establishment of the 72 Couples, historical foundations of the ancestors were laid, upon which Cain and Abel could come together, not to fight, but to form a four-position foundation. In this manner, the absolute standard through which we could guard ourselves against Satan was secured. Do you all understand the seriousness of the position of the 72 Couples? (19-120, 1967.12.31)

Cheon Seong Gyeong

Selections from the Speeches of Rev. Sun Myung Moon
Book 2
True Parents
Chapter 8

The Three Great Subjects Principle and the Proclamation of True Parents

Section 3.  The Proclamation of True Parents and Kingship

3.2. The establishment of kingship

    On True Parents’ Day, what we can think about first is the restoration of brotherhood, and second, how the restoration of the right of parents is complete. Next, as the third step, the restoration of the right of kingship remains.

Now that I have restored the right of parents, I am sending out tribal messiahs to put everything in order, just as God sent the returning Lord and just as He sent Jesus. This is possible because the vertical standard has been established. Vertically, the three standards of Adam’s age, Jesus age, and the age of the Second Advent have been established. Since they have been established through my having fought and gained victory, they must all be extended from this point on into the age of the Second Advent.
    What must you achieve through this? You must build your own family. A circle will arise. Through me, three parents were established in this way; they are the Adam parents, the Jesus parents, and the Second Advent parents. Therefore, I am sending you in the same way that God is sending the returning Lord, as if He were sending Adam again. The third Adam came to save the second Adam and first Adam. Just as the third Adam came and restored the second Adam, you have to save your parents who are the first Adam.
    Your mothers and fathers will rise to the position of Adam. Through this, the traditions in the sphere of religion will disappear. There will be no further need for religion. The entire world will enter the realm of the chosen people. What will this do? Horizontally, your birth parents will be tribal messiahs and those born into your lineage will be national messiahs. This has become possible. This is horizontal. Through this, everyone will stand in the position of being connected through one set of parents. The third Adam is also one set of parents. Thus, the land of your birth, your hometown, will become the heavenly nation – the Kingdom of Heaven. And your father and mother in your hometown will become your ancestors – true ancestors.
    What comes first? Standing on God’s side comes first. Next is the family standing on God’s side. Once that is achieved, the global foundation will all be connected to the Parents. Where is the original hometown? Although the original hometown is where I was born, not every tribe can have my birthplace, Jeongju in North Korea, as their hometown.
    Your hometown must be where you were born. Your hometowns are different; Satan has been occupying them. But as heaven-centered parents are born in your hometown, that place will become the Garden of Eden. In this way, your descendants of goodness, who are born in the unfallen, original garden, will expand throughout the world. It is along this vertical line that you will all be connected and tied to my clan. You should love what is vertical more than you love your own clan. Then, Satan will be unable to occupy it. The establishment of such things will make possible the restoration of the right of kingship.
    Originally, when Adam reached perfection, the Heavenly Father would be perfected, and when Eve reached perfection, the Heavenly Mother would be perfected. Hence, if they become the lord and lady of the family, the kingship of the family-level heavenly kingdom would have arisen. Thus, Adam and Eve were to become king and queen on the level of the individual, family, tribe, people, nation, and world. Since we have reached the time when we can go beyond the national level, we can go beyond the kingship of the satanic world and establish the kingship of the heavenly world. This day is March 27, 1990. Through this, the world will turn around with the wind I have whipped up. (201-130, 1990.3.27)


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