Sex Has Become Dirty

Happy Day of All True Things! (established 1963)
Today we offer a special reading for the Holy Day.

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Day of All True Things
Rev. Sun Myung Moon
June 14, 1999
Seoul, Korea

I thought wed finish by 1 or 1:20 pm. It’ll be later! You should read the book that we read from. Also: The CTA [Completed Testament Age] and Ideal Heaven Books about Spirit World The 12 books have concentrated my 50 years of speaking. Its difficult for you to real all my books so read the 12. I want you to understand the Spirit World and all providential things. Dr. Lee has gone to Spirit World before you, then come back and taught you. We can understand WWI, WWII, and everything through understanding the Principle. Understand Spirit World too. Satan’s secrets have been wholly revealed.

What’s destroying the world is free sex. If we could see it in Spirit World, we’d never do it! As humans, we have to go forward with reality. We have to have all people in the world like Reverend Moon. Everyone opposed me. But now they’re changing, coming back. When the President of Korea was elected, all of them opposed me! Not just the industrialized world, …

God couldn’t get Satan to repent True Parents had to do it. I was struck, and then Blessing came to me. I applied Gods principle. Reverend Moon was struck by the whole world, then he received from the whole world. I followed the laws of Heaven. Satan’s way is to strike first and then take away.

The most important thing for the older brother is to help the younger brother, then unite with the parents. From 1945-1952 (not sure about dates) was my first 7-year course. Christianity was against me, so I finally had to make the Unification Church in 1954. Because of the failure of Christianity, millions more people died and went to Hell. Christianity should have understood that the Lord had come.

Conclusion: True Parents got victory. Men and women had wrong sexual relationships centered on Satan. They fell. Then they had children (of the Fall).

When God created, was He most concerned with the eyes, ears, or what? With the sexual organs, the organs of love. The Lord of Love for man is woman. The Lord of Love for woman is man. Husband’s and wives’ blood mixes through sex.

We should have been King and Queen of Love, princes and princesses. Who is the enemy? Our enemy is Gods enemy.

How can you restore the blood lineage? We are all descendants of the fall. From Adam and Eve, evil spread out. This happened in the age of youth; Adam and Eve were 15 or 16! They fell, made a wrong blood lineage. They covered their body. They were the Fallen Parents of humankind. They did this while young, therefore there is so much corruption of young people in the Last Days. In America, can you find true love? There is free sex all over. Can you solve this through politics, or education? They’ve given up on solving the problem? Only God can solve it.

Were are trying to overcome this bastard, Satan. Until now, religion had information about God, but were confused about what to do with God. In Christianity we learned about the Father-son relationship with God. That’s why Christianity could move forward, move the world forward. But they only offer spiritual salvation. The Christian world should receive the lineage of God. Our goal is to have 3 generations connected to God. But Jesus came alone and died alone.

Adam and Eve fell when they were young. We must restore Adams family. Do American people have power in this world? I don’t have a country.

Everybody in America is centered on individual thinking. Men should love women, and women should love men. But in American they are living for themselves! God needs people to love for Heaven and for each other. We have True Parents to show us how to eliminate Satan. The world of humankind is flowing along, we’ve got to help it. If Christians helped us earlier, we would have done everything in 3 years. Adams family had to be restored in a back alley.

We have to be filial sons and daughters. Then make a family, nation and world.

God and Satan fought. Satan said, “These people are related to me! What are you doing here?!”

Adam and Eve were like 3000 generations of only children for God. God could only stand in the doorway and look at His children. So miserable.

Therefore we have to celebrate a day when the fall of Adam and Eve has been liquidated. True Parents had to do this, in the Spirit World and the Physical World. Both. Then go to the family level. What was the problem of Adam and Eve? It was a love problem I am bringing a different blood lineage to earth. America is spreading the culture of false love throughout the earth. People don’t even know true love or what real sex is. They don’t know the realm of heart. So sex has become dirty.

All this can be restored through the Blessing.

Is 800 million people possible?! It is almost impossible! People can’t do it, but through God, Yes! Some parents are worried about their kids privacy, so they let them do whatever!

