I Have Proclaimed that I Am the True Parent

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Cheon Seong Gyeong 2190

Filial children are those who would love and embrace their parent as their own baby even if he or she became incontinent or worse. Such children will go to heaven. (116-86, 1981.12.20)

Cheon Seong Gyeon 425

    If God is absolute, then the question arises: “Why did such an absolute being create human beings?” It was not for money, knowledge or power. He created human beings because that was the only way God could love. In this scenario, the relationship between God, the Father, and human beings, as the sons and daughters, forms an axis line. If this axis had been connected, it would have been impossible to separate human beings and God in their relationship of love. Do you think that a man or woman who has tasted God’s original love would ever want to be separated from it?
    Bees get a taste of nectar in the spring-time. When you pull on the abdomen of a bee sucking on the nectar, the abdomen may be pulled off but the bee will not separate itself from the nectar. What would happen if you were to get a taste of such love? Even if you somehow separated yourself from it, you would return to it, clinging to it forever.
    Once the foundation to operate the universe connecting to the axis of love is formed, the union of an individually perfected man and woman would form the foundation of a family centered on love. On the basis of this love, tribe, people, and world could be formed and realized. (137-57, 1985.12.18)

Cheon Seong Gyeong

Selections from the Speeches of Rev. Sun Myung Moon
Book 2
True Parents
Chapter 8

The Three Great Subjects Principle and the Proclamation of True Parents

Section 3.  The Proclamation of True Parents and Kingship

3.3. The restoration of kingship

    Now, there is no one in the world, who can get rid of me. No one can match me in strength. Do you know what would happen if I put out negative propaganda? This Republic of Korea would be in trouble. Do you know who handled the leftist students? At a time that was supposed to be the most chaotic since the founding of the Republic of Korea, I swept through the nation, bringing the contents of my meeting with Gorbachev. This led the people to say, “Oh, I cannot trust the government. I will have to trust Rev. Moon.” In this way, I pointed them in the right direction.
    What did I do on that foundation? I proclaimed True Parents. If we came as the True Parents, I had to declare the True Parents; otherwise, how could I raise my face before God in the spirit world? If we have really come with the mission of the True Parents, I must declare that we are the True Parents before all people and the world. Otherwise, how could I lift up my face and go on? Jesus could not proclaim himself as the True Parent. That was the problem. If he had, Christianity would not have had to shed blood. Jesus himself would have been able to indemnify ten times as much as what Christians were able to restore through their shedding of their own blood. But since he was unable to proclaim himself as the True Parent, Satan has been in control until a global standard could be revealed.
    The false parent, Kim Il-sung, has appeared in North Korea, occupying the throne of the satanic true parents. This is usurpation and plundering. It is plundering. The communists in North ruined Christianity there, but now that I have proclaimed True Parents, Kim Il-sung will go down. Through this proclamation, I am taking hold of him. It is because such a time is approaching that I am planning to go to Pyongyang and hold a rally there. This is not something I will do myself. Does Adam fight with the archangel? Adam does not fight with the archangel. Since the archangel fell, I must give him directions.
    Thus I have been giving directions to the Soviet Union, the worldwide archangel, and to China, the Asian-level archangel. Then, by creating oneness between the archangel and Eve, with Japan in the position of Eve, I will bring Kim Il-sung to submission. I am bringing these people into oneness and then using that as a vehicle to move forward. If I can declare the Federation for World Peace in Pyongyang in this way, how good that would be! I will call Gorbachev, Jiang Zemin, the Japanese prime minister, President Bush, and so forth, to come. There is no one in Korea but me who says such things. Can the president do this? What will it take to do this? I have already laid that kind of foundation. (204-178, 1990.7.8)

    I am not a man who is fading away. I am not someone who is ignorant of what is behind all the politicians in history. Although the leaders of the Christian churches do not know these things, I certainly do. Has either the Unification Church or Rev. Moon perished, although both of them have been branded as historic representatives of extreme foolishness? Can God perish? What kind of relationship do I, Rev. Moon, and God have? What do we mean by True Parent?
    I have proclaimed that I am the True Parent. If I were not the True Parent yet declared myself to be so, I would be stabbed by spirits from hell and by good spirits when I went to the spirit world. So why would I proclaim myself to be the True Parent in the face of such a dreadful outcome, if it were not true? What is the True Parent? I have heard that at a doctrinal discussion between Won-Buddhism and the Unification Church, one leader asked, “While Won-Buddhism talks about the Savior, the Unification Church talks about True Parents. The Savior can be forsaken after one is saved, but parents are a matter of absolute destiny, so how can they be forsaken?” That’s how it is. Try forsaking them, and the entire universe, heaven and earth, and everything else will say, “You wretch, you deserve to go to hell!”
    The place of True Parents is a place of pride. Since the devil knows this, he has attacked me from all four directions, mobilizing the whole world. Even the Communist party joined in this effort, and all the denominations and religions have opposed me. Furthermore, even the mafia and terrorists joined forces to expel me. They have shot at me with all kinds of tricky weapons. (203-144, 1990.6.24)

    You call me the True Parent, but I do not like the words True Parents. Think about how fearsome these words are. Once we became True Parents, we had to bear and raise true sons and daughters. This is the issue. After becoming True Parents, we had to head up a true family. When a tribe arises from this, we must lead it as a true tribe; when this expands to a people, we must lead that people; if this expands into a nation, we must lead that nation; if this expands to the world, we must lead the world; and if this expands to all humankind filling heaven and earth, and the spiritual and physical worlds, we must have the ability to lead them. This is a huge undertaking. I am aware of all this.
    Then, why did I proclaim “True Parents”? I did not want to do so myself. But if it had not been done, the doctrine of the Unification Church would go off course. If such a proclamation had not been made, Unification Church doctrine would be a lie. Because I cannot turn the truth into a lie, it was inevitable that I do this; in order to have the truth reveal its true light, I had to act, even under tribulation and persecution, even if my body had to be torn apart, be stepped on, and receive all kinds of abuse. This is why I have become such a man. This is how the Rev. Moon of the Unification Church differs from the founders and leaders of the other religions. (203-324, 1990.6.28)


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