We have to make something like the best car, that can run on solar energy. Love can go faster than any car, faster than a rocket ship!

The CIA wants to know how Father makes this incredible foundation. The final condition to purify the earth is the 400/800 million Blessing.

Today, people are making contract marriages. “If we divorce, you get this and I get that, and someone else will take care of the kids.” Why even bother getting married? It should be for the other person, not you. We must find unmarried young men and women. People who wanted to be Catholic monks or nuns, Buddhist monks and nuns.

On Feb 14, 1999, I proclaimed the restoration of all things on the spiritual level. Mother restored the position of Eve who failed. I proclaimed this to Mrs. Han Hak Ja. Victory!

The presidents of nations are all unfaithful. Living like gigolos. Now that Mother is restored, Adam has to restore Eve(?)

It was so hard for me to restore Mother. There were so many stupid things, like jealousy, envy of her.

In the Christian church, over 70% of the members are women.

Take this, teach your daughters, mothers-in-law, everyone. Please be like Mother. Have beauty internally as well as externally. Proudly speak to people day and night. This is the Age of the Liberation of women!

We should have a woman president now, and many women congress people, etc. Rev. Moon has made a big foundation, ask the CIA if you don’t believe me!

On this June 14, 1999 I have proclaimed this, the liberation of God, Spirit World and all people who opposed me, entire…

Quotes from the same day (except the first quote)

To solve the fundamental problem, the origin of the Fall must be understood

The Root of the Universe, Cheon Seong Gyeong Book 11, Chapter 3, Section 2.3.1

    In order for us to solve and rectify the global and moral problems of humankind, there must be a principled view of the Fall. This is the final desperate phenomenon of the Last Days due to Satan betraying God and dictating the course of history. It is the strategy of Satan to ruin and destroy humankind. If all this is not resolved, the problems of history cannot be solved, and there would be no way to liquidate the debts of history. Therefore, we are advocating returning to Godism, the true love ideology, and God’s Creation and ideal as an alternative proposal. This is not egocentric but altruistic. We must create the object partners of our love. Without such content, there is no way the problems of this world can be solved. (219-266, 1991.10.11)

    The historical Fall originated from a wrongful marriage centered on a false parent. As Adam and Eve fell during their youth, the corruption of youth began in the Garden of Eden. They sowed the seeds of corruption of the youth. Owing to that, the whole ideal of God centering on Adam’s family was completely shattered. Seeds planted just like that will grow, and in the Last Days there comes a time in which their fruits will be borne.
    There is no one in the world capable of preventing the corruption of the youth. America itself cannot stop it, but instead has become the field of free sex, homosexuality, and lesbianism. It is a complete mess. Can all these things be stopped by American education and religion? Such things cannot be blocked by America’s political and economic power, or by military power. They can only throw their hands in the air. Then who is capable of solving these problems? Only God is. Since they were planted by false parents, the motive for committing sin was humanistic. Since the false parent, Adam, erred and messed everything up, and as he fell in ignorance, the restored Adam must understand the truth completely on earth. He can make Satan surrender by understanding the details of God’s secrets, what the goal of His standard of perfection is, and what manner of wrongdoings the devil perpetrated. (302-222, 1999.6.14)

The cause of all difficult global problems lies with two people: man and woman. Their entanglement led to national, global, and cosmic problems. What was their problem? Love. They erred in the matter of love. Hence, the True Parents must come and undo the corruption of the youth and the failure of Adam’s family which was smashed to smithereens in Eden due to the false parents. The True Parents will bequeath the lineage of God’s love, and all must become living beings centered on love, true olive trees and not wild ones. Those who become true olive trees will change their lineage. I am someone who has all the theoretical systems that can connect people to God’s lineage. It is so if you go that path. That is a proven fact. (302-226, 1999.6.14)

So what is Rev. Moon doing at this time? He has been solving all the problems centering on the issue of youth, which all representative nations – the so-called developed nations, namely of course the United States, Russia and China – and even religions have given up on. The very person who has been conferred the privilege to do that is Rev. Moon. There is no such person other than him. (302-228, 1999.6.14)

